Saturday, June 27, 2009

Michael Jackson Dominates World Papers

Michael Jackson Dominates World Papers, Media

Michael Jackson dominated nearly every newspaper, website, television station and several other forms of media outlets Thursday into Friday.

Jackson's imprint on pop culture, not just through music but as a humanitarian and visionary, reached the cover of newspapers in Germany, Jamaica, the UK, and Taiwan with heartfelt headlines.

According to sources close to this weekend's BET Awards, a special tribute is being put together to honor Michael Jackson. Like BET, networks including MTV, VH1 and Fox are moving forward with plans to air special programming.

The King of Pop, as previously reported, is likely to top next week's album chart and is already selling out at traditional and digital retailers.

Hayden Kho latest sex video release with Vicky Belo

From: beng1 <5191 ...="""">
Date: Sat, 27 Jun 2009 00:27:29 -0700 (PDT)
Local: Sat, Jun 27 2009 3:27 pm
Subject: Hayden Kho latest sex video release with Vicky Belo Bianca Araneta

The latest release shows a mysterious woman with sex with Hayden on a
hotel bed in dim hotel lighting. The girl looked very much like Belo
from some angles , and also very much like Bianca Araneta from other
angles. There is no doubt, it has to be one of them.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

One Nation under Lee

Seelan Palay under investigation for One Nation under Lee
Thursday, 25 June 2009
Singapore Democrats

Mr Seelan Palay, maker of One Nation Under Lee (ONUL), was called up yesterday for questioning by the police. The 24 year-old Singaporean filmmaker had produced the 40-minute video narrating the rule of Singapore by Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

The film was screened at a private function last year at the Peninsular-Excelsior Hotel when the police and Media Development Authority officials barged in and seized the video. Since then ONUL has been making its rounds on YouTube attracting tens of thousands of views.

Below is the police interview as provided by Mr Seelan:

Police investigation regarding my film One Nation Under Lee

Introductory question (Q): What do you know about the facts of the case? (Posed to me as "Tell me about yourself" by the officer but strangely printed as "What do you know about the facts of the case?" in the version I was to sign at the end.)
Answer (A): I am an artist.

Q1: Can you remember where you were on 17 May 2008 at about 2pm?
A1: I cannot recall.

Q2: I am now informing you that the investigation into this offence is of the incident that happened at Excelsior Hotel on 17 May 2008. Do you recall this incident?
A2: I do not recall it as an offence.

Q3: Can you explain why you were at the Excelsior Hotel on 17 may 2008?
A3: I remember that I was at the Excelsior Hotel on that date to attend a private event.

Q4: Are you aware of a film that was screened on this date at Tulip Room at Excelsior Hotel?
A4: Yes.

Q5: Were you in the Tulip Room when this film was screened?
A5: Yes.

Q6: What was this film all about?
A6: That is a private matter.

Q7: Who is the one who is in charge of this event?
A7: It was a private event so that is none of anyone's concern.

Q8: Do you know who brought the film to the Tulip Room on 17 May 2008?
A8: That is a private matter.

Q9: Do you know who prepared this film?
A9: That is a private matter.

Q10: How long was this film screened?
A10: I cannot recall.

Q11: Can you remember what happened after the film was screened?
A11: Some uninvited guests entered the room.

Q12: Do you know who these uninvited guests were?
A12: I cannot recall.

Q13: Can you explain what happened after the film ended?
A13: The uninvited guests asked for the DVD of the film. The DVD was given to them.

Q14: How many copies were there in the room?
A14: I do not know.

Q15: Who handed over the DVD to the uninvited guests?
A15: I cannot recall.

Q16: What is your role in this private event?
A16: That is a private matter.

Q17: Who was operating the systems when the film was screened?
A17: That is a private matter.

Q18: Were you at Jalan Gelenggang on 16 May, one night before the incident?
A18: I cannot recall.

Q19: I'm going to show you a document, can you tell me if you have seen this document before? (Officer then shows me a letter from MDA apparently sent the night before the event with a warning not to screen the film. Films Act sections were quoted in the letter.)
A19: I cannot recall.

Q20: The officers who served this letter at No.2A Jalan Gelenggang claim that you were the one who received the letter. What have you got to say about this?
A20: Did they identify themselves as police officers? If they claim it was me, did they ask for my name or IC?

Q21: Did you remove the DVD from the player and hand it over to Madam ---? (Name undisclosed for the purposes of this post.)
A21: That is a private matter.

Q22: Do you have anything else to add?
A22: The uninvited guests should be investigated for barging in to and disrupting a private event.

Why should Singaporeans pay to enhance the myth of LKY

From: "Zai Zai"
Date: Thu, 25 Jun 2009 12:01:14 GMT
Local: Thurs, Jun 25 2009 8:01 pm
Subject: Re: Why should Singaporeans pay to enhance the myth of LKY ?

Hey lobert Xin Xin aka Ape, where have you been for so long? I have been
taking over your posting junks that you always do here. Now, I can say nah!
you can have it back posting your stupid junk responses.

"lobert" wrote in message

> Hey! Senile lair, you have also been abusing the word "truth" as you nick
> !

> truth wrote:
>> truth comment: how many $millions are allocated and spend
>> on these awards in the name of lky ? why are the awards
>> given in the name of lky when it is the country who is paying
>> for it ? rightly the award should be call the singapore award
>> instead of lky award. lky is abusing singaporeans wealth to
>> perpetuate his own fame and myth.

LKY prize for city excellence
By Reico Wong

Minister for National Development, Mr Mah Bow Tan (left) arrived at the media briefing to introduce the Lee Kuan Yew World City Prize. --ST PHOTO: LIM SIN THAI

A NEW prize to recognise outstanding international initiatives for city excellence was announced on Monday by Senior Minister and Co-ordinating Minister for National Security, Professor S Jayakumar at the opening of Singapore International Water Week.

Called the Lee Kuan Yew World City Prize, the biennial international award focuses on four pillars instrumental to the success of every city - liveability, vibrancy, sustability and quality of life.

Review committe for the LKY World Cities prize
NOMINEES of the Lee Kuan Yew World City Prize will have to go through reviews and examination by a nominating committee and a prize council, whose members are:

Nominating Council

... more
It aims to recognise outstanding individuals and organisations who have contributed urban policies or projects which epitomise foresight, good governance or innovation in overcoming urban challenges in these areas.

The award is co-organised by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) and the Centre for Liveable Cities, and places an emphasis on practical and cost effective ideas that can generate impactful social, economic and environmental benefits, and as far as possible, can be replicated across cities and communities around the world.

The Lee Kuan Yew World City Prize is the second Lee Kuan Yew prize to be launched. The first was the inaugural Lee Kuan Yew Water Prize launched in 2008, and similarly harnesses the spirit of innovation and foresight that contribute to urban city development.

The award is in line with Singapore's vision to promote excellence and thought leadership in the area of urban planning and management.

Minister for National Development, Mr Mah Bow Tan, said, 'Many cities are faced with challenges of rapid urban growth, lack of housing and infrastructure and increasing traffic congestion. Singapore too seeks to develop a liveable and sustainable city with a good quality of life.

'We hope that the Lee Kuan Yew World City Prize will serve as a catalyst to facilitate the sharing of best practices in urban solutions world wide, and spur further innovation in sustainable urban development in pursuit of city excellence.'

Nominees and the winner will be selected through a rigorous two-tier selection process which includes review by both a nominating committee and a prize council made up of local and international prominent thought leaders and experts.

The inaugural Lee Kuan Yew World City Prize will be awarded in June 2010, together with the Lee Kuan Yew Water Prize at the Lee Kuan Yew Awards Ceremony and Banquet, to be held during the World Cities Summit 2010 in Singapore.

Reason Why Mas Selamat not extradited to S'pore

Mas Selamat not extradited to S'pore due to security reasons
Posted: 25 June 2009 1922 hrs

SINGAPORE - Singapore's Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) militant leader Mas Selamat Kastari is still being detained in Malaysia due to security reasons.

The terrorist, who once plotted to hijack a plane and crash it into Changi Airport, was captured in Malaysia's Johor in April this year after escaping from Singapore's Whitley Road Detention Centre in February last year.

Malaysian Home Minister Hishammuddin Tun Hussein said Mas Selamat was arrested under the Internal Security Act (ISA) as he is deemed a threat to the country.

Speaking in the Malaysian parliament on Thursday, the minister said Mas Selamat's ISA detention would ensure that his activities and contacts with other militant groups in Asia could be contained.

"The ministry has sufficient information to arrest him under the ISA," said Mr Hishammuddin. "We know his background, the details of his plan, network and contact with militant groups.

"He is arrested under the ISA as the government finds that he not only poses a threat to the country but also to the neighbouring countries like Singapore and Indonesia."

"Believe me, from the information that we have gathered, it was a serious plan," said Mr Hishammuddin. "We did not extradite Mas Selamat as we are concerned it will undermine the country's peace and put the people's safety at risk."

The minister also told reporters that Malaysia needed the cooperation from Indonesia to carry out its investigations.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

MOH should just let H1N1 spread naturally through

From: "kingkong"
Date: Thu, 18 Jun 2009 08:40:47 +0800
Local: Thurs, Jun 18 2009 8:40 am
Subject: MOH H1N1 strategy

To be honest, Singapore MOH should just let H1N1 spread naturally through
Singapore community.

In UK, the health authorities are not even isolating H1N1 patients, they
just treat them as normal flu patients and sent them back home. People might
be surprise or even laugh at the UK health authorities but it is actually
the most sensible and logical thing to do. This is because 99% of these H1N1
patients require no hospitalization and most patients recovered normally
after few days of bed and rest.

The reality is if all H1N1 flu patients need to be isolated similar to what
Singapore MOH is doing, they would run out of hospital beds in no time.

Likewise in US, Mexico or Australia, they don't even bother to count H1N1
patients anymore and it consumes too much manpower, not to mention their
limited health budgets.

Apart from closing Singapore kindergartens, childcare centres and govt
schools for a period of 7 to 10 days after their school holidays,
Singaporean should just learn to live with H1N1 flu just like they learn to
live with other diseases, such as Hand Foot and Mouth disease or Dengue

Ironically, in Hong Kong and Japan, even after the govt decided to close
these schools due to H1N1 fear, these students now flock to Hong Kong
Disneyland, Karaoke bars, shopping centres and other crowded places.

