Singtel cheating on users of GPRS?

From: Rainbow 虹

Subject: Re: Singtel is so greedy to cheat on charging extra on its users over uses of GPRS

On Nov 28, 12:28 am, Zanzibar wrote:
> On Nov 27, 11:15 pm, Rainbow 虹 wrote:

> > Please check your bill for suspicious charges on your data usage.

> > My Daughter has signed up for data plan, but despite called Singtel to
> > clarify, in the following months, they still charge you by per call
> > basis, which could shoot your bill to hundreds of dollars.

> > I have purposely altered the IDEAS GPRS user-name on my hand phone,
> > and I also have made sure I do not access dataline using GPRS,
> > however, the bill still charge me over $20 for the stupid accessing
> > the junk message on Singtel IDEAS website using GPRS.

> > Even you call up tp complain, it is difficult to talk to them and make
> > them make changes.

> > Fuck the monopolized system in telecoms business in Singapore.

> To avoid inadvertent pressing of the internet button while using your
> mobile phone, you can create a "dummy" profile.

> It is like creating an additional profile under the "connectivity"
> setting under the setting icon. It is like setting up a blank profile
> to divert the "internet connection circuit" in hte phone to a dummy
> balanK.

> This "dummy" selection created under the "connectivity" setting in the
> phone setting will automatically create a "dummy for "data comm",
> "internet setting", and "setting for java".

> All these are found under "connectivity" This settings of phone
> explanations is based on sony ecrisson model.

> Once a selection is set on the "dummy "profile", the inadvertent
> pressing of the key on the phone is neutralised and inactivated of
> it.

> The internet key cannot be activated in anyway - and it cannot connect
> to any internet connections - i.e .no mms, no gprs, no google search,
> and no sony music play and nothing.

> The phone's mobile netwrork can still be set to selection of either 3G
> or 3G/GSM - given that all the Sim card is all on 3G. It will not
> affect the "dummy" setting which is to disconnect the internet or GPRS
> or MMs connections.

I did that.
But Singtel will still charge you for the failed attempt of connecting
to internet thru GPRS.
Singtel hand phone has such a hidden feature that it will try to
connect to IDEAS network if the WiFi connectivity fail.

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