Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Oral Sex For CNB Chief Not Confirmed - Oral answer not possible

Things are getting hazy at the trials. How do we define "Oral" sex here. Unless any openings on a female body is considered "oral", which will leave no doubt as to the oral sex claim. But if it is restricted to only the mouth, then the next question is, if licking his finger considered oral sex as well? Then all those finger-licking KFC fans should be first to be convicted.

The prosecution may be right here on the oral sex charge. She claimed she didn't lick his dick, but nobody asked the man if he licked her pussy. Unless licking pussy is not considered oral sex, which I doubt so, the pros is right to charge for oral sex. And then again, if both of them used their mouths on each other's mouths, they are absolutely having oral sex. Got it!
The beautiful Cecilia Sue without her sunglasses on vs. the typical lapdog look of her ex-lover the former CNB chief. Licking your pet's dick is still considered oral sex, I think. 

A fortune-teller friend of mine has got these advice for her. Change your surname from Sue to Soo or something else. This is a very inauspicious surname to have and it will do much damage to you and your future, Cecilia. Are you reading this?

With a name like Sue, you are bound to get sued or end up wasting time and money suing others. Also, in Chinese, the sound "Sue" means "to lose". Directly translated it means Cecilia Lose. You have everything to lose if you stick to this awful surname of yours. 

You should also consider changing your English name. Cecilia, sound like 'si-si-liau' in hokkien, Translated it means "die-die-already". And if you add the "Lose" behind, you are as good as doomed.

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