Why is Temasek expenses unbelievably high?

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From: yansimon52
Subject: Re: Is Temasek funds being siphoned thru expenses ?
On Mar 19, 8:04 pm, "truth" wrote:

> Temasek expenses is very high. $31.17 billion which is made up of:

> Selling and Distribution $5.042 billion
> Administrative $8.068 billion
> Finance Charges $2.727 billion
> Others $15.333 billion

> I am very suspicious of the Admininstrative and other expenses.
> They can very easily siphoned money away and hide it under these items.
> Of course they can also hide under other expenses.

> Singaporeans must ask the pap mps and multi$million nincompoops to
> account for all these.

Look likes they use money to buy fren and support.

Anyway we sgian give them a blank cheque for these selected few (by
old man) to write those nos on the cheque....Iswaran is sure one of
them...he not only benefit monetary term...he oso rose in his
political rank...

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  1. I am accounting person and I find this very bewildering. Very figures are not high, they are astronomical. That's why they can loss so much without worries.