University must stop aggressive evangelism

From: "truth"
Date: Mon, 08 Jun 2009 13:22:30 GMT
Local: Mon, Jun 8 2009 9:22 pm
Subject: Re: University must stop aggressive evangelism

These people are as bad as Muslim terrorists.

"Grandprix" wrote in message

> What's new? These people are trying to save you. Problem is that they
> forgot other people also have their own religions. They are super-nice.
> They are to save you from all the sins of living in this world. They get
> to attend sing song sessions, free food, pretty girls and there on the
> stage will the lecturers, sharing their new found revelations. See the
> silent message, which is so powerful for a newbie. These people are
> abusing their positions.

> "truth" wrote in message
> news:hP4Xl.17089$

>> This sorts of aggressive predatory behaviour has been going on
>> for so long. Only now then they realise it. Or has they been
>> encouraging it.
>> This predatory conversion must stop.

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