Rich government - poor citizens

From: "truth"
Date: Wed, 11 Nov 2009 14:43:03 GMT
Local: Wed, Nov 11 2009 10:43 pm
Subject: Rich government, poor citizens

The situation in Singapore is best described as one with a
very rich government but plenty of poor citizens.
How this deplorable situation comes about is due to the
cunning manipulations by the papist leegime over their 50
years of highhanded rules.
First LKY asked Singaporeans to give him and his pap their
full support on the promise that he will deliver them a good
life and a secure retirement.
Singaporeans trusted him and gave him a blank check to
do what he likes. Little did they realise what LKY has in
store for them.
While LKY and his papist are enjoying 50 years of power
and luxuries, the average Singaporeans are struggling to
make ends meet. The state is so rich with at least US$500
billion stashed away all over the world and yet plenty of
citizens are leading miserable lives.
LKY has cheated and stolen from Singaporeans. That
is why he and his papist are so rich and the vast majority
of citizens poor.
First he ran the papist Singapore government like his
personal business enterprise. Singaporeans have to pay
for all government services. Free services inherited from
the British colonial masters were quickly changed into
paying ones. Like health services. It used to be free but
now Singaporeans have to pay dearly. So bad that there
is a common saying amongst heartlanders that it is better
to die than to fall sick.
Second, he paid Singaporeans less below inflation rate
on their cpf balances which he used to invest all over the
world. While he made 8% return, he only give the
Singaporeans slightly over 1%.
Third, he forceably acquired Singaporeans property at
a fraction of market value. He then build HDB to sell
to Singaporeans at huge profits.
Forth, the $billions from the sale of land were hidden
away. It should have been used to help Singaporeans
improve their quality of lives.
Singaporeans especially the old are still waiting for the
good life and secured retirement that LKY and his
gangsters promised them.

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  1. If a government cannot take care of the people .... especially the poor, old and the unfortunate.