That means if these students do not catch H1N1 flu in schools, they would
eventually catch it somewhere else.

At the end of day, Singaporean will catch it sooner or later, and during the
present economic recession, this is probably the best time to do so.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Filipino Prostitute Contact Center at Botanic garden?

From: (Polar Bear)
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 2009 15:47:54 GMT

Subject: Re: Filipino Prostitute Contact Center at Botanic garden?

like that, philippine workers earn and remit lots of money.

>can you give me some coantct numbers for Filipino Prosts
>whores ?

>n Jun 22, 12:59=A0am, Taiwanese wrote:
>> Visit Botanic Garden from the morning to evening time, you can find
>> Filipino maids gather at the Botanic Garden above the Foot court area,
>> mingle with some Indian men who is providing some contact for them?

>> You will see occasionally some foreign Indian workers will leave for
>> someplace together with the maid after some bargaining talk. =A0It is an
>> easy way to make extra income for some maid who want to sell sex
>> during their off day.

Singtel Starhub Scams

From: "Pak Tun"
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 2009 20:05:54 +0800
Local: Mon, Jun 22 2009 8:05 pm

There is a scam going on. If u answer 3 questions you will be bill by
Starhub or Singtel for text messages sent to you. If you try to terminate,
it won't work. I lost more tna $80 few month back

Sunday, June 21, 2009

H1N1 More Powerful Than God

From: "Grandprix"
Date: Sun, 21 Jun 2009 22:49:20 +0800
Local: Sun, Jun 21 2009 10:49 pm
Subject: Re: H151 More Powerful Than God

If you are naughty, god will give you H1N1. Who says He he has no power!

> It is now proved. Even god has no power over swine flu. No wonder the
> Haji is hysterical. Hee hee hee

> ==============================

> Singapore confirms two clusters of H1N1 local transmission
> By Hoe Yeen Nie, Channel NewsAsia | Posted: 21 June 2009 0111 hrs

> SINGAPORE : Singapore has confirmed another 23 cases of the H1N1 flu,
> bringing to 126 the total so far.

> Of the 23 new cases, eight are local cases from two clusters of local
> transmission.

> The first is the Riverlife Church, which saw five students fall ill after
> attending its services on June 13 and 14.

This will scare the shits out of Mahathir and other Malay extremists

Singapore troops join China drill

China is holding its first anti-terrorism operation with foreign forces
China and Singapore are conducting a joint anti-terrorism exercise in southern China's Guangxi province.

The week-long drill is the People's Liberation Army's first anti-terrorism exercise with foreign forces, said Xinhua, China's state news agency.

About 60 soldiers from each country are practicing reactions to attacks from enemies using radioactive contaminants and chemical and biological weapons.

China and Singapore signed a defence and security agreement early last year.

Analysts say that China's presence in the Asian region has grown in recent years, through trade and investment, but development of strategic relationships, as seen in military ties, has been slower.

Untold Truth About H1N1 Flu

From: yansimon52
Date: Sun, 21 Jun 2009 08:41:40 -0700 (PDT)
Local: Sun, Jun 21 2009 11:41 pm
Subject: Re: Our Kiasu Govt keep on counting the nos of newly infected H1N1 but didn't tell us those who were discharged.

On Jun 21, 4:49 pm, publeak wrote:

> Let’s keep up the pressure up on our collegues, friends and relatives
> to avoid non essential travels to affected countries. This is clearly
> an imported disease and government has the responsibility to stop its
> spread within Singapore. I think more harsh measures will be necessary
> to stop irresponsible travel to affected countries. The government
> should work with employers to punish these people by reducing their
> salary, bonus and other allowance.

There is no denying that the swine flu is hovering across the
Planet..........Fortunately, this current swine flu is from a milder
virus strain...........just have some good rest and you will be
alright....just like the common cold retrovirus.

Unfortunately, this kiasu govt only feed us on those newly infected
cases and don't bother to tell us how many of those infected were

A challenge for the Singapore Papist government?

From: "." <>
Date: Sun, 21 Jun 2009 21:43:19 +0800
Local: Sun, Jun 21 2009 9:43 pm
Subject: Re: A challenge for the Singapore Papist government?

What about Dubai?Pleae check.

"AleXX" wrote in message
> The fucking Papist Sing Government must be damned fucking jealous of
> Dubai.
> Everything in Singapore they wanted to be the world's first.
> Singapore is the first economy in Asia to get screwed up.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Singapore is a destination country for women and girls trafficked for the purpose of commercial sexual exploitation

Source: The US State Department’s Trafficking in Persons Report for 2009, pages 256-258

Singapore is a destination country for women and girls trafficked for the purpose of commercial sexual exploitation. Some women from Thailand and the Philippines who travel to Singapore voluntarily for prostitution or work are subsequently deceived or coerced into sexual servitude.

Some foreign domestic workers are subject to conditions that may be indicative of labor trafficking, including physical or sexual abuse, confiscation of travel documents, confinement, inadequate food, rest, or accommodation, deceptions about wages or conditions of work, and improper withholding of pay.

Some Singaporean men travel to countries in the region for child sex tourism.

The Government of Singapore does not fully comply with the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking; however, it is making significant efforts to do so.

Singapore secured convictions of two defendants for sex trafficking-related crimes, including the first conviction under a recently amended law criminalizing the commercial sexual exploitation of children between 16 and 18 years of age.

Singapore strengthened the Conditions of Work Permits for foreign domestic workers and collected unpaid wages on behalf of such workers in 276 cases.

The government did not take adequate measures to protect victims of trafficking, particularly foreign domestic workers subjected to forced labor conditions.

While Singapore has made progress in combating trafficking to date, it can and should do more to investigate and prevent trafficking and to identify and assist trafficking victims.

Recommendations for Singapore

Prosecute the maximum possible number of cases involving the trafficking of children under the age of 18 for commercial sexual exploitation;

prosecute employers and employment agencies who unlawfully confiscate workers’ passports as a means of intimidating workers or holding them in a state of involuntary servitude, or use other means to extract forced labor;

expand investigations and prosecutions in adult sex trafficking cases;

develop robust procedures to identify potential traffickers and trafficking victims by immigration officers at ports of entry and other law enforcement personnel;

devote additional resources to systematically identifying and quantifying sex and labor trafficking within and across national borders, as well as indicators (such as certain unlawful labor practices) that are commonly associated with trafficking, and publish findings and follow-up;

use the findings to improve the anti-trafficking training of police, immigration, and Ministry of Manpower officers, as well as judicial personnel;

carry out targeted anti-trafficking law enforcement operations;

conduct focused public information campaigns, and make appropriate adjustments to administrative rules or procedures relating to the prevention of trafficking or the protection of trafficking victims;

study ways to make affordable legal aid to trafficking victims to enable them to obtain redress by pursuing civil suits against their traffickers;

reduce the demand for commercial sex acts in Singapore by vigorously enforcing existing laws against importing women for purposes of prostitution, trafficking in women and girls, importing women or girls by false pretenses, living or trading on prostitution, and keeping brothels;

increase cooperative exchange of information about potential trafficking issues with NGOs and foreign diplomatic missions in Singapore;

conduct public awareness campaigns to inform citizens and residents of the recent amendments to the Penal Code and the penalties for involvement in trafficking for sexual exploitation or forced labor;

and cooperate with foreign governments to institutionalize procedures for reporting, investigating, and prosecuting child sex tourism committed overseas by Singaporean citizens and permanent residents.

The Government of Singapore demonstrated some law enforcement efforts to combat trafficking in persons during the reporting year.

Singaporean law criminalizes all forms of trafficking, through its Penal Code, Women’s Charter, Children and Young Persons Act, Employment of Foreign Manpower Act, Employment Agencies Act, Employment Agency Rules, and the Conditions of Work Permits for foreign domestic workers. Penalties prescribed for sex trafficking, including imprisonment, fines, and caning, are sufficiently stringent and commensurate with those prescribed for other grave crimes, as are penalties prescribed for labor trafficking.

The Singapore Police Force investigated 54 reports of sex trafficking during the reporting period; two cases resulted in prosecutions, while the others reportedly were closed due to lack of substantiating evidence.

The government prosecuted and secured the convictions of two trafficking offenders in 2008, both for sex trafficking offenses. One trafficker who brought a Filipina woman into Singapore for the purpose of prostitution was fined $8,000 with an alternative sentence of 12 weeks’ imprisonment if she failed to pay the fine. Another trafficker who brought an underage Chinese girl to Singapore for commercial sexual exploitation was sentenced to one year in prison.

There were no criminal prosecutions of labor agency representatives for trafficking crimes in 2008; the government prosecuted some employers for physical or sexual abuse of foreign domestic workers, for “illegal deployment” (unlawfully requiring a worker to work at premises other than those stated in the work permit), for failing to pay wages due, or for failing to provide acceptable accommodation or a safe working environment. There were no reports of government officials’ complicity in trafficking crimes during the reporting period.


The government did not show appreciable progress in protecting trafficking victims, particularly foreign domestic workers subjected to forced labor conditions.
The government does not operate victim shelters, but instead referred potential victims of trafficking to NGO shelters or foreign embassies over the reporting period.

Although two foreign embassies in Singapore documented over 150 women allegedly trafficked into Singapore for the purpose of commercial sexual exploitation, the government only identified two trafficking victims during the reporting period. One identified victim, a Chinese girl, was referred by the government to an NGO-operated shelter during the prosecution of her trafficker. The other victim returned voluntarily to the Philippines before a report was filed with the police.

In 2008, one NGO reported offering assistance to over 850 foreign workers, some of whom claimed they had experienced trafficking-related conditions, such as fraudulent recruitment, withholding of documents, confinement, threats of serious financial harm related to recruitment debts as part of a scheme to keep the worker performing the relevant labor or service, and physical abuse. In a survey of 206 migrant workers who resided at the shelter, 95 percent reported that their employer or employment agency in Singapore held their passport, a known contributing factor to trafficking if done as a means to keep the worker performing a form of labor or service.

The Philippine Embassy in Singapore reported contacts from 136 potential sex trafficking victims whose claims Philippine authorities determined to be credible. Six other diplomatic missions in Singapore reported a combined total of 21 to 23 potential or confirmed sex trafficking victims.

