Saturday, July 31, 2010

Another 100k Foreign Talents Needed in Next Few Months : PM Lee

He is informing us that he will increase the number of foreign talents. His growth at all cost theory is coming back. The disapproval signal is clear but he choose to ignore because he knew that he will definately win the election.

He is not concerned about people, many office workers like me are now working 10 over hours for an 8hrs salary. Some even work 7 days a week because there is just too much work, as this monster drive his productivity programs into our lives. There is no life in Singapore anymore. This is absolutely because of him.
Towkay wrote:
Singaporeans who believe that the government will regulate the import of cheap foreign workers have absolutely no idea how Singapore works.

Let me, the Towkay give you the basics:

1. Profiting Elites and Towkays is the only priority.

2. Cheaper foreign workers can do the job, so why hire Singaporeans? Why? Why? Why? Nobody has given me a good answer to this because they know there is no reason to hire more expensive Singaporeans.

3. Singaporeans only matter when we need you to work for free i.e. free security quards (NSmen), free volunteers for YOG, etc. Again refer to point 1, we earn more if we can get Singaporeans to work for free.
15% economic growth does not benefit me at all.

I am a civil servant, and my pay will not rise by 10% because of the boom. I don't expect 5 months bonus or even a GDP-related bonus. That's strictly reserved for the top of the top, the best of the best, and not for mere mortals like us.

Cost of living is increasing. The cost of food in our office canteen has increased by 20%. Rent is up, so is cost of food.

Big freaking deal about having the best economic growth when none of us get to share in it.

I also hate it when Filipinoes (or Burmese or PRC or M'sian) become HR personnel. Instead of hiring Singaporeans or the best candidate for the job, they almost always end up hiring the best Filipino for the job.
The best thing for the PAP about all this is that the opposition still remains weak and divided, with 50% walkovers by PAP at the next elections still a high possibility, let alone forming forming the next govt.

And somehow they can always managed to make 60% or more happy, whatever the circumstance.

And the minority who are not happy do not dare to openly protest, except through blogs.

And don't forget, those who criticise PAP strongly on the Internet may not necessarily be unhappy, but do for the fun of it. Just like the massive crowds at past opposition rallies compared to PAP ones doesn't mean they support the oppositions as the final results had shown and which is what really mattered.

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