Saturday, October 27, 2012

Alvin and Vivian - Candidates for Malaysian General Election

Given their popularity and strong sense of up-manship, and their never-say-die attitude towards free sex and freedom in general, Alvin and Vivian will make very good candidates for the coming GE in Malaysia. Their posters will be easily recognisable and they make good symbols for freedom and democracy. Vote for Alvin and Vivian! Malaysia Boleh! 

Sex bloggers still hog the limelight

PETALING JAYA: Stories about sex bloggers Alvin Tan and Vivian Lee are still dominating the headlines, with numbers showing that the public just can't get enough of them.
Most media outlets on both sides of the Causeway gave prominence to the couple, with Singapore's The New Paper front-paging the matter twice on Tuesday and Friday.
Vernacular newspapers in Malaysia have also given prominence to the couple.
A story about Tan receiving a “stern warning” from Lee's mother published on Friday in the New Straits Times remained in the “Most Read” column as of yesterday.
Meanwhile, “Vivian Lee” as well as variations to the keyword became the second most popular search on Google on Thursday in the republic, with more than 10,000 searches on her that day alone.
The Star also recorded tremendous interest by readers with 194,000 hits on the three stories about them until Thursday.
In a Google Analytics survey service subscribed by The Star Online, the initial story “Porn blog couple causes furore” published on Wednesday topped the list, making it the most read story with 86,649 page views.
Surveyed over a three-day period between Tuesday and Thursday, the follow-up story “Vivian Lee defends postings of her erotic pictures and videos with boyfriend” published on Oct 18 became the second most read story on The Star Online with 85,675 page views.
However, the Malaysian media is considered late in joining the bandwagon as the news only broke here a day after the Singapore media highlighted the matter.

Here are photos of the couples in full view. Click.

Shameless act alarming

Conversely, they took pride in their “achievement” and told us to back off.
What is most alarming is that there might be more episodes of the unusual sex acts by this infamous couple in their sex blog.
Moreover, other couples who also cry for attention might do likewise.
And from the response of some young adults, they seem to share their views of free liberal expression of sex.
If this trend continues and goes unchecked, naturally, more porn stars will appear in YouTube, offering free shows for all.
Who can stop our students at an impressionable age from viewing them?
Eventually, we will be living in the planet of the apes! Free acts and free shows in the name of modern art and freedom of physical expression! Where do we draw the line?
In light of this, the Government might have to review the New Education Blueprint (2013–2025), particularly the controversial Pendidikan Moralsubject, taught in schools – it just does not seem to work!
Personally, as an educationist and father of three grown-up sons, I would suggest the Government revamp Pendidikan Moral.
A large portion of the syllabus should include the element of “Believe in God”, which incidentally is the first tenet of our “Rukun Negara” – the main principle underlying the Malaysian National Philosophy of Education.
Most parents nowadays are busy working to make ends meet and to make sure that there is food on the table for their children.
They just do not have the time or knowledge to teach them any religious values.
Undeniably, the Government has to step in and teach the students the love and fear of the Almighty God and all His commands, precepts, instructions and values.
Hence, the students, hopefully, will abide by all His dos and don’ts.
If the Pendidikan Moral subject is untouchable, alternatively, the Government should offer the main stream religious teachings like Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism and Taoism to students who wish to study them, same as the existing Pupils Own Language subject, which is made available to students if there are 15 or more students to form a class.
The knowledgeable teachers, I presume, are available from the Malayan Consultative Council of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism and Taoism.
Consequently, we pray and hope there will be fewer porn stars and free shows in YouTube, accepting the fact that there are always moral imperfections and weaknesses in any society and community.

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