Law enforcement efforts aimed at curbing prostitution may have resulted in victims of sex trafficking being penalized for acts committed as a direct result of being trafficked. In 2008, the police arrested 5,047 foreign women for prostitution, who were generally incarcerated and then deported. The number of trafficking victims among this group is unknown; however, government measures to proactively identify potential trafficking victims among this vulnerable population, if any, appear to have been limited during the majority of the reporting period. At least 53 of those reportedly arrested and deported without being formally identified and provided with appropriate protective services were children, who should therefore have been classified as crime victims under Singapore’s amended Penal Code.

The government encourages identified victims to assist in the investigation and prosecution of trafficking offenders, and makes available to all foreign victims of crime temporary immigration relief that allows them to reside in Singapore pending conclusion of their criminal case. Singapore does not otherwise provide trafficking victims with a legal alternative to removal to countries where they may face hardship or retribution.


The Singaporean government demonstrated some increased efforts to prevent trafficking in persons during the year. The government expanded its information
campaign that aims to raise awareness among foreign workers of their rights and resources available, in an effort to prevent incidents of trafficking. It continued to
print information on employees’ rights and police hotline numbers for domestic workers on prepaid phone cards.

The Ministry of Manpower has a biannual newsletter, published in multiple languages, that it mails directly to all 180,000 foreign domestic workers. All foreign domestic workers working in Singapore for the first time attend a compulsory course on domestic safety and their employment rights and responsibilities.

The government undertook some administrative actions for violations of labor laws potentially related to trafficking, including employer fines and license suspensions for several employment agencies. It also strengthened the terms of work permits to expressly prohibit employers from making unauthorized deductions from domestic workers’ salaries.

Throughout the reporting period, at least 25 employers were convicted of physically or sexually abusing their foreign domestic workers and sentenced to terms of imprisonment ranging from a few weeks to over two years, depending on the severity of the abuse. Some male employers convicted of sexual abuse were also sentenced to caning.

The government did not undertake specific measures to reduce demand for commercial sex acts involving adults in the legalized commercial sex industry in Singapore. Singapore has not ratified the 2000 UN TIP Protocol.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Jet Li a Singaporean

From: "Zai Zai"
Date: Fri, 19 Jun 2009 14:20:34 GMT
Local: Fri, Jun 19 2009 10:20 pm
Subject: Re: Jet Li a Singaporean

Wrong lar, MIWs want him so they can justify their multimillion salaries
mah. How can a movie actor especially a Singaporean earn more than a
minister, this is very unfair, then lky will issue another decree to up the
salary of himself and all his ministers and president.

"David Teo" wrote in message

> Ah, you forget to mention he knows kung fu. MIWs are merely mortals.

> "Polar Bear" wrote in message

>> He has daughters, no son. That is why he does not mind to become
>> singaporeans.

>> On Fri, 19 Jun 2009 04:31:34 GMT, "Zai Zai" wrote:

>>>Welcome Jet Li to Singapore.

>>>Frankly, I don't know why you want to become a Singaporean, there is no
>>>hollywood here, or did you find your wife to be a Singaporean like Chow?
>>>Since your movies are so popular and best seller in America why don't you
>>>move to America instead? Also your movies are either made in America or
>>>I just can't figure why. Aha, is it because of your nationality they
>>>want to give you a green card over there? So, you intend to join
>>>only as a stepping stone to America citizenship in the long run. Wise
>>>decision, I see, like Chow your counterpart is already in America. But
>>>was smart, he doesn't want to stay in Singapore, he took the express way
>>>married a Singaporean instead. Jet, you might also what to consider that,
>>>not for love, then take it as a contract marriage, I am sure with your
>>>and riches you can easily find one that is willing to take you up as a
>>>husband or temporary only.

>>>In the meantime on behalf of all Singaporean, welcome again to Singapore.
>>>Remember if you want to stay here and be welcomed by our MIWs, you must
>>>participate in politics, otherwise, they can sue you until you bankrupt
>>>issue a mareva injunction and confiscate all you assets in HK and China
>>>maybe America.

Are Singaporean as gullible as the street mob in Iran and Jakarta ? Is Singapore ready to explode ?

From: baldeagle
Date: Thu, 18 Jun 2009 12:08:34 -0700 (PDT)
Local: Fri, Jun 19 2009 3:08 am
Subject: Is Singapore ready to explode ? Are Singaporean as gullible as the street mob in Iran and Jakarta ?

On Jun 18, 4:33 pm, "truth" wrote:

> ............................................ to
> Singapore will end up like that one of these days.
> Mark my words.
> The ground is trembling and ready to explode.

Thanks for the concern....We Singaporeans are
not as stupid as you take us to be.

Do you have evidence that the grounds are
ready to explode in Singapore ...or it is just
another lie from you?

The reality tell a different story. A stupid US proxy
tried to rally Singaporeans to attend a public
street demo not so long ago. If hundreds of
thousands of Singaporeans were to listen to him,
there was NO way the government could arrest
everyone... for breaking the laws against street demo.
The reality, NO one except a few supporters of the US
proxy are interested....No the ground is not in danger
of exploding.

Singaporeans are fully aware of the meddling of
a foreign power who want to take over the government
from the one elected by Singaporeans.
Singaporeans are not prepared to be used serve the
interests of the foreign power. We are NOT stupid...
like the street mobs in the street of Iran or in Jakarta.
They are unthinking mobs...being used by politicians.

When we are unhappy, and yes, we are unhappy now
about how PM Lee handle the recession, ..we register
our unhappiness in more effective way....but street
demo don't solve our unemployment problems and
our rising cost problems.
The foreign power cannot solve these problems in
their own country...600,000 Americans lost their
jobs just in May 09 alone. Why should jump from the frying
pan into the fire ?


From: "Zai Zai"
Date: Fri, 19 Jun 2009 03:58:26 GMT
Local: Fri, Jun 19 2009 11:58 am
Subject: Re: Is Singapore ready to explode ? Are Singaporean as gullible as the street mob in Iran and Jakarta ?

I totally disagree with you.

"baldeagle" wrote in message

> On Jun 18, 4:33 pm, "truth" wrote:

>> ............................................ to
>> Singapore will end up like that one of these days.
>> Mark my words.
>> The ground is trembling and ready to explode.

> Thanks for the concern....We Singaporeans are
> not as stupid as you take us to be.

> Do you have evidence that the grounds are
> ready to explode in Singapore ...or is it just
> another lie from you?

Truth does not tell lie, maybe now and then he might have over exaggerate
but that might not be totally untrue either. We are already being called
stupid, thanks to our leaders who imported lots of immigrant gave them free
education and promise of jobs at the expense of Singaporean, and in return
thanks to their comment calling us stupid.

> The reality tell a different story. A stupid US proxy
> tried to rally Singaporeans to attend a public
> street demo not so long ago. If hundreds of
> thousands of Singaporeans were to listen to him,
> there was NO way the government could arrest
> everyone... for breaking the laws against street demo.
> The reality, NO one except a few supporters of the US
> proxy are interested....No, the ground is not in danger
> of exploding.

And why? because of our leaders who put fear into each and every

> Reasons:
> Singaporeans are fully aware of the meddling of
> a foreign power who want to take over the government
> from the one elected by Singaporeans.
> Singaporeans are not prepared to be used serve the
> interests of the foreign power. We are NOT stupid...
> like the street mobs in the street of Iran or in Jakarta.
> They are unthinking mobs...being used by politicians
> who serve as proxy for the USA.

What does the US stand to gain from Singapore being unrest? It is stupid
idiot like you who exaggerate too much. In fact, it was due to the cry of
many many Singapore that country like the USA is willing to help we are
already very greatful to them. They could have just ignore us and let us rot
to death in the hands of our pap gov.

> When we are unhappy, and yes, we are unhappy now
> about how PM Lee handle the recession, ..we register
> our unhappiness in more effective way....but street
> demo don't solve our unemployment problems and
> our rising cost problems.
> The USA cannot solve these problems in the USA...
> 600,000 Americans lost their jobs just in May 09 alone.
> Why should jump from the frying pan into the fire ?

Register what the use? Have they ever listen? Have they every concern?
except concern of their own multimillion salaries.

Why this molester foreigner who grabbed the breasts of 2 women got so low sentence of 3 mths and no caning of it?

Today, 20 June, 2009, 48 minutes ago | (Zanzibar)

How come there is double standard in the sentencing for locals and

Why was that a case like this for the grabbing the breasts of 2 women
blatantly, and with boasful gumption of dong it, got him only 3 months
of jail term?.

In addition, why there was no caning for him?.
Why was this molested foreigner who grabbed the breasts of 2 women got
such a low sentence of 3 mths only and also without any caning.

I understand the caning for molesting is mandatory, and under the law,
it can carry a minimum of two years. so why was this foreigner was not
given any caning since he had the temerity to say by implication that
he can grab the breasts of womens he deemed fit because he was a
foregner here.

Just kind of Govt on the justices of this case, in that it has a
disparity of sentencing rules for local and foriegner?.

Sultan of Johor rejected the idea of third bridge

Najib may have to drop third bridge idea
Yesterday, 19 June, 2009, 5:43:34 PM
By Syed Jaymal Zahiid

KUALA LUMPUR, June 19 — Whether he likes it or not, the prime minister may have to drop the third bridge to Singapore idea simply because Johoreans don’t want it and that is all there is to it.

The Sultan of Johor rejected the idea yesterday after it was reported that he was not consulted on the project.

The rejection left Datuk Seri Najib Razak, who was in Sarawak at the time, moving into damage control mode at a press conference where he told reporters that the third bridge was only at a conceptual stage and the Johor ruler would be consulted once a feasibility study is done.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pap Pushing the Old Bucks Back to Young Singaporeans

Sending Ah Gong back to the children
Monday, 15 June, 2009, 9:31:51 PM | admin

Ng E-Jay / Current Affairs Desk, The Online Citizen
15 June 2009

With contributions from Gerald Giam and Ravi Philemon

Recent proposals to amend the Maintenance of Parents Act suggests an act by the government to pass the buck of caring for the elderly to their children, but this puts an inconsiderable strain especially on lower-income groups.

