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Ho Peng Kee is Brother of Ho Ching?

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Still playing old tunes...? :-(
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> "Ho Peng Kee is the younger brother of Ho Ching" how is Singapore
> different from other most corrupted countries. Corruption Collusion
> Nepotism. Prime Minister Son became Prime Minister, Prime Minister's
> wife's brother became Minister. Minister's cousin secures government
> contracts

Just to add.....
Wong Kan Seng's wife is the daughter of Lee Kuan Yew's brother.
Saturday, March 6, 2010
Update on Whos Whos LKY relative
The list consist of past and present portfolio held.

1. Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong Deputy Chairman of GIC

2. Mdm Ho Ching Wife Chairman of Chartered Semiconductor, ST Engineering, ST Capital, StarHub, Deputy Chairman of Singapore Technologies, and Director of Temasek Holdings and SembCorp Industries (Singapore Technologies unit)

3. Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew Father Chairman of GIC

4. Brigadier-General Lee Hsien Yang Brother Chief Executive of SingTel Group and SESAMi Inc (SingTel unit), and Director of Singapore Technologies Industrial Corporation and National Computer Systems (SingTel unit)

5. Colonel (Dr) Kwa Soon Bee Uncle (Mother's Brother) Managing Director of Jurong Bird Park, Chairman of Wildlife Reserves Singapore and Director of Keppel Land

6. Mr Edmund Lee Cousin (Father's Brother's Son) Chief Executive of DBS Vickers (DBS and Singapore Technologies unit)

7. Mr Kwa Chong Seng Cousin (Mother's Brother's Son) Deputy Chairman of Temasek Holdings (Ministry of Finance unit)

8. Mr Ho Sing Brother-In-Law (Wife's Brother) Vice President of Singapore Precision Industries 2000 (Singapore Technologies unit) and Director of Advanced Materials Technologies (Singapore Technologies unit)

9. Mrs Lee Suet Fern Sister-In-Law (Brother's Wife) Director of SembCorp Logistics

10. Ms Lim Suet Boey Sister-In-Law's Sister (Brother's Wife's Sister) Senior Vice President of SembCorp Utilities

11. Dr Lim Suet Wun, Chief Executive of Tan Tock Seng Hospital (LSL sister in law's brother), Singapore's largest and government held hospital.

12. Lee Wei Ling, (sister of LSL), head of National Neurological Institute

13. Kwa Chong Guan, (brother of Kwa Chong Soon) Chair of Singapore's National Committee of the Council for Security, previous Head of the SAFTI Military Institute's Department of Strategic Studies

14. Prof Lim Chong Yah, (LHY father in law) Professor Division of Economics School of Humanities and Social Sciences College of Humanities, Arts, & Social Sciences, NTU, Chairman National Wage Council

15. Ho Peng, (Ho Ching sister), Director-General of Education MOE.

16. (deceased?) Lee Kim Yew (LKY brother), former chairman Cerebos Pacific, former director of defunct Tat Lee Bank

17. Gloria Lee (Kim Yew's wife), former air stewardess turned founder of Kim Eng Securities

18. Lee Suan Yew (LKY brother), former director of HPL

19. Pamelia Lee (Suan Yew wife), former senior director of Singapore Tourist Promotion Board

20. Kwa Kim Li (niece of LKY wife), managing partner a Lee and Lee.

21 Lee Thiam Yew (brother LKY), former policeman resigned amidst of speculations, former chairman and substantial shareholder of Vicker Ballas.

22. Li HonYi (elder son of LHL/Ho Ching)
Li was apparently being groomed for a future leadership role after
being awarded a government scholarship to study economics at the
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (in 2008). The Singapore
military has served as a training ground for political leaders and
executives in state companies.

23. Teo Eng Siang (son of Teo Chee Hean)
Singapore pays S$280,825 for tuition for Teo’s son –
Teo Eng Siang was awarded a Public Service Commission Scholarship in a
public ceremony by his own daddy, Singapore Admiral and Minister Teo
Chee Hean. Young Teo now(2008) heads for the United States where he
will be attending Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. Brown
University is a fashionable Ivy Leage school and has a huge annual
tuition of US$42,303, or US$169,202 (S$280,825) for the full four
years. Don’t you think there are needier students in Singapore?

24. Warren Mah
Warren Mah, son of Mah Bow Tan, Singapore’s Minister for National
Development, is living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
He is on a scholarship to the University of Pennsylvania from the
Monetary Authority of Singapore.

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  1. Relationship and marriage between prominent families is a tradition that precede the PAP and current Singapore government.
    Quoting the Who is Who is wasting everyone's time because it may just tell you intelligence runs in the family.
    You dont have relatives who hold high positions ? Too bad. Just because there are close connections does not imply cronyism if the people are capable and deserving. It is still meritocracy. By the way scholarships are awarded based on scholastic achievement. Bursaries are awarded based on scholastic achievements and financial needs. So, a rich man's son getting a scholarship is normal.
    People like you are sour grapes looking to topple the apple cart because your life has not brought you success and you are jealous.
    As long as it is not you benefitting there is complaints. But, if you find yourself in a situation where you too can get an advantage, then even the most unjust or corrupt situation is probably fine with you. Haha. I believe I have it the nail straight on the head.