Saturday, April 10, 2010

Foyce Lim (Le Xuan) 乐轩 assaulted by Neo's men?

Foyce Lim, the second woman who came forward with accusations against Jack Neo, was injured at an Indochine private function when someone came up to her and smashed her table. Champagne glasses fell and broke onto her bare legs, leaving her with cuts.

STOMPer water passion alerted STOMP to the status update which she posted on her social networking page and added:

"It seems like someone is attacking her."

The actress first posted about the incident today (Apr 10).

She wrote:

"I just got back from Indochine Private Function.

"In spite of the fact that it was a private function and I was on a VIP seat, someone came in front of me and smashed my table, causing all the champagne glasses fell and broke onto my bare legs.

"It left my hand in cuts and I was bleeding all over. I was then bought into the management office to clean up and bandage the wounds with my PR personnel.

"Gosh is this Singapore?"

She further added in response to users' comments:

"My table overturned, the champagne bottles and more than 10 champagne glasses broke onto our legs.

We were so shocked, my friend looked at me and I looked at him.

"And I pressed my hand against the glasses and that was when the non-stop bleeding started.

"Then I was brought to the office and the management apologised.

"But, no, I never asked for the CCTV as it never come across my mind. I was in pain and in shock."


  1. When so many things happened to Foyce and nothing happened to Wendy Chong. I have to say this bitch called Foyce sucks big time. Wake up! She ain't no angel, guys!

  2. let me see "And I pressed my hand against the glasses and that was when the non-stop bleeding started."....HELLO...its broken glass for heaven sake,why press your hand against it?DUMB! & Why NO Police Report...i mean if you are injured (like what u claimed), why don't retrieve the CCTV video & go to the Police...i mean there must be many witnesses to support what happened & all of you saw the guy's face....Oh Boy, Another Attention Getter!! Get A Life!