Very dangerous for LKY to support Najib

From: "truth"
Date: Sun, 07 Jun 2009 13:10:03 GMT
Local: Sun, Jun 7 2009 9:10 pm
Subject: Very dangerous for LKY to support Najib

Well LKY the megalomanic thinks he is superman who
goes around the world saving rotten regimes.
After passing his badluck to Gordon Brown, he is going
to Malaysia to help shore up the murderer Najib. LKY's
has no morals. He is prepared to support evil and murderous
dictators so long as they are good for his own personal
interest even if that means sacrificing Singaporeans' interests.

By openly and strongly endosing Najib, he is putting
Singapore in peril should the day comes when Anwar
takes over government.

He is supporting Najib hoping to stem the unstoppable
tide of CHANGE sweeping thru the region and the world.
He hopes that by stopping the tide of CHANGE in
Malaysia, his pap will be prevented from being swept
away. He can dream on. This CHANGE shall sweep him
to his grave.

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