PROGRESSIVELY encroaching on the private lives of citizens under the umbrella of public interest is a constant refrain of our paternalistic Government.

The recent proposal to amend the Maintenance of Parents Act to allow third parties to invoke it is a case in point.

Granted, all children do have a serious moral responsibility of caring for their aged parents. But the law is an extremely blunt instrument to use in what is primarily a family issue. Family members interact with each other not just at the economic level, but more importantly, emotionally as well.

Resorting to the law to settle family disputes, especially one over financial matters, is not just a rude intrusion into what is primarily private space, but also easily lends itself to abuse.

Mahathir attacks LKY on his visit to Malaysia

From: "Grandprix"
Date: Wed, 17 Jun 2009 21:16:37 +0800
Local: Wed, Jun 17 2009 9:16 pm
Subject: Mahathir - KLF

Mahathir is the most kwai Lan. How true the saying that a leopard will never
change its spots. Can you spot this Kwai Lan's inferiority complex?

Dr. Mahathir Mohamad
on June 15, 2009 3:10 PM

1. Ancient China considered itself the centre of the world and called itself
the Middle Kingdom. And well it should. It was far more advanced in every
way than Europe of the Dark Ages. Maybe China is thinking of making a

2. But we already have a new Middle Kingdom now. During Lee Kuan Yew's
triumphant visit to Malaysia he made it known to the Malaysian supplicants
that Singapore regards the lands within 6000 miles radius of Singapore as
its hinterland. This includes Beijing and Tokyo and of course Malaysia.

3. Of course this self-deluding perception places Singapore at the centre of
a vast region. It is therefore the latter day Middle Kingdom. The rest are
peripheral and are there to serve the interest of this somewhat tiny Middle

4. Kuan Yew also explained that the fear Singapore Chinese would control
Iskandar whatever is not justified. Malays can also work there. It is good
to know that Malays can also work in their own country. I wonder as what?
Maybe someone should make a study of the Malays of Singapore just to know
what it is like to be a Malay minority in their own country.

5. As for the 3 sen per 1000 gallons of raw water supplied to Singapore Lee
says it was absurd for the former Prime Minister of hinterland Malaysia to
ask to increase it to RM8 per 1000 gallons. I don't know where he got this.
Some Malaysian officers did suggest this figure but we were ready to bargain
and maybe settle for RM3. And why not? Johore sells raw water to Melaka for
30 sen, 1000% higher than to Singapore. And Melaka is, I believe, a part of
Malaysia! Some Malaysians may see the irony of this.

6. The great 5th Prime Minister has decided that since the people of Johore
did not want to sell sand to Singapore, Malaysia would not build any bridge,
straight or crooked, or negotiate and settle the other issues like the
Central Provident Fund, the Railway land. Maybe the 5th Prime Minister
thinks he is punishing Singapore. Actually he is giving Singapore what its
wants including the 3 sen per 1000 gallons water until 2061. Think of how
many grains of nasi lemak we can buy with 3 sen in 2061. Imagine what 1000
gallons will earn for Singapore at that time. Can't think of a more astute
PM for Malaysia.

7. All those who met the great man from the little country were lectured on
how Malaysia should be run. We should not have anymore problems now. We have
been told the direction to take. MCA must help UMNO to win because Singapore
does not want an Islamic Party like PAS to win. We must ensure this. Sorry
PAS. Working with the DAP, the offspring of PAP has not endeared you to Mr

8. I have a lot more to say about this little Emperor but I will reserve it
for later.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Paris Hilton have sex with Cristiano Ronaldo

From: beng1 <5191 ...="""">
Date: Fri, 12 Jun 2009 18:26:05 -0700 (PDT)
Local: Sat, Jun 13 2009 9:26 am
Subject: Paris Hilton have sex with Cristiano Ronaldo last night

How did Paris Hilton lure soccer stud Cristiano Ronaldo? Why show him
her ass, of course!

No end in sight. Unemployment getting worse.

From: "Zai Zai"
Date: Wed, 17 Jun 2009 01:01:08 GMT
Local: Wed, Jun 17 2009 9:01 am
Subject: Re: No end in sight.

Hello, why when stock market is up we buy at high prices and when stock
market is down we sell at low. Similar concept lar, we always work the
opposite. Hey come on, more people is better thats mean MOM is getting more
levy, you people don't pay levy and many don't have to even pay taxes, so
you're totally useless to the gov. and the gov. cannot survive without money
coming in, right.

"kingkong" wrote in message

> Yes....the unemployment situation is going from bad to worse.
> Ironically, why is MOM still issuing work permit to new foreign workers ?

> Countries such as South Korea, Taiwan and Malaysia have already stop
> issuing work permits or in the process of repatriating these excess
> workers if they can't find another job locally.

> "Zanzibar" wrote in message

>> The unemployment is getting bad to worse. It is stagmant as it is not
>> improving anymore. The worse is yet to come. Will they be dishng up
>> some serious helps in helping towards our monthly payment of
>> insurance, Pubs and housing loan?.

Every part of Singapore is a prostitution place

From: Zanzibar
Date: Tue, 16 Jun 2009 09:36:10 -0700 (PDT)
Local: Wed, Jun 17 2009 12:36 am
Subject: Re: Every part of Singapore is a prostitution place

On Jun 16, 11:25 am, "truth" wrote:

Indeed there are many prostitutes in Singapore.Indeed we are a little
red dot.

Even beer promoters in HDB coffeeshops are doing it, too. They do it
on a private and discreet basis, though.

However, through the spread of words, every customer in the coffeeshop
also knew about it. Now, even residents in the nearby blocks also all
knew about it.

They even know how much this beer promotor charged, and how much of
the other one charges. Everyone in the coffeeshop is comparing notes
on them.

Soon, those that had tasted them will spread through the word of mouth
to their friends from all corners of Singapore.

Soon, the whole coffeeshop was booming with beer drinkers instead.
Many just went there to look at her. Many will make a "date" with her
for it, and some will recommend their friends to her on a discreet

Someone told me that the coffeeshop opposiste of Eunos MRT station is
booming in ful lhouse, flourishing with beer drinkers every night.

One can just drop by a visit to that coffeeshop in Eunos - opposites
of Eunos MRT, and to see for themseves why and how the coffeeshop was
so busy with china girls pouring beers from tables to tables that
filled to the full.

Indeed we are a little red dot.

From: beng1 <5191 ...="""">
Date: Tue, 16 Jun 2009 08:36:27 -0700 (PDT)
Local: Tues, Jun 16 2009 11:36 pm
Subject: Re: Every part of Singapore is a prostitution place

You see all about these prostitutes in Singapore and Korea at this

Monday, June 15, 2009

PM Lee displayed false humility

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s uncharacteristic comments about flying economy class as a way of leading by example cannot be taken seriously. The only way for him and his senior ministers to gain greater respect would be to lower their own salaries to more acceptable standards.

A SOUTH Korean official got it all wrong when he called Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s decision to fly economy class “praiseworthy” and “pragmatic”.

The Chosun Ilbo, a leading South Korean newspaper, reported that when Finance Minister Yoon Jeung Hyun asked Mr Lee “why the leader of an affluent country (doesn’t) use a private or charter jet”, Mr Lee responded by saying that he did not think Singapore was an affluent country.

Mr Lee also reportedly said: “Besides, as a government official, I have to lead by example. Singapore’s senior officials fly economy class, not first class, for flights under six hours.”

The entire exchange, as well as the Chosun Ilbo’s coverage of it, was reported in the Straits Times. Both leaders spoke after attending the Asean-South Korea Commemorative Summit in South Korea.

When politicians start making statements that display a false sense of humility, one cannot help but question the premise of those statements as well as the issues that those statements obscure.

Mr Lee’s assertions of “leading by example” seem rather hypocritical, given the pay he receives as a minister.

Had Mr Lee’s statements come from a politician of any other developed country, they would probably not cause any stir. But Mr Lee is the highest paid politician in the world by a wide margin, and one cannot help but wonder at the purpose of this false sense of humility.

1) spineless humility on June 11th, 2009 12.15 pm “Besides, as a govt official, I have to lead by example.”

‘Lead by example” indeed ! absolutely laughable.

The highest paid political leader in the universe by an obscene margin,
who needs his father to hold his hands.

The only leader who allows the father and wife to run state funds with no accountability.

The only leader who not too long ago announced to the public he cannot handle more than 5 opp members in parliament, as he needs to think of ways to fix them. What a freaking laugh ! This probably explains why he needs 80+ stooges in parliament to provide some manner of confidence.

3) Hahaha on June 11th, 2009 12.36 pm Action speaks louder than words.

For not openly declaring his total pay-out (salary as PM, pension, bonus, etc), whatever this Lee says is just wayang. For not having an open independent review of the major investment losses by GIC (headed by his dad) and TH (headed by his wife), and then claiming that Singapore is not affluent, is he hinting or hiding something?

For the suffering Singaporeans, one way is to vote this Lee and his GRC out in the next election. It will then spell the end of an old man’s dynastic dreams and the ridiculous amount of public funds used to pay the numerous Ministers at PMO’s for holding this Lee’s hands.

4) A&E on June 11th, 2009 12.40 pm It wasn’t humility that he was trying to convey, but an impression of fiscal prudence and frugality. Unfortunately for PM Lee, his public utterances so often also convey (well, at least to me) a sense of insincerity: I don’t get the sense he means what he says, whatever he says.

The “affluent country” bit is really fresh. Is that an acknowledgment that he has taken Singapore from first world to third since taking over the helm? He should really work harder, then.

5) comeblowyourhorn on June 11th, 2009 12.53 pm Leaders who really work for the people do not talk about their sacrifices in
public. eg S korea’s Prez Lee Yong Bak or NY mayor’s Mike Bloomberg as they
work without any financial returns.
By bragging openly, LHL has just put his foot in his mouth because people know
the other side of the story ie his senior govt officials are given out of this world
salaries that could pay for their first class or private jet travels many times over.

6) gemami on June 11th, 2009 12.53 pm If PM Lee is truly humble the thing he ought to do now is to set up a forum to discuss the ministerial salaries and resolve the issue once and for all. The obsene salary issue is not one that is confined to cyberspace only. The MSM have, once in a while, hinted that it is an issue Singaporeans are most unhappy about.

