Saturday, December 19, 2009

Woman Molested during Job Interview

Subject: Re: Woman Molested during Job Interview

On Dec 17, 5:17 pm, Tanki <5191 ...=""""> wrote:

> SHE was being interviewed for the post of administration and marketing
> executive when her interviewer pulled her close and kissed her on the
> lips.

> Lim Peng Heng, 36, who told her that he was the boss of the
> advertising company called Imadgination Singapore, also bragged about
> the size of his pen-is and his sexual experiences.

> On Wednesday, the 36-year-old pleaded guilty in a district court to
> outraging the modesty of the 25-year-old woman.

> His lawyer Edmond Pereira will present arguments on Friday and press
> for a light sentence.

> Lim can be jailed for up to three years, fined and caned.

By his age and job, he was obviously a flamoyant "playboy". He
probably was thinking that he was "good-looking' and 'young" and that
by his "glamourous" job as boss of his own advertising company, the
girls would fall for him, and his "penis and money".

He probably also think that he this was the "opportunity of time"
during this difficult times in worries of finding and keeping of jobs
by job applicants or employees.

And that perhaps he feels he could exude his "prowess" to go forward
to suprise the applicant with a kiss on her the lip.

Perhaps this "lip serivce" was what he wanted to see and observe - on
how this girl was reacting to the sudden ''lip service" reaction. - as
though it was being carried and perfomed in a advertising script.

The "belly of fire" in him drove him with all the power "beneath" him
to "decide to hire and fire" potential employees who then have to
subdue themselves to his whim and fancies in order to get that
potential job.

He probably think that the advertising is all about having fun and
creativity with the realty of his penis of experiences.

And that all the girls in his office will give in to him - subjecting
his crude abuses and subjecting themselves to his boss-like of

Since he is a boss, the past precedent of judgement of similar or even
on other cases, they are often given a chance of a fine only. Very
seldom they get sentencing that includes jail or jail plus caned.

Bosses in Singapore often are treated with "special leniency" be it
for tax evasion, cheating on tax submissions, punching of people,
charity pay self-enrichments, "stealing" of money from listed compnay
money faking of qualifications, molesting...and etc etc,

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