Min sum for medsave UP 22%

What this MRA increase means is that for example, if a CPF account holder
has $150,500 in his Ordinary and Special accounts but zero in his medisave
account, he can only withdraw $24,600 (20 per cent withdrawal rule from 1
January, 2011 on current Minimum Sum (MS) of $123,000), at age 55,
regardless of any MS property pledge.

At the current rate of annual increase in the MS and MRA totalling $11,000 a
year (MS $6,000 plus MRA $5,000), when the MS withdrawal rule is phased out
to zero in 2013, those who have less than $183,500 (current $150,500 plus
$11,000 times 3 years), may not be able to withdraw anything at all at 55.


In the near future, even if you have $200K in your supposedly CPF account,
you will never get the chance to kiss your money when you turn 55.

Remember to vote for all your money to be locked up in your CPF which many
think has no cash at all. Ho Jinx may have a very clear picture of where
those citizens' monies were. All converted to L$ (Lee dollars?)


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