All these have been met with complete silence with the exception of MM Lee dishing out his threat once in a blue moon about peanuts attracting monkeys, forgeting that the biggest monkey in Singapore happens to be his very own daughther-in-law, the wife of our economy-class flying PM.

7) notalone on June 11th, 2009 12.57 pm I followed the leaders’ example to invest my personal monies into US Banks in 2007 and 2008.

I suffered heavy losses (realized not paper), what about them?

8) Jimmy on June 11th, 2009 1.30 pm I prefer my leaders to fly biz class for short flights at least, and first class for longer. They should be on top of their game whether visiting or coming back to Singapore. I dont want my dear PM to be hit on the head by a tray or get DVT or H1N1. BTW, the size of the entourage should also be considered.

9) aiyoyo on June 11th, 2009 1.31 pm aiyoyo

why elites like that huh?
not sure how commoners going to do next time?
(so many elites; not sure if anything good done to help man on the street?)

10) SingaporeanGood on June 11th, 2009 1.38 pm anybody can confirm what LHL said is true?

11) shameless on June 11th, 2009 2.12 pm I fully agreed with 3)… vote out LHL at the next election will put an end to all these rubbish. But residents there may be clouded by propaganda, so it is very important to put an strong opposition team there.

12) Peter Sellers on June 11th, 2009 2.19 pm The only issue I have with this article is the comment against the picture. The word “some” should read “many” or “most”.

13) small engineer on June 11th, 2009 2.31 pm How many out there agree even if elder famiLEE did not ever bring his obscenely greedy generation into S’pore, our families & fellow citizens will still be living comfortable, safe & secure lives in Singapore.
What they have done most blatantly is creating a social divide where on the one extreme we have people struggling to provide a decent life for their families and on the other, ‘out of the moon’ people with ridiculuosly obscene high salaries, whose amounts can feed ordinary families for generations.

14) Bernard on June 11th, 2009 3.03 pm MM and PM Lee fly economy class for flights below 6 hours? Sure or not? Since when did any of us commoners see the MM or PM sitting beside us in economy class?

Security concerns alone would dictate that top Singaporean officials will not mingle with the masses in economy class. If there is any truth in what PM Lee said, it is most likely that they book the entire section of the plane for themselves.

15) melwanni on June 11th, 2009 3.10 pm “The only leader who not too long ago announced to the public he cannot handle more than 5 opp members in parliament, as he needs to think of ways to fix them.”

Correction, first thing he needs to do is to “fix” his old man and his hopeless wife for causing so so much loss to the nation. Then he can get out of my “elitist” non-caring face.

16) jim007jimmyboy on June 11th, 2009 3.19 pm when i read the news i was hahahaha….
guess nobody will be con by them any more.
Esp when trash is from 154

17) der on June 11th, 2009 3.36 pm If SG’s Ministers fly economy class for flights less than 6 hours, how come we’ve never heard of anyone spotting them on flights? I would think people will talk excitedly about such sightings, but so far there has been none. So does that mean our ministers hardly go out, and thus are hardly sighted?

18) collins on June 11th, 2009 3.40 pm What a hypocrite ! The multi BILLIONS that he and his famiLEE lost is more than enough to buy an entourage of space shuttles to fetch his famiLEE of supreme immortals to anywhere in the world and possibly to the nether world too.

19) Rurehe on June 11th, 2009 3.44 pm Must find witnesses who had seen him in economy class flights in planes.
The airline people can help. For example, stewardesses, pilots, check-in clerks etc.
If there is no witness then he might just telling a tall story to a foreign journalist.

20) mike on June 11th, 2009 3.47 pm i think what he meant was he and the rest took economy class but chartered the whole plan, get it?

21) Gilbert Goh on June 11th, 2009 3.51 pm This smelled of the time during the NKF crisis when first class and business class travelling were all the talk of the town.
we all knew the true story later.
Maybe someone from inside can tell us the truth.
Until now, we have to stay by LHL version of economy class travelling for civil servants.
I knew some of my colleagues working in civil service flown economy class to Europe to attend some courses there many years ago. Again, they are not top notch civil servants.

22) IMS on June 11th, 2009 3.56 pm after next election, ministers’ pay will be reviewed and pegged to private sector ie. Capital Land CEO $30M. believe me, this will come. he he he

23) Rurehe on June 11th, 2009 3.59 pm So, the PM believes in leading by example.

Will he lead his troops into battle. I mean at the front. A fixed bayonet charge.
Well, Alexander the Great did. Not once or twice but many times. He had many wounds.
The Israeli army officers still do and they have been doing that for hang of a long time. Even before the foundation of the present state of Israel.
Ask Moshe Dayan and even the present PM of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu. And many others. Lest I forget, the Beast, Ariel Sharon.

The US generals did not do so. They were showmen. An example is General MacArthur. He would gather the newsmen around and then he would wade ashore after stepping off the landing craft to step on the shores of the Philippines to show that he lived by his pledge, ‘”I shall return.”

Will LHL our Commander-in-Chief, lead by example when Singapore has to fight off an invading enemy? Will the SAF officers do the same and follow the example of their Commander?

24) Alex the peasant boy on June 11th, 2009 4.10 pm Another own goal by our dear PM! Sigh….when will he ever learn from previous Boo-Boos. First, it was the Mee-Siam dont want Hum & now, he’s saying that his team flies E Class? t’s really amzaing that none of them were ever spotted by the peasants fighting to eat with the plastic spoon while seated next to some King Kong Bundy of a guy in E Class!

PM Lee, sir, I am really sorry that your officials are flying E Class & I am also sorry that I have never seen any of the officials or Ministers in that class with me. But then, I guess there are so many of these helpers running around, I wont be able to recognise them at all!! In fact, I dont even know who my MP is!! Another amazingly Singapore!

25) Daniel on June 11th, 2009 4.10 pm “Will LHL our Commander-in-Chief, lead by example when Singapore has to fight off an invading enemy? Will the SAF officers do the same and follow the example of their Commander?”

Please lah, clown prince disappears when those saga of Mas Selamat, financial crisis, minibomb, temasek corpse, and many serious stuffs happen and that is not even threatening his life to address the issues, what make make you think he and his family will even fight the enemy as far as their life is concerned. To them , we are just digit to make money and to make sacrifice for them. These clowns sit in Ivory Tower in good times and bad times, and no doubt when war comes, they just likely to sit in Ivory Tower abeit in other countries, giving rhetoric and speech of “more good years” and “golden period”.

26) mike on June 11th, 2009 4.15 pm 23) Rurehe on June 11th, 2009 3.59 pm ,

he may leads his famiLee to elsewhere instead of our army then.

27) gemami on June 11th, 2009 4.16 pm No need for war to see them go running. Every year, from June to August, you get to see the ministers going abroad for this or that - to run away from the climate heat in Singapore. You think they will stick around if there is a war outbreak?

28) ABC on June 11th, 2009 4.18 pm Why not send all these comments to Finance Minister Yoon Jeung Hyun to digest and uncover the PM’s mask.

29) BayesianThinker on June 11th, 2009 4.28 pm I think it is too easy to laugh or feel outraged by PM’s statements.

For the fun of it, let me try to see whether it is possible to try to defend him in a most dispassionate or impartial way:

(1) Is it praiseworthy for a leader of a country to fly by commercial plane instead of a private jet?

Obviously, yes. It saves public money. The leader has indeed shown a good example by putting up with a little discomfort for the sake of not being wasteful.

(2) When a foreign dignitary implied that your country is rich, should you deny that you are rich out of humility or should you agree haughtily?

Obviously, a socially-intelligent leader will show humility.

(3) Does receiving a multi-million salary disqualify a leader from behaving in a humble way?

PM receives such a high pay as a result of a decision by the Parliament. In fact, it is because of his high pay that he has to act more humbly.

(4) Are all humble acts by rich people necessarily hypocritical or false?

Obviously, not. I personally know of many multi-millionaires who only eats food at the food courts. Warren Buffet is another example. As far as I know, PM does not drive a Muceilago or a Scaglietti although I’m sure he can afford both.

(5) Is the people’s respect for a leader inversely proportional to his salary?

Respect for a leader has nothing to do with his salary. Respect will be earned if the people know that the leader is competent, sincere and works only for the welfare of the people and the country.

(6) Should a political leader of a small country be paid so highly?

This is the most difficult one to answer. How high is too high? Ultimately, it is the Parliament that decides.

30) Retiree on June 11th, 2009 4.53 pm Spore Ministers or top civil servants flying economy class ?. My foot. Even on their private holidays these people can well afford to fly First or Business class. Fly economy class for our ministers and other top elites? It will never happen. Business class is possible as some commercial flights have only Business and Economy Class cabin.

31) Eureka on June 11th, 2009 5.31 pm I don’t believe Ass Loong will flying economy class plane seats with the patient. With the spiraling of cases of H1N1, he wont want to sit with those potential infected people. For a PM who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth its highly and earn $3 million a year, he is unlikely to sacrifice his comfort and health to travel in econmony class seats.

32) bullstory on June 11th, 2009 5.52 pm Wow…the bull’s output is such a huge pile. SG MPs are arrogant and ’save face’, do you think they will actually fly economy class??? If only someone can unearth the spending scandal in SG govt (like the recent case uncovered in UK) that would be a great deed done to SG citizens. PM Lee can only be PM because of LKY, count himself lucky.

33) blackfeline on June 11th, 2009 6.01 pm let’s call a spade a spade…he’s lying. Period.

34) Kim San on June 11th, 2009 6.11 pm The headline really should have been “PM Lee gives false impression of humility”.

35) John Tan on June 11th, 2009 6.20 pm I once flew with a very senior politician and both of us sat in the front row of economy class to Bangkok. No special treatment except air stewardess greeting him more frequently. I think a distinction needs to be made between spending your own salary and using public finances. What ministers or senior officials do during their vacation or leisure is their own business as long as they don’t claim allowances like how UK MPs do. I’m not trying to justify ministerial salaries here but just want to note the point on air travel.

36) whjho on June 11th, 2009 6.29 pm Can the AG-annual audit verify such statement against expenses?

GO through all the travel expenses esp air ticket bookings. Note any deviation and un-discrepant acts.

