Monday, July 3, 2017

Did The Prime Minister Lied 7 Times in Parliament

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong today (July 3) made multiple lies in his opening speech in Parliament.

First lie: Singaporeans support defying Lee Kuan Yew’s will

Lee Hsien Loong blame Singaporeans for wanting to preserve 38 Oxley Road, and he is “conflicted” by the peoples’ wishes. He said: “after Hard Truths was published, there was a strong public pushback. Many Singaporeans did not agree with LKY. They wanted the house to be preserved.”

The truth is, as per Png Eng Huat's speech in Parliament: A reported Poll on 23rd December 2015 showed that 77 per cent of Singaporeans wanted LKY's wishes for the house, to be carried out.

Second lie: Teo Chee Hean created the Ministerial Committee

Contrary to previous claim saying that DPM Teo Chee Hean created the Ministerial Committee, the truth is, Lee Hsien Loong unwittingly admitted in Parliament today, that he abused his premiership powers on the house and that he was the one initially in-charge of making decisions on the house.

The PM also admitted that he was the one who appointed Teo Chee Hean as the chairman of the Ministerial Committee.

Third lie: Siblings are unhappy PM received equal share of will

Lee Hsien Loong also lied that his siblings are unhappy he got his equal share of the house, when the truth is, the siblings are actually unhappy about their older brother abusing his PM powers to stop the demolition through a government gazette:

“I learned that my siblings were unhappy that I was getting the house. I was not sure why, but I thought the best way to resolve the matter was to transfer the house to them.”

Fourth half-truth: Lee Hsien Loong give away full value of the house

Lee Hsien Loong claimed that he gave away the full value of the house by donating the amount he received, however, he omitted the fact that he deliberately made things difficult for his younger brother by demanding Lee Hsien Yang to pay 50% above market value for his share.

Fifth lie: Lee Hsien Loong is not involved with Ministerial Committee

Lee Hsien Loong told an open lie claiming that his subordinates are not answerable to him, and claimed his deputy is “fully in charge”. This can only be validated to be possible only if his subordinates are no longer reporting to him, and their performances are not evaluated by him. But this is not the case.

Sixth admission: Lee Hsien Loong has “every right” to see confidential documents

Lee Hsien Loong said that as Prime Minister, he had “every right to see the deed”. The PM then abused the same right to file a lawyer’s letter to his siblings through his personal lawyer. As the son of LKY, he has no right to do so, hence self-admission of abuse of power of Prime Minister.

“As Prime Minister, I had every right to see it. After reading the Deed, I became very concerned over what NHB had agreed to… I therefore wrote to my siblings through lawyers to object to what they had done.” This is an admission of conflict of interest.

Seventh lie: Ho Ching and Li Hong Yi’s positions are not nepotism

Lee Hsien Loong claimed there is no nepotism in his family and that his wife Ho Ching is Temasek Holdings’ CEO is appointed by the President. However President Tony Tan is a puppet president and his council is appointed by the PM himself. This is very clearly illustrated when we all saw the PM used his power to push for a Malay President in the coming Presidential Election. Actions and words contradict each other.

On his son's claim that he is not interested in politics, the truth is Li Hong Yi is now a senior official at the propaganda ministry, Ministry of Communications and Information, which is very much a political machinery of the PAP.

“Third, my siblings have made allegations about nepotism, concerning my wife and my son. And that I want 38 Oxley Road kept standing, in order to inherit my father’s credibility and bolster my standing. Hongyi, my son, has publicly said he is not interested in politics. Nor have I pushed him to enter politics. My wife, Ho Ching, is CEO of Temasek Holdings. As CEO, she reports to the Board, chaired by Mr Lim Boon Heng. As a company, Temasek Holdings answers to its shareholder, the Ministry of Finance, under Minister Heng Swee Keat.

I have every confidence that both Lim Boon Heng and Heng Swee Keat understand the meaning of good proper corporate governance. It is the Temasek Board which appoints the CEO, and the appointment has to be confirmed by the President, who is advised by the Council of Presidential Advisors. If Ho Ching ever behaves improperly, I have no doubt that the Temasek Board, the President and CPA know what their duty is.”

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