Ris Low's breasts exposed in public

Dethroned Miss Singapore World Ris Low's tube dress was pulled down by a man and as a result her breasts were exposed in public.

Low wrote about the incident in her blog on Wednesday.

"Then Lao Niang got molested! Son of a bitch xxxx (vulgarities)! He pulled down my tube in front of a taxi stand queue la! I told him off and he ran away. Regret keeping that kick I have from Muay Thai. Sigh."

Later in an interview with Lianhe Wanbao, Low said she was waiting for her boyfriend at a taxi stand on Tuesday night when she noticed a man, who was standing in front, starring at her.

"I ignored him but five minutes later he turned around and grabbed my left hand. Then, he asked me to kiss him," she said.

Low said the man, in his 30s, then pulled down her tube dress and her breasts were exposed as she did not wear a bra.

She said another man immediately went to her aid and the "molester" ran away.

She lodged a police report the next day.

Low, who had bruises on her left hand, also wrote in the blog: "Was crying like a stupid emotion full baby mad hell and Date was patient enough to calm me down."
Ris Low claims to have been molested in blog
Posted: 22 March 2010 1231 hrs

SINGAPORE: Former beauty queen Ris Low has written in an expletive-laden blog entry dated March 17 that a man had pulled down her strapless dress while she was in a taxi queue outside Park Mall.

"I told him off and he ran away. Regret keeping that kick I have from Muay Thai," wrote Low, who had been taking Muay Thai kickboxing lessons for the past four months.

The 20-year-old, who models part time while studying for a diploma at the Management Development Institute of Singapore, wrote that she broke into tears after the incident. She only stopped after she was comforted by her 31-year-old property agent boyfriend.

Low, who suffers from bipolar disorder, reportedly felt very indignant and reported the matter to the police last Wednesday.

She also posted a 37-second video on her blog that same day, in which she urged molest victims to confront their molester and vowed to seek retribution against the man who molested her.

Most Netizens were skeptical of Low's blog posts and believed the whole thing to be a publicity stunt.

"I suspect that she wants to hog the limelight, to be famous in order to get more assignments," wrote digitalman on Channelnewsasia.com's forum page.

Others were more sympathetic towards Low.

"The public should learn to exercise sympathy over her [Ris Low's] plight and understand the ordeal she went through," said TooFree on sgforums.com.

Low, who attends classes at the Academy of Certified Counsellors, told The New Paper that she blogged about it in the hopes of "getting witnesses to step forward" and to tell victims of rape or molest "that they shouldn't suffer in silence" despite being wary of a public backlash.

Low's molest case is the latest in a string of incidents that have gotten Netizens talking about the former beauty queen, who just revealed on her blog on Sunday that she was also bisexual.

She attracted public attention in January for becoming the spokesperson for a condom brand Espire and appearing in a controversial video that saw her slipping condoms on bananas of various sizes.

Low also drew flak last year for speaking poor English and lost her Miss Singapore World crown, after news of her conviction for credit card fraud surfaced. She has been under a 24-month probation for her crime since May 2009.


  1. Poor Ris Low. I hope she can still identify the culprit. Probably a stunt man working for Jerky Neo. Jerky needs to know more about her assets before casting her in his next movie.

  2. mmm, sad thing..