Monday, April 5, 2010

18-year-old upload bare pics on to her blog

This girl is so deeply in love, she thinks the internet belongs to just her and her boyfriend. So she snapped a pic of their romantic moment and posted it into her blog. Some cheekopek saw it, and sent it to Stomp, and the cheekopek in Stomp duly obliged by turning it into a great piece of news of the day.....

It is appalling that this girl, who is barely 18 years old, is so daring as to post a picture of herself in bed with boyfriend on her public blog, says STOMPer Clamnut.

The sender, who came across the blog, was speechless when he saw the picture of the teenage girl posing on a bed with her boyfriend, both of them clothes-less.

In her blog, the girl talks about how much she loves her boyfriend, who is currently serving his National Service.

She details the times spent with him and describes what they do together in private.

STOMPer Clamnut says in an email:

"Not even 18 years old yet and she posts the picture with a caption, thinking that it is totally alright."


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  3. This should not become a culture... I'm really concerned with our children who will adopt such culture.