The downside to studying in Singapore

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Beware of constant interrupted study in Australia!!!

Uni strike would hit exam results

NSW: Sydney uni staff threaten ban on processing exam results

Australian strike hits Singapore students
She was supposed to check her exam results on an online portal on Friday.
But before the student, who is studying for her RMIT University degree
through SIM could do that, an email from RMIT stopped her short.

Her results had been held up - along with those of over 2,000 students
here - as some RMIT faculty were involved in a strike by the National
Tertiary Education Union in Victoria, Australia. Therefore, exam results
have been withheld over a dispute on pay and working conditions.

But the delay looks to be a short one, as the university and the union will
likely sign a memorandum of understanding on Saturday which will lift the
industrial bans in place, including the withholding of the exam results.

An RMIT spokesperson told TODAY that it will be "business as usual" when the
agreement is signed - the university will resume the release of results
immediately. About five of the university's modules - mainly in business -
were affected.

RMIT students in Australia are not affected, as they have yet to sit for
their exams, while graduating students whose results are withheld would also
not have been affected as they can apply to the union for exemptions.

An SIM spokesperson said about one-third of the 6,000 students who took RMIT
exams in April and May were affected, and RMIT had informed the university
that it had been working to resolve the issue as soon as possible. This is
the first time in SIM's 22-year partnership with RMIT where a strike has
affected students here.

The 20-year-old business management student received her results for three
of the four exams she took. "I was surprised, but I think everything is fine
because it sounded like someone is handling it. We were told that our
re-enrolment next semester would not be affected," she said.

Other RMIT partners in Singapore told TODAY their students have not been
affected by the strike. The Singapore Institute of Commerce - which offers
RMIT programmes in engineering - was informed of the situation but were told
it would not affect them, said its spokesman.

The strike was also supported by other universities in the state, like
Monash and Deakin, but institutions offering their programmes here said they
were not aware of it and had not been informed of any impact on students

"truth" wrote in message

> Ask any employer who are involved in hiring and they will tell u
> there is a distinct difference between local and overseas graduates.
> I have heard many times over that employers prefer foreign
> graduates as they are more matured, have a broader,
> more balance outlook in life and carry themselves much better
> than graduates from local university.
> I guess the years spend in Western society living independently
> and studying in a more liberal educational environment definitely
> has its' effect on these graduates. Those who stayed in Singapore
> will continue to be more narrowly focuse on materialistic and
> academic resutls and generally less inquisitive and timid. The
> repressive climate in Singapore and the autocratic management
> culture is not good for character development.
> The difference is the foreign graduates are like a promising young
> person while the local graduates are like spoilt and timid little child.

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