I am sure the truth will be found. And the truth shall set us free from such guessing, fingerpointing and embarrassment.

37) blackfeline on June 11th, 2009 6.34 pm last year..a group comprising minsters and government officials were on the same flight (SQ) to Dubai. Prior to the actual trip from Changi Airport:

We were contacted one day in advance to arrive at check in 2 hours earlier than the recommended (at least 2 hrs) for a thorough “pasar malam” inspection of all luggages. A 2nd round for hand carried items was conducted at the waiting area. Throughout the entire 7 hrs trip…they occupied the first/business class…nobody was allowed to see them face to face. All was shrouded in mystery right up to arrival…they were treated like royalties! Humility…my foot!

38) Enigmatic on June 11th, 2009 6.37 pm For one who conspicuously absent when needs c all for and who does not smoke - ironically smoked very well indeed to pervades the distant : Korea with the puff to choke us here - we really ta boleh tahan liao…..

39) majullah singapura on June 11th, 2009 6.39 pm Maybe the south korean was being sarcastic when he asked the question…

40) Vegetable takes tablet 1 erected on standby on June 11th, 2009 7.51 pm Is it true that LKY only take economy class to say KL or Thailand or any country within the 6 hour hinterland? I mean , based on that person say that “Singapore’s senior officials fly economy class, not first class, for flights under six hours”?

Could someone comfom comfom?

41) Overseas Singaporean on June 11th, 2009 8.03 pm PM Lee said senior officials. I don’t think he was referring to cabinet members but specifically civil service senior officials?

42) David on June 11th, 2009 8.04 pm It is pretty amazing that he could lie thru his teeth without choking. Yet we have Straits Times sugar-coated such lies and deliver to our consumption, presumably election is coming. I hope Singaporeans can boycott ST (thru cancellation of subscription) during election times.

43) Tim on June 11th, 2009 8.11 pm A note to the Prime Minister: you may or may not seat SIA planes for your foreign trips, but that doesn’t mean you can earn $2 to $3m being the PM of Singapore. Compare that with US President Obama and Aussie PM Kevin Rudd, whom both are in charge of a superpower that has 400m people, and 21m people respectively, and who has more responsibilities as a leader.

If PM Rudd can earn only A$200,000 to $300,000 as the Australian Prime Minister, while President Obama takes in US$400,000- and both were millionaires, and still are- when they came into office, it goes to show that whether one’s rich or poor, serving the country is more than just earning big bucks.

So why is the PM earning 7-8 times more than the top leaders in far larger countries and who has more responsibilities?

You can earn big bucks even before you join the public service- and once you’re a public servant, and the leader of the country, you have to accept its a form of public service to the country and your people. And that calls for sacrifice on your part. It should not be just about the money that leads people to serve their country as public services.

44) E2i visitor on June 11th, 2009 8.19 pm I just want to let mr Leong know, it is true that even singaporean NITEC holders are offered $900 a month salary. Just ask those who been there. So, I am really impressed by your findings as well.

45) tick on June 11th, 2009 8.34 pm I think some senior minister sit in a Lexus correct? if the same theory applies, why dont they just drive a Toyota??

46) David on June 11th, 2009 9.24 pm Can Lee Hsien Loong show his humility to Taiwanese too? Will they buy his words? here is their answers to LHL:-

47) Daniel on June 11th, 2009 9.33 pm “It is pretty amazing that he could lie thru his teeth without choking. Yet we have Straits Times sugar-coated such lies and deliver to our consumption, presumably election is coming. I hope Singaporeans can boycott ST (thru cancellation of subscription) during election times.”

What can be worse than using citizen’s money to fund their instrument of lies.

Remind me of the Japanese gahmen who force wealthy Chinese to donate large sum of money to fund Japanese war and yet sarcastically praise these Chinese for been so understanding and loyal.

48) Amazed on June 11th, 2009 9.40 pm Lead by example? Yeah, then draw a more acceptable salary. Salary should never be higher than the US President cos how can Singapore be compared to the superpower? All our highly-paid government ministers have even to kow-tow to the US, so how can you earn more than them?

We would rather you fly first-class or biz-class as our leaders and lower your obscene salary to more manageable levels. We would be less embarrassed that way. But alas, their salaries is a taboo subject, no-go, OB markers and non-negotiable item.

I have a feeling the presidents and prime ministers of US, UK, Australia, Japan, France, Germany, China are all corrupted and dishonest since they are all drawing salaries way below our demi-gods. This has to be so going by the logic propounded by our government that they have to paid highly to minimise dishonesty and corruption. A bunch of congenital liars, period!

49) rwkc on June 11th, 2009 10.09 pm If some [interpret as at least one] PAP members several notches lower in rank to the PM, MM, SM and deputy PMs have been found to be earning $6-8 million pa in govt linked companies, can it be possible for the PM, MM and other senior ministers to be earning less, in the region of $1-3 million pa? Maybe I am wrong, as someone in a previous post advanced the argument that comparing incomes in this way is not comparing like with like. The previous chairman of Keppel Corp was earning about $8 million pa for the few years before his retirement. This person was a PAP member attached previously to NTUC. Maybe someone can tell me this was just an exception. But I cannot rule out there are far more exceptions than this.

Since GCT’s wife viewed a yearly income of $600,000 pa as mere peanuts, an income of $1.5 million might just seem as peanuts-plus to her. Presumably she had info or knowledge of people earning by the millions, rather than a million or two.

This idea may not be far-fetched: that govt ministers and other PAP elites can probably afford to buy an apartment in each of the 3-5 major cities in the world, after being in service for just a dozen years, or even for a shorter period.

Can these people be expected to stay and die fighting for Singapore, if or when the going gets rough? Answer: doubtful.

50) Daniel on June 11th, 2009 10.15 pm Talking about salary, Are these clowns only earn in region of millions from their gahmen title ? How about their appointment in GIC, Temasek, GLC ? They say that there is no free lunch, so are their appointment FOC ?

51) prettyplace on June 11th, 2009 11.07 pm #12 Peter Selers…i thought you can only act funny, but commemt was too…


Good question TOC , on when was the rules, changed….

if Singaporeans are laughing, i wonder what people from other countries will be doing….laughing even louder… I guess.

52) tiredsingaporean on June 11th, 2009 11.20 pm 49) Daniel on June 11th, 2009 10.15 pm
Talking about salary, Are these clowns only earn in region of millions from their gahmen title ? How about their appointment in GIC, Temasek, GLC ? They say that there is no free lunch, so are their appointment FOC ?

If they were to disclose all their total combined salary + all the additional appointments hold in the various sectors within the TH & GIC, I believe this can cause a real riot outbreak in Singapore history. Thats why everything within TH & GIC are still being kept very tightly away from anyone except for a handful of family members and close associates today.

53) tiredsingaporean on June 11th, 2009 11.34 pm and may even cause an outbreak of the military, just imagine how those citizens who are made mandatory to risk their lives serving the 2.1/2 years NS at a misearable monthly salary which is worse than those foreign banglah workers while they keep helping and self rewarding themselves with millions and millions of the taxpayers money into their own bank a/c. Just use your head and think why that Teo chap who is so well respected and liked by the military was suddenly promoted to deputy PM and transfer to the PM office?

54) Retiree on June 11th, 2009 11.43 pm Hello Daniel #49 - For your info, all board of directors are paid handsome director’s fees. There is no such thing as FOC appointment. Money is the key. If you take a look at the board members of TH & GIC link companies, you will see that many top brass in the civil service and also from the armed forces are board members of these companies. This is how the elites reward their own members. So nothing is for free. No money no talk.

55) mice is nice on June 11th, 2009 11.56 pm hmmm…. military men taking on top govt positions in the country? sounds like some communist regime. hmmm….

no wonder the affinity with China, & now Myanmar?

57) Daniel on June 12th, 2009 12.45 am Wow in this case … our politicians cum businessmen not only the highest paid in the world for top positions, they win it by a mile ! Part-time job for minister and gahmen already get millions, and full job isn’t more handsomely paid especially with government relationship to do business. Where in the world people do half-fart job and still get millions ? Only in Uniquely Singapore.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Do not waste money on third rate education in Australia

From: Taiwanese
Date: Sat, 13 Jun 2009 08:37:57 -0700 (PDT)
Local: Sat, Jun 13 2009 11:37 pm
Subject: Re: Do not waste your money or time on a third rate education in Australia

On Jun 13, 4:15 pm, Zanzibar wrote:

> On Jun 13, 3:01 pm, fruitella wrote:

> > Do not waste your money or time on a third rate education in
> > Australia. The universities there are not known for anything other
> > than being a money making scam.

> > The locals who pass out of such institutions are qualified for a life
> > of crime and little else. The govt. there pretends no such racism
> > exists even while it rakes in exorbiant tuition fees for a worthless
> > education.

> > This is the treatment you can expect :

> > ------------

> > 22-year-old Indian student attacked in Australia
> > 12 Jun 2009, 0906 hrs IST, PTI

> > MELBOURNE: In yet another racial attack on Indians in Australia, a 22-
> > year-old student was allegedly assaulted by a teenager in Adelaide
> > after making "rude" comments about his turban.

> > Police said the student suffered a broken nose in the assault in
> > Adelaide's busy market area of Rundle Mall yesterday and that they
> > have arrested a 17-year-old youth in this connection.

> > itimes: Share your experience in Australia

> > They said the attacker has been bailed to appear in the Adelaide Youth
> > Court.

> > The attack comes after Indian students in Melbourne and Sydney have
> > held series of rallies over violent attacks and repeated calls for an
> > inquiry into racial attacks against them.

> > Local media quoted the victim, who requested anonymity, as saying that
> > the attacker started a confrontation by making "rude comments" about
> > his turban.

> > In another incident, Pakistani student Yasir Raja, 26, believes his
> > Holden Commodore was torched because of its "Raja" number plate.

> > Raja said friends living in the Enfield area had increased security
> > around their homes in fear of racist attacks.

> A country liked Australia needs leader like LKY to clean up their
> criminals there. Just give Singapore two years of cleaning up there.
> After that Australia will turn into a safe place to walk and run, even
> in the middle of the night like Singapore. Australia can hire a team
> of retired and unemployed singaporeans to australia to map out the
> clearing of criminals there. Results is guaranteed.

