Thursday, April 1, 2010

Romanian Diplomat to be charged

From: yansimon52
Subject: Re: Romanian Diplomat

On Apr 2, 5:21 pm, Acid Cynic wrote:

> Silviu, don't let me see your fuck face in the papers again. And when
> you have been assassinated, don't let me see your fuck face in the
> obituaries.

> I say again Silviu, fuck off!

Ya...this fucking romanian got to be screwed at his asshole.
He undermine our world class judiciary system .......he is not aware
that our Sg Judiciary treat all political parties equally be it,
opposition parties or the ruling party. This fucking romanian
probably not aware that a few international newspapers were brought to
our Court for defamation remarks at our boss and were treated
fairly....with only fines but no jail. If those oversea journalist did
that in China...probably face firing squad.
As I said our Judiciary system is the best...worldclass...managed by
world class people. Even if our big boss being awarded big money from
the deframation suit...our world class boss would give away to
charities....see how kind ans compassionate our boss is?

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