Thursday, August 25, 2016

Why Is The Govt Rushing Into Driverless Car?

The need to be the First, all the time? The need to show that we are an innovative country, no more a boring country? Yes, these are good things to have, but are we ready yet? This implementation not only concern the way we live, but also is likely to cause unnecessary loss of lives.

The news: Singapore is taking the next step in the move towards self-driving vehicles with the world's first public trial of self-driving taxis.

Robo-taxis developed by nuTonomy, a Massachusetts based transportation software firm, will operate autonomously in a Singapore business district on a trial basis beginning Thursday. The vehicles will be specially configured Renault and Mitsubishi models. A select number of Singapore residents will use nuTonomy's smartphone app to hail a robo-taxi for a ride at no charge.

Google, the leader in automated car, saying it wants a self-driving car with no steering wheel, pedals or driver, Google itself has a long way to go before that goal is attainable. Over a 15-month time period, Google said its self-driving cars detected 272 failures that caused the driver to take control of the car, and 69 incidents occurred where a driver took control of the car because of a perceived threat to safety.

Those incidents were then replicated in computer simulations that showed there would have been 13 crashes if the driver wouldn't have stepped in.

Some incidents reported in Google cars were blamed on the cars performing unwanted maneuvers, while other incidents were caused by reckless driving of other drivers.

Singaporeans' Responses:
Unlike iPad or Apple Watch or Google Glass, Self Driving cars will cost your lives, dun anyhow play for your own risk Worried ....on the other hand many people enjoy driving cars, nobody wants to sit around in a self driving car, it's not fun and you have no control over it, over your life

Auto taxis will not have 'hands' to help you put luggage into trunk, will not be able to help disabled/elderly board taxis.

And what's gonna happen to the livelihoods of taxi & uber/grab drivers (approx 30 to 40,000 paxes i guess); IF this project comes to a fruition?

Do all govt authorities come together to discuss the pros and cons of issues at hands? Or each of them revert to their own comfort zones and plan their own things again without cross checking and collaborating? Any back up plans for the unemployment of drivers who have family commitments and housing loans to repay? Is the govt prepared to pump in billions of social welfare schemes to help those families affected ranging from education & medical etc??

Is SG prepared to be a welfare state? "

Companies like Uber will soon jump on the driverless bandwagon: (Uber's losing money, largely because they have to pay drivers.)

“Bloomberg reports Uber lost $1.27 billion in the first half of this year, which is unprecedented, even for a tech company.

“Eventually, Uber will get rid of the drivers and turn a huge profit. Earlier this month, Uber announced it would begin allowing customers in downtown Pittsburgh to summon self-driving cars from their phones, indicating at least part of the company’s long-term business plan. Uber also acquired self-driving car company Otto for $300 million, showing its eagerness to advance its driverless car technology.”

This Auto pilot thingy is so HYPE and any no brainer would have pick it up and too HYPE to resist riding on this bandwagon.

"Who" cares or bothers about the social displacement problem? (the Open Floodgate Policy have already shown HOW MUCH they cared about the locals livelihood).

Govt authorities rub their hands in glee because they can afford the capital for investing in these robots whereas the drivers can't. Customers end up paying the same or more because of the high capital cost. Govt win, (all) people lose - AGAIN.

Nope I bet all they see are dollar signs,less traffic and more dependency on public transport ( which means more effective social control) and rubbing their hands in glee at all the so-called ups killing courses the displaced will need to take.

They'll be useless because the govt won't allow for any autonomous entres of thought to emerge Wrongthink (tm) will be punished Right-think (tm) rewarded.

If this driverless car need a driver (as reported in ST) and the driver has to apply a brake during a demonstration, the car is not ready for prime time! Regardless, they are pushing ahead with half baked technology because they won't be facing million dollar lawsuits if their cars are involved in accidents in Singapore. I hope these cars are not allowed to travel at speed above 50kmh at this stage of the development because of real risk in fatalities.

What if the self driving taxi has a malfunction and stalls in the middle of the road with no passengers in it ? Who will help it radioed out for help service ?

If it has an accident on the road and hit a pedestrain , who will help it radioed help too ?

Has the insurance claim standard operating procedure been clearly specified out and sorted out on how insurance can be claimed too for driverless cars ?

".....said autonomous or self-driving taxis could ultimately reduce the number of cars on Singapore's roads by third, from 900,000 to 300,000....."

SELLING SNAKE OIL.....this one not Indian SO hor...

This (reduction in number of cars) may only happen if the autonomous taxi service is FREE 

velly velly goood taxi ah peks and retrenched pros no more excuse to NOT vote for Oppo PAP also no use mah

Self-driving car crashed in US killing one, crashed in China, will it crash in Singapore as well?

1 less retirement job... next time retrench do what?
Unless people have Stage 4 liver cancer and dunt have many days to can they ask general public to try and test the new product on road? Can't they test it properly to ensure 200% secure before leasing to the market?

It takes time to improve, maybe 100-200 crashes in early stage...who is willing to die to help the new technology to improve? Road conditions can be very complex in certain intersections in certain timing in certain countries, there's no way for self driving to car millions of possibilities in countries like Thailand, China, India, Indonesia and even Malaysia.

Are you sure machine is 100% safe, even escalators or lifts fail sometimes, the sensor fails to detect human and kill the person when he steps out of the lift halfway....why are we keep hearing self driving car crashes every few weeks? Is that very safe?

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