This is a total rubbish.

Singapore style will never work anywhere else on earth except
Singapore. This is so for a very simple reason: Majority of
Singaporean allow the so called top ranked officers to claims
ridiculous months of performance bonuses on top of their super high
salary package of the world standard.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Our country needs a "tenants credit bureau"

From: Zanzibar
Date: Fri, 12 Jun 2009 01:32:41 -0700 (PDT)
Local: Fri, Jun 12 2009 4:32 pm
Subject: Our country needs a "tenants credit bureau" to safeguard the country

Inusrance agent making use of the renting of rooms to spy for

Recently a male insurance agent from AIA in alexandra building phoned
my friend to find out if their common room is still available for

The phone number that he called on his mobil phone was found to be
from the insurance office in AIA in Alexandra Road.

He asked briefly about the renting of room and the rent of it. He then
probed to ask if the owner of the flat is young or old.

He asked about their age. He also asked about if the flat has any
young children or not. He first side-swinged by asking if the flat has
any other tenants in other common rooms.

When asked who is he, his reply was that he was a accountant and he
was making enquiries for the renting of a common room for his male
friend who is a financial planner consultant with alexandra.

He said his insurance friend is a Malaysian and a PR and is looking
for a room to stay. When asked why he wanted to know so much about how
old is the owner, he could not explain.

And when asked why he wanted to know so much as what is the profession
of the owner and how many people is staying in the flat, and if there
is children and their ages, if any, this accountant man then kept
quiet, and then in replying he said his friend wants to stay with
young family.

He could not reply when asked why his friend being a insurance agent
was able to speak and talk was not able to make his own enquires by
himself. He was told off that no agent had ever called to ask so much
of it.

Finally, he put down the phone, when he could not explain it. A action
plan will now taken on this man by bringing it up to his boss on it.

This man also could not reply when asked why did his AIA friend
working in AIA alexandra wants to find a room so far from his
workplace which is in Alexandra instead of CCK.

Seriously, our HDBs are now infested by tenants of spies and conmen,
and some tenants are even using the renting of rooms as their illegal

They move from flat to flat, or the changing of room to room with
detrimental dangers to flat owners. The short tenancy period created
by proeprty companies have created a high turnover of the renting of
rooms and renting of flats.

The property companies in Singapore have created a problem for the
benefit for themselves in that housing agents in Singapore tell flat
owners that it is common practice that tenant can rent room, usually
up to one year lease.

However, their termination on the room can be from either
side ,between owner and tenant, can be minimum of stay period of 6
months, or in most cases there was no minimum stay period at all.

This is allow either party who may not adjusted to live with each
other to quit on each other. And so either side of them can temrinate
the lease with a one month's notice, even after the tenancy agreement
was signed a day ago.

This means that tenants with "illegal intention" in renting the room
with flat owner can cause undue worries to the family of the owner and
the public security at large to the country.

This is because tenants can keep changing of rental of room after
rooms, and new owner is not able to identify them if they are tenants
with good references or not.

So it is important that a "tenants credit bureau" should be enacted to
allow flat owner to check up the history of renting of rooms or flat
by these tenants.

By this way, owners of flat can look out for those frequent room
changers so that they can protect their family and children from
dubious tenants with "bad intention" to the family and "illegal
intention" of "spying the family in the flat", in this country.

It's time for the Government or the flat owners to set up a "tenant
credit bureau" to check up how many times these " tenants" have
changed their rooms or flats, or condos.

Fake automation in Singapore

From: "truth"
Date: Fri, 12 Jun 2009 06:21:34 GMT
Local: Fri, Jun 12 2009 2:21 pm
Subject: Fake automation in Singapore

THE IT industry is promoting a myth that Singapore leads the world in
automation. Small and medium-sized businesses like mine can only call it
'fake automation'.

a.. When I transact with my suppliers and customers using Internet banking,
I must wait up to three working days for clearance. Although my role in the
transaction is automated and that of the other party, payee or payer, is
too, the banks are still pushing paper around. Clearance is instant only if
the other party and I share the same bank.

a.. When I use GeBIZ, the government electronic procurement system, I have
no way to set up alerts. I have to visit GeBIZ every day to monitor business

a.. Recently, my company signed up as a vendor on the Accountant- General's
Department's e-invoicing system (Vendors@Gov). When we submitted our invoice
to a government agency, there was no acknowledgement. Apparently, it does
not receive the invoice instantly and when it is received, the invoice must
still traverse its own paper-based accounts system. Although the supplier is
expected to submit invoices electronically, there is no guarantee that it is
processed immediately as there is no back-to- back automation.

a.. My company, Iterate, is a member of the Singapore Infocomm Technology
Federation, which often sends out meeting notices with long lists of
attachments. Without at least a summary, it is unclear whether I need to
open them. Recently, the federation launched a new portal to 'better serve
the industry', so I suggested it post the attachments in the portal and send
out a summary with links. This was turned down on the basis that members
have personal assistants read their mail, and print the attachments for them
to review.

If the federation leadership continues to print reams just to decide what
and what not to read, if the Accountant-General's Department forces
suppliers to automate without doing back-to-back integration, if GeBIZ
cannot provide an alert system so vendors will know promptly about business
opportunities, and if banks cannot clear online payments immediately, there
is no point beating our breasts and saying how good we are in automation.

William Claxton

Thursday, June 11, 2009

When r pap Leegime going to cut their exhorbitant pay

From: "truth"
Date: Thu, 11 Jun 2009 07:43:33 GMT
Local: Thurs, Jun 11 2009 3:43 pm
Subject: When r pap Leegime going to cut their exhorbitant pay ?

The Americans are moving to tame corporate greed.
The pap Leegime despite their huge pay have done
a disastrous job of managing the economy, our reserve
and making life easier for Singaporeans.
Looks like the pap Leegime will never rein in their
excessive pay. Singaporeans must pressurise them. They
can do so by asking their pap mps and ministers why
are they paying themselves so much ? Ask them when
are they going to be less greedy and take a big pay cut.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Singapore's Sham Political Reforms

truth View profile
More options Jun 8, 5:45 pm

Newsgroups: soc.culture.singapore
From: "truth"
Date: Mon, 08 Jun 2009 09:45:33 GMT
Local: Mon, Jun 8 2009 5:45 pm
Subject: Singapore's SHAM Political Reform

Singapore's Sham Political Reforms
Written by Our Correspondent
Monday, 08 June 2009
The island republic sends forth yet another electoral Trojan horse

Given the Singapore government's oft-repeated mantra that multi-party
politics is not appropriate for a small city-state, it might have surprised
outside observers when Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong recently unveiled plan
to boost the number of opposition MPs in parliament.

Only last November at the ruling People's Action Party (PAP) annual
conference, Lee insisted that a "two-party model cannot work in Singapore"
and that "the country is much better off with one dominant party".

Just seven months later, Lee seems to have changed his tune somewhat.
Now, he acknowledges that "Singaporeans want national issues to be fully
debated" and that the government should "improve our political system to
encourage a wider range of views in Parliament, including opposition and
non-government views".

The government thus plans to change the constitution to ensure that
there are at least nine opposition MPs in Singapore's supine Parliament
(currently just three of the 85 voting MPs are not PAP apparatchiks) by
expanding the existing system whereby the best-performing electoral losers
are awarded parliamentary seats with watered-down powers.

Coming after recent decisions to permit public protests (albeit only
in one specified location) and allow the release of some political films
(subject to government vetting), it almost appears as if the prime minister
and his PAP allies have undergone some sort of damascene conversion to
liberal democratic principles.

But, in reality, the latest reforms are nothing more than Trojan horse
politics, designed to head off the growing clamor for more alternative
voices and to sow discord between Singapore's spattering of brave but
fractious opposition politicians. The PAP has maintained an iron grip on
power since Singapore won independence from Britain in 1959 not by locking
up its opponents, although it does occasionally resort to such tactics, but
by dominating public discourse, castrating opposition politicians through
libel proceedings and manipulating the electoral system to its advantage.

Lee junior's proposed parliamentary reforms are just the latest
example of this approach.

From its once-impregnable lock on power, the ruling party's share of
the popular vote has declined steadily, from 75 percent in 2001 to a
still-formidable 66.6 percent in 2006 and, with Singapore facing the worst
recession in its history, the PAP is concerned that support could fall even
further at the next general election, which is due by 2011.

While most political parties around the world can only dream of
winning such support, the PAP remains nervous because it knows that the
rapid rise of the internet has eroded its ability to control public opinion
through state-owned newspapers and broadcast news outlets.

Although many of the city-state's bloggers and citizen journalists
dedicate as much time to bashing each other as they do to taking on the
government, the PAP fears that the next generation of Singaporeans, who are
internet-obsessed, will be much less craven than their parents.

By guaranteeing a limited amount of greater opposition within
Parliament, the PAP hopes to defuse the growing calls for more debate
without giving up any control. For the real bulwarks of PAP rule - control
of public debate and gerrymandering - remain fully intact.

To illustrate the first bulwark, you need look no further than Amnesty
International's latest annual report, which concluded that "a climate of
fear and self-censorship discouraged Singaporeans from fully participating
in public affairs".

With regard to the second pillar, the bizarre system of Group
Representative Constituencies (GRC), in which the party that wins the most
votes in a single constituency sees their whole slate of candidates elected,
remains intact despite some minor tweaking.

Although officially intended to ensure that ethnic minority (i.e.
non-Chinese) MPs are elected, the GRC system provides a massive boost to the
PAP as the embattled opposition parties cannot risk losing five or six of
their best candidates in a single battle where the odds are tilted heavily
against them.

While the reforms do nothing to weaken the PAP's electoral position,
they will further undermine the public credibility of the opposition, which
has already been damaged by persistently negative government spin and a
tendency for internecine warfare.

The election of "best-losers" - who are known officially as
non-constituency MPs (NCMPs) - began in 1984 and led to bitter divisions
among opposition politicians, who differed about whether it was better to
feed off the PAP's crumbs or take a principled stand and turn down the
opportunity to gain a rare seat in Parliament.

