How Many Pap Members are like PBM Jack ?

From: yansimon52
Subject: Re: How many other papists like Jack Neo?
On Mar 13, 12:32 am, "truth" wrote:

> There are many many other papists who are of the same
> character like Jack Neo. These people have not been
> exposed yet. I hope those girls/women who were harassed
> or abuse by well know papist, come forward to expose
> them on the internet. We know the msm will never dare
> to expose these papist bigshots.

> Tell your stories to Temasek Review or post your stories
> on Vote for Change Vote out pap facebook.
> This is your chance to take revenge on the papist who
> have exploited you sexually. Be brave, come forward
> to tell your stories.

Halo too must address Jack Neo with respect...should
address him as 'PBM Jack Neo'...OK....don't play play OK?

From: "Big John Stud"
Subject: Re: Singapore Police. Pls charge Jack Neo. Evidence here
"truth" wrote in message

> truth comment: why r the police still not charging jack neo
> for sexual harassment when the evidences are so overwhelming ?
> r they listening to or afraid of their political masters ?


Jack goes around fucking with consenting bitches is no crime committed. If
extra-marital sex is criminal, all the jail houses put together the world
over would not be enough to house them. Tiger Wood? Edison Chen? Princess
Diana? just but to name a few.

From: Frankie Lee
Subject: Re: LKY and his pap got foreign helps in their early years
On Mar 13, 11:20 pm, "truth" wrote:

> Yes, LKY and his pap have got foreign helps in their
> early years when they struggle to contain the leftist and
> fight against the Malay extremists while being part of
> Malaysia.
> Without such foreign assistance, LKY and his pap may
> have failed.
> Now that the LKY and his pap is in power they do
> not wish others to get foreign assistances. This is very
> selfish of LKY and his pap. Why should others be denied
> an avenue of assistances which LKY and his pap had
> used ?

LKY solicit foreign help,you say he is licking Foreign arses.Now he
don't,u say he is selfish.
Chee Soon Juan getting foreign help,u say" he is licking foreign

So,would you retract the statements,or clarify,that seeking Foreign
help and for assistance is not licking foreign arses?

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  1. What does PBM stand for? Is it Peanut Butter Man?