Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Rich Man swore and threatened to sue over a parking lot

Read on the feedback below, and you may know who is actually in the right or wrong. Handphone cameras are changing the way we behave and the way we blame others in this world.

30th Jan 2011, Sunday, 3.30pm, Atrium@orchard road parking lot.
did you eventually receive any lawyer letter from this delusional uncle? this is just so funny. lol

a rich guy that speaks like a uneducated poor beggar (this man is not speaking like a rich man ) look at me.... i am a poor guy that speak like a rich man....and that guy insulted his own lawyer...=.= he said (F***king lawyer)

Jab is not a rich's car lah, pls...

" Then I got into the car park. He stop infront of my car and continue swear and curse and wanted to sue me...etc... and his saliva is spreading like all over my face.... Yuck... "

@ ImD3mond judging from your English, I have a strong suspicion that u are the barking rich man in the video leh.. Same same standard. Lolx.

his daughter and son were hurt. i know them. the car inside the car was wrong. he cut inside the car, the guy outside braked the car cause he nearly banged them, both the daughter and son were injured, suffering neck and back injury. the guy filming is was in a wrong

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