Singapore is Third least corrupted nation in the world?

From: "icon."
Subject: Re: TI ranking of Singapore corruption is a joke

Senseless wholesale adoption of western openness, etc will lead multitude of
problems as seen in our neighbouring countries.

You are envy of our success and want to introduce these to create chaos, so
that we will not be able to compete with you. Dream on.

From: "truth"
Subject: TI ranking of Singapore corruption is a joke

A Thai expatriate living in Bangkok by the name of John Symons has written
an article to Thailand English Daily - "The Nation" expressing his doubts at
Singapore's recent ranking of 3rd by Transparency International.

The Singapore media labels Singapore as the "3rd least corrupt nation" in
the world based on the rankings which was described by Mr Symons as
"somewhat surreal."

Mr Symons questioned the accuracy of the rankings on the basis that
Singapore lacks a free and independent media - a crucial component of an
open and incorrupt society:

"One of the main precursors for an open and incorrupt society, as I
understand it, is a strong, independent and free press that is not afraid to
undertake investigative journalism to expose wrongdoers so that they can be
prosecuted and tried in fair and unbiased courts.

Singapore's press, however, is ranked 133 on a world scale of 175 for
freedom, languishing beneath such paragons of virtue as Bangladesh, the
Central African Republic, Cambodia and Nicaragua."

Mr Symons also took issue with the latest defamation lawsuit launched by MM
Lee and PM Lee against "well known and respected" Far Eastern Economic
Review which saw the Singapore court awarding damages in excess of $400,000
to the two leaders.

He felt that the picture presented by Transparent International on Singapore
is incomplete as whistle-blowers against corrupt officials are not protected
in Singapore.

"Where those who are the first line of defence in the fight against
corruption are bound and gagged and live in constant fear of law suits on a
whim, I doubt we are seeing anything that equates to a full and clear
picture of the "cleanliness" of Singapore," he wrote.

The Singapore government has always insisted on paying its leaders
astronomical salaries to curb corruption.

The Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Hsien Loong, is paid more than 5 times
the annual salary of U.S. President Barack Obama.

Singapore's founding father and octagenarian leader MM Lee Kuan Yew boasted
unashamedly in the state media lately that he could have earned much more in
the private sector.

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