Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Legal Way of Providing Access to Online Prostitution Rings

Just discovered this article that provides sex-related links legally by pretending to be a good citizen in highlighting these links to the Authority.

The Article is titled:
A Singaporean Unhappy with Existence of Vice Websites in Singapore 

And the links he provided were pasted here as follow:

Enjoy them while you still can.

And this is Anthony's response to the so-called unhappy person begging the authorities to take actions against these sites:

"Why should you, Loh be irritated by such websites? They serve a certain needs for a certain section of the population. You don’t like, you can very well not visit such websites, nobody is forcing you correct?

So Likewise, if I don’t drive can I ask to ban cars? If I don’t smoke, I ask to ban cigarettes? If I’m a vegetarian, I ask to ban all meat?

Can we be more understanding and more tolerant of other people’s needs and not ask for government to do this and that and ban this and that. It is cos of people like you that we end up with a Nanny state that controls almost every aspect of our lives.

And for your info, prostitution is LEGAL in Singapore. Only soliciting in public is illegal, but these girls are not soliciting in public if they stay in their apartments. The Singapore law couldn’t do anything against these girls except charging them for violating their visa entry requirements. It was only recently that a law against online vice was introduced/amended if I remember correctly.

Jaywalking, high powered electric scooters and bicycles, riding bicycles on footpath and not on the road, sex between men, illegal parking, dangerous driving, speeding (over the legal speed limit), passengers not putting on seatbelts, illegal gambling, overseas shopping beyond stated tax free amount and not paying GST, smoking in restricted areas, drink driving, littering, misuse of company property and many countless acts which are technically illegal.

Some laws are difficult to enforce, some they choose to close one eye, some which, although being enforced, can’t be completely stamped out. You’ll see something illegal everyday if you look carefully. Why this personal vendetta against these websites, but not porn and prostitution in general.

What is your stand regarding prostitution in Singapore? Is it ok to you because it is “legal” but these websites are not because it is “illegal”? Are you coming from a moral point of view or not happy due to what you perceive as lack of enforcement? Does it irritate the hell out of you when you see a car travelling at 70km/hr on a 60km/hr road? I don’t see why you should be “unhappy” over such issues.

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