Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dumb ex-beauty queen does it again! Ris Low's April Fool Joke

Ris Low’s appearance on 98.7fm an April Fool’s Joke!
aaronpeng wrote:

To update you on my last post about Ris Low being part of 98.7fm, it seems that this has turned out to be one big April Fool’s Joke!

It was announced yesterday (010410) during the Shan and Ross show.
As I’m not an avid listener of 98.7fm and I told myself not to listen to them since Ms Ris Low was part of it, I missed the announcement.

So does that mean that Ris Low will not be in 98.7fm anymore?

I sure hope so.

Incidentally, people have been flocking to the FaceBook group to remove Riz Low from 98.7fm and numbers have since reached 9,926!

Tsk, this shows her popularity with Singaporeans doesn’t it?

Someone please remove her from the media glare… permanently pwease!
From: reborner
Subject: Dumb ex-beauty queen does it again!

Yes, it's Ris Low grabbing the headlines again!

The dethroned Miss Singapore World has again made herself the centre
of attention when she received a warning letter for being two hours
late on her first day at work.

Low was offered a one-year contract to be a deejay on 98.7FM in
Singapore. She is joining Shan Wee and Rosalyn Lee to host the Shan &
Rozz Show from 4pm to 8pm on weekdays.

On Monday, which was her first day at work, Low only showed up at
6.02pm, according to Shinmin Daily.

She apologised to the listeners and said she thought 1600 hours was

"It was raining, I was having my hair done in a salon in a shopping
complex, I was too comfortable and fell asleep," she said.

In an interview with the daily later, Low said she had received a
warning letter for being late.

The letter also reminded her that the company would take action
against her if she came in late again and that she could be sacked.

Low explained that she has always been punctual for work.

"I will not be late again," she said.

A message in her blog, titled First Day at Work - was LATE!, Low
wrote: "I thought I saw 1600hrs as 600hrs. So I came in on time. Not
my fault that the contract weren't clear enough.

"How could they blame me for it... I have a valid reason!"

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