Wednesday, June 6, 2018

The Biggest Robbery in Singapore

Victim - Sporeans
Weapon - Care Shield
Place - Spore

Case -
Initially a response to community for help to the invalid. Gahmen came up with Elder Shield insurance where by paying a premium u will b insured for being a total invalid. I.e. u must hv 3 of these 5  invalid actions. These 5 are, cannot eat on yr own, cannot go to toilet on yr own, cannot walk, cannot move to the bed on yr own n cannot bathe on yr own. Basically saying nearly dead. 

For Elder Shield u can opt out of it n do not need to pay the premium. This insurance were ran by three private insurance cos.

Gahmen found out that the private insurance were making huge profit on it. They collected $2.8 billion in premium n only paid out 100 million in claims. Therefore a profit of 99.6%.
This is understandable. How many people do u know in yr whole life that cannot walk, cannot eat n cannot go to toilet on their own  ? Very very little or none at all.

The robbery happened when Gahmen say this insurance is now compulsory for everyone in Spore. And it will start 10 years earlier at 30 yrs old and it will b run by the gahmen herself. They will collect approx avr $500 per person per year. This will work out to approx $ 1.5 billion income n a profit of $1.49 billion every year. Premiums will go up as the years roll by n more n more money will go to Gahmen for doing nothing. When u r half dead, Gahmen will give u $600 n tell u to look after yrself or simply FO.

As Sporeans has no choice but to accede to Gahmen demands, this case is classified as Highway Robbery.

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