Thursday, April 22, 2010

MP is paid to count number of prostitute on the streets

From: Zanzibar
Subject: Re: MPs job to count prostitutes? LOL

On Apr 20, 11:23 pm, The Cynic wrote:


> THE sleaze in Joo Chiat has shrivelled.

> The 'hundreds' of women who used to walk the street at night have
> fallen to about 40 to 50, according to the area's MP Chan Soo Sen.

> 'I make it a point to look at (the situation) every week and have a
> rough count,' he told reporters.

> The vice problem is now confined to a 50m stretch along Joo Chiat
> Road, he added, and more family-oriented and lifestyle businesses such
> as food, fashion, advertising and souvenirs have popped up in the
> neighbourhood in the last couple of years.

> The MP was briefing reporters yesterday on the improvements made to
> the heritage area, ahead of the May9 ministerial walkabout by Law
> Minister K. Shanmugam.

> In 2005, he said, 'hundreds' of women solicited customers along the
> 1.3km stretch of Joo Chiat Road. Now, the road is quieter and he sees
> 40 to 50 women on the street when he drives or walks around the area
> at night.

LOL. This MP was trying to appraise himelf and to please himself of
his work when it was the work of the residents there that brought down
the number of pubs and street walkers there.

It was the residents who worked hard through TV media and newspapers
coverages, and with loud calls, over the years, on the serious
problems that had affected families and school-going children there.

Seriously, he dont even know how to solve those street walking
problems there. If it is not of the loud calls by the residents to the
media and Tv coverages of the situations there, the MP would not have
known the severity of the problems there.

He might not even have known of the depth of the problems or anything
of it, if he had not been told or read from the media of it.

Well, now that he can physically count the prostitutes, he should now
say that "the reduction of prostitute was due to the reduction of
market forces there".

It is akin to what that MP Teo Ho Pin was saying the rise of rent of
sheng shiong stall was due to market forces and there will be no
intervention from them.

Most likely this MP president scholar will be replaced and gone.

yansimon52 wrote:
These PAP's MPs....are like those 'corporals' in SBMT camps......all
are either 'yes sirs' or highly 'kiasu'.
During tough training in the field with new recruits...... knowing
that lunch haven't served and these recruits are hungry.....these 'yes
sirs' corporals dare not even tell their commanding officers that
their recruits haven't eaten yet and got no energy to carry on with
the these recruits got to 'lan lan' carry on with
their training with empty stomach.
Same as what's happening now in the heartland....where rubbish ppl are
unable to make ends meet due to high cost of living. Well, they have
the 'meet-the-ppl-session' by so-called MP.....but got no substances
in dealing with problem especially those who were homeless and got
evicted by HDB or private banks.
This is what's happening in Sg's society where the rich are getting
richer and the poor are getting poorer.
Nowadays, you won't be surprise to see that some true blood rubbish
ppl have not even step into Orchard Road for a long long time.
Can say that Sg's society is a 'class divide' society....where rubbish
ppl only mingle at their rubbish haunt....that is either at void deck
or neighbourhood kopitiam...that's all

Maximillian Caugilia:
What a big joke! These kind of rookie newbie MP from the PAP camp just
wanna grab glory for whatever it is gonna be - even counting cunt
holes along Joo Chiat for purportedly many years... Damn hard work

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