Dangerous to let a mistake-prone LKY lead Singapore

From: "icon."
Subject: Re: Dangerous to let a mistake-prone LKY lead Singapore

We have survive better from each crisis better than your country. Your
country is infected with too much issues and will crumble soon or later.

"truth" wrote in message
> That LKY is still calling the shots and providing the brain thrusts
> to the papist leegime, there is little doubt.
> That LKY is making all sorts of mistakes there is also little doubt.
> The latest is his comment on Dubai visionary leadership in 2006.
> This is now coming back to haunt him in the wake of the bankrupcy of
> Dubai. U will also remember that in 2007, LKY make the bold
> prediction that Singapore is in a prolong golden era. The world is
> now in deep recession and Singapore is one of the worst affected.
> U will also remember that in 2008 LKY also predicted that the
> Western world financial and economic crisis will not spread to
> Asia. Back in 1996, LKY urged Singaporeans to go regional.
> Many businessmen did and lost heavily. Not long after in 1997
> the massive Asian Financial crisis rock the region and corps
> fell like bowling pins.
> With a feeble and error-prone mind like that, he sure is a danger
> to Singapore and Singaporeans.
> So Singaporeans, please wise up. Screw this man and kick him
> out.

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