CPF has failed Singaporeans

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Subject: Re: CPF has failed Singaporeans

Do you have CPF? Bonus from government for surpluses? Tax exemption for NS?
What type of benefits do you have?

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> But tourists arrival are sharply down from last year.
> I have having such a wonderful time in Australia.
> My standard and quality of life, Singaporeans can
> only dream at.

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>> We have plenty of tourists who love visiting Singapore every years but
>> you are such a pitiful person, carrying past baggage for the whole life.
>> It is time for you to let go and live a more meaningful life.

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>>>I was in Singapore recently while enroute to other destinations.
>>> The hot and humid weather in Singapore sucks and I don't like
>>> to stay too long in Singapore.
>>> The money face Singaporeans are also very sickening. Any
>>> discussion evolves around how successful u r in making money.
>>> All other considerations like your ideas, logic, kindness,
>>> character are irrelevant.
>>> How rich u appear and project will determine what they think of u.
>>> Pathetic.

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>>>> Which year that you are in Singapore to see that? Actually which hawker
>>>> center?

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>>>>> In Australia the government give $ to the poor, so there is
>>>>> not need for the people to eat leftovers.
>>>>> In Singapore the government only give themselves $millions
>>>>> and left the poor to defend for themselves. That is why
>>>>> some end up eating scraps to survive. I saw it with my own
>>>>> eyes in Singapore.

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>>>>>> You not here in Singapore and not seen such incident personally, how
>>>>>> can you say such thing happen. Have you seen this in Australia?

>>>>>> "truth" wrote in message
>>>>>>>U too busy licking pap arses and sucking their cocks
>>>>>>> to know what is really happening in Singapore.

>>>>>>> "icon" wrote in message
>>>>>>>> When is the last time you are here in Singapore to see people
>>>>>>>> eating leftovers at hawker centre? Probably this only happen in
>>>>>>>> Australia.

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>>>>>>>> news:uJoPm.57645$ze1.13022@news-server.bigpond.net.au...
>>>>>>>>> The CPF does not provide enough for retirement. That is why
>>>>>>>>> as a retirement fund it has failed miserably.
>>>>>>>>> What the CPF has succeeded is that it has brought plenty of
>>>>>>>>> benefits to the papist leegime.
>>>>>>>>> First, they have a cheap source of funds to develop Singapore
>>>>>>>>> and to invest thru GIC to earn higher returns. The higher returns
>>>>>>>>> of 8% was not pass onto Singaporeans. They were kept by the
>>>>>>>>> papist leegime so that they can continue to draw multi$million
>>>>>>>>> salary and all sorts of benefits. These funds also allow people
>>>>>>>>> like LKY to crow and thumb his chest on the world stage.
>>>>>>>>> Second, part of the CPF is used to take over the responsibility
>>>>>>>>> of the papist leegime on health care. We used to have free
>>>>>>>>> hospitalisation. After GCT commercialised the health system in the
>>>>>>>>> 80's, we ended up with huge hospitalisation bills.
>>>>>>>>> Third, a major chunks of the CPF are retained forever to ensure
>>>>>>>>> that you don't end up as a liablility of the papist leegime. This
>>>>>>>>> pap government is so afraid of supporting needy Singaporeans. This
>>>>>>>>> has led to some rather ridiculous situation where a person can
>>>>>>>>> have over $hundred thousand in his CPF but is a peniless bankrupt
>>>>>>>>> who have to survive by eating leftovers at hawker centre.

From: "truth"
Date: Fri, 27 Nov 2009 12:59:03 GMT
Local: Fri, Nov 27 2009 8:59 pm
Subject: Re: CPF has failed Singaporeans

Can u see the ocean and whales in Singapore ?
Can u have outdoor temperature which is like
natural aircon ?
Can u go abalone catching ?
The parks in Singapore are so tiny.
The Singapore air is also polluted.
Singapore is so over crowded.
Singapore is so hot and humid.
Singapore is so noisy.
Singaporeans live in tiny pigeon holes in the sky.
No garden, no fruit trees.
Singapore don't have free media.
Singaporeans don't have real freedom and democracy.
Singaporeans perpetually living in fear of breaking
all sorts of law.
Singaporeans are perpetually bully by their own government.
Singaporeans are made to pay and pay day in day out.
Singaporeans work like hell for so little.
Singaporeans have little time to rest and spend with
their family.
Singaporeans are highly stressed.

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> It is known that financial crisis resulted in lesser toursist worldwide.

> What stardard and quality of life you have that Singapore do not provide?

> "truth" wrote in message
>> But tourists arrival are sharply down from last year.
>> I have having such a wonderful time in Australia.
>> My standard and quality of life, Singaporeans can
>> only dream at.

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