Sentosa conquered by Foreign Talents

From: "icon"
Subject: Re: Sentosa island becomes an influx foreigner workers land

They will pay rent for the whole island for billions of dollars every year,
for exclusive use.

"truth" wrote in message
> The vast majority of those who bought property on Sentosa are
> rich foreigners.
> In time to come Sentosa will be the playground for the rich and
> famous of the world. When that time comes, Singaporeans may
> be barred from entering Sentosa for security reason.

> "Rainbow ?" wrote in message
>>I went to Sentosa today, to my very surprised, more than 60% of the
>> the people in Sentosa are foreign workers who jammed up the beach near
>> the Beach station. I saw many Singaporean family could not even find a
>> peaceful place on the beach to enjoy their day, because you could see
>> constant streams of groups of foreign workers walking pass the beaches
>> non-stop. Many of these workers even stopped by to take picture of
>> ladies wearing in bikini. Singaporean can't even enjoined their
>> peaceful relaxing moment in the beach.

>> To make it worse, these groups of foreign workers are littering our
>> environment, they spitted, throwing dirts and left all the after meals
>> rubbish on the beach wherever they used.

>> It is time for Sentosa to charge higher fee, and giving discount to
>> Singaporeans for such compensation. Or else, it is a matter of times,
>> Sentosa will lost its status of tourist spot and become a gathering
>> ground for foreign workers

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