The proposed expansion of the NCMP scheme will only deepen the
tensions between Singapore's handful of opposition politicians, who are
damned if they do and damned if they don't. Accept the NCMP scheme and some
activists will criticize them for being unprincipled, self-aggrandizing
lackeys. Reject it and the government can once again paint the opposition as
irrelevant, ungrateful and uninterested in the real machinery of democracy.

Sylvia Lim, an existing NCMP from the Workers' Party, has welcomed the
latest reforms cautiously while others in her party remain opposed to them
as do competing opposition groups such as Chee Soon Juan's Singapore
Democratic Party.

Opponents point out that NCMPs are second-class representatives,
without the right to vote on amendments to the constitution, motions of no
confidence or issues relating to public funds. Devoid of a physical
constituency, it is also extremely difficult for NCMPs and their parties to
build the support bases that they will need if they are to be anything more
than isolated voices singing in the wind.

Those who reject the scheme also insist that the government guarantee
of nine opposition MPs in Parliament will only add to the PAP conceit that
there's no point in voting for the opposition.

Singapore's voters are habitually threatened by the PAP that upgrading
projects for their shabby housing estates and other manifestations of
government largesse are solely dependent on their support for the ruling
party in general elections. The opposition, by contrast, can make no such
promises or threats.

With the presence of nine alternative parliamentary voices guaranteed,
Singapore's cautious and brow-beaten electorate will have even less reason
to cast their compulsory vote for anyone other than the PAP.

University must stop aggressive evangelism

From: "truth"
Date: Mon, 08 Jun 2009 13:22:30 GMT
Local: Mon, Jun 8 2009 9:22 pm
Subject: Re: University must stop aggressive evangelism

These people are as bad as Muslim terrorists.

"Grandprix" wrote in message

> What's new? These people are trying to save you. Problem is that they
> forgot other people also have their own religions. They are super-nice.
> They are to save you from all the sins of living in this world. They get
> to attend sing song sessions, free food, pretty girls and there on the
> stage will the lecturers, sharing their new found revelations. See the
> silent message, which is so powerful for a newbie. These people are
> abusing their positions.

> "truth" wrote in message
> news:hP4Xl.17089$

>> This sorts of aggressive predatory behaviour has been going on
>> for so long. Only now then they realise it. Or has they been
>> encouraging it.
>> This predatory conversion must stop.

Leaders holidaying while Singaporeans agonise

From: "Zai Zai"
Date: Mon, 08 Jun 2009 13:42:29 GMT
Local: Mon, Jun 8 2009 9:42 pm
Subject: Re: pap Leegime leaders holidaying while Singaporeans agonise

They just got their 8 months bonus, got to spend it during holiday to help
the economy mah.

"truth" wrote in message
> Wow, all the top pap leaders including prata man are enjoying their
> holidays
> overseas while Singaporeans are agonising over their jobs and future.

At age 55 and 85 respectively

From: "Zai Zai"
Date: Mon, 08 Jun 2009 17:11:15 GMT
Local: Tues, Jun 9 2009 1:11 am
Subject: Re: At age 55 and 85 respectively

Hello, what tax payers money are they hoarding? These money belongs to lky
and famili, it is not yours, I am sorry you just found out. Bill Gates give
his billions to who? lky gives his money every coming election through SG
shares and cash to every Singaporean rich or poor, you should thank him
because he can don't give any at all. You people are so ungrateful.

> At age 55, Bill Gates are in the process of giving away his $billions to
> charities.
> At age 85, $billionaire Lee Kuan Yew and his famiLee together with his
> multi-$millionaire cronies are still hoarding monies (from the tax payers)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Very dangerous for LKY to support Najib

From: "truth"
Date: Sun, 07 Jun 2009 13:10:03 GMT
Local: Sun, Jun 7 2009 9:10 pm
Subject: Very dangerous for LKY to support Najib

Well LKY the megalomanic thinks he is superman who
goes around the world saving rotten regimes.
After passing his badluck to Gordon Brown, he is going
to Malaysia to help shore up the murderer Najib. LKY's
has no morals. He is prepared to support evil and murderous
dictators so long as they are good for his own personal
interest even if that means sacrificing Singaporeans' interests.

By openly and strongly endosing Najib, he is putting
Singapore in peril should the day comes when Anwar
takes over government.

He is supporting Najib hoping to stem the unstoppable
tide of CHANGE sweeping thru the region and the world.
He hopes that by stopping the tide of CHANGE in
Malaysia, his pap will be prevented from being swept
away. He can dream on. This CHANGE shall sweep him
to his grave.

MOM misleading Singaporeans

From: "truth"
Date: Sun, 07 Jun 2009 13:39:29 GMT
Local: Sun, Jun 7 2009 9:39 pm
Subject: MOM misleading Singaporeans

Low-wage workers better off - really?
Sunday, 7 June 2009, 9:22 pm | 7 views

Leong Sze Hian / Columnist

The Ministry of Manpower has published a 74-page press release detailing
significance progress in the welfare of low-wage workers. But a closer
scrutiny of the report finds that the picture may not be so rosy. (Read the
Straits Times report here.)

IS THE Ministry of Manpower (MOM) blowing its own trumpet?

While its press release claims that low-wage workers have made significant
progress since 2006, they may in fact be presenting a distorted picture.

(Photo: A road sweeper keeping Singapore clean. Are these workers better off
since 2006? Courtesy of Kirk Siang / Creative Commons)

The press release says that "the wages of the 20th percentile full-time
employed resident increased from $1,200 a month in 2006 to $1,310 in 2008."

However, after adjusting for inflation, $1,200 in 2006 would be equivalent
to $1,304 in 2008.

This means that these low-wage workers received a wage increase of just $6
over 2 years, or just 0.25% per year.

So, while the headline of the press release proclaims: "Significant progress
for low-wage workers since 2006", are these workers really better off?

The ministry adds that "the number of residents earning $1,200 or less has
fallen from 360,000 in 2006 to below 300,000 in 2008." This is a little
misleading as the benchmark of $1,200 is from 2006. The ministry should have
used the 2008 benchmark instead, after adjusting for inflation.

The pertinent question should thus be: how many are earning less than
$1,304, instead of how many are still earning less than $1,200.

The number of part-time workers in the workforce as a share of total
employment increased from 3.2% in 1998 to 6.8% in 2008. There are currently
126,000 part-time workers, and their median monthly income has remained
unchanged at $600. Is this proof that the number of low-wage workers
(full-time and part-time) may have actually increased, rather than dwindled?

The press release also said:

"More people were working, especially from households living in smaller
flat types. The monthly household income of those living in 3-room HDB flats
or smaller also grew by over $300 from $1,910 to $2,220. Even after
factoring for inflation, this translated to a 3.5% per annum increase in
real terms".

However, this increase in household income may be due to more people working
per household rather than an actual increase in household income. What we
need to know is the employed per household data - whether it has gone up -
and the extent of it resulting in the 3.5% increase.

It is incredulous how the MOM chose to ignore inflation when talking about
the rise in income of low-wage workers. As for the rise in household income,
it seems like MOM is trying to paint a picture that workers are better off,
even when the reality on the ground might be different.

Housing Grants

The press statement also highlighted that "more than 10,000 lower-income
families received $144.3 million worth of Additional CPF Housing Grants

This works out to an average AHG of $13,983 per family.

In view of the very large increase in HDB flat prices from 2006 to 2008, the
AHG (or increase in the AHG) may have been lower than the flat's price
increase. For example, the HDB Resale Price Index increased by 37% from
101.8 in Q1 2006 to 139.4 in Q4 2008.

Is an AHG that is less than the flat's price increase really a subsidy?

Childcare Financial Assistance

The press statement noted that the Kindergarten Financial Assistance Scheme
(KiFAS) and the Centre-based Financial Assistance Scheme for Child Care
(CFAC) were reviewed and enhanced annually. It provides $41.6 million from
2006 to 2008, for over 11,200 children per year, on average.

This works out to an average of about $103 per child per month. This might
not be substantial enough - in light of the fact that the Today newspaper
reported in July 2008 that "some 1,500 students attending the seven PAP
Community Foundation (PCF) kindergartens in Woodlands will see their fees
shoot up by 30 to 100 per cent from July."

Inflation, it seems, might once again completely obliterate any supposed
benefits Singaporeans have gained over the past two years.


Why is it that the number of workers receiving Workfare declined from
362,000 in 2006 to 306,000 in 2007, and 297,000 in 2008, during a period of
record job creation?

Why did a staggering 106,000 self-employed Singaporeans drop out of Workfare
in 2007, after just 1 year?

Was it mainly because they had to contribute cash to their CPF, but receive
their entire Workfare as a top-up to their Medisave account? (Note: The
Resilence package now gives some workfare to them in cash.)

Home Ownership Plus Education (HOPE)

The press release stated that "an additional 1,200 families were approved
for assistance under the HOPE scheme, bringing the total number of families
approved on HOPE to about 1,700 at end-2008."

After 5 years of the HOPE scheme, it is arguably not very successful by any
measure, as only 1,700 out of 24,600 (presumably eligible families) have
been approved.

This represents only about 7% of all eligible families. The average payout
per HOPE family per year is quite a lot - $8,784. So, why are so few taking
it up or being approved?

I think the problem may be that the bulk of the benefits is in the form of a
housing grant of $50,000 disbursed in annual installments of $2,500 into the
mother's CPF account over 20 years, or until she reaches 45 years old. After
that, a training grant of up to $10,000, and cash incentives of $6,000 -
$20,000 will be given to help couples with family planning.

But while you may get $2,500 a year until age 45 to pay for a HDB flat,
would you want to risk losing the flat plus face litigation if you can't
service the mortgage in the future? Would you really go for training when
you are probably still struggling with work and free time?

Does it really make much difference for suffering families now?


As my final analysis, this 72-page press release may be of little meaning or
consolation to lower-wage Singaporeans, because for them the reality is that
they have been adversely affected by the downturn: many may have lost their
jobs, had wages cuts, no bonus, shorter work week, compulsory leave, and so

The government's threadbare social assistance schemes have not done much for
them over the past three years, and are unlikely to serve them any better in
the months ahead.

All the data that the government has released cannot conceal the reality
that Singapore has become a much more unequal society under the government's
growth-at-costs approach. In thinking about how to restructure the
Singapore economy, the government might want to rethink the premise of its
economic strategy.