Wednesday, December 26, 2018

PM Lee Got Sued By Blogger For A Change

Have you thought of suing the prime minister of Singapore for all the bad things he did to you?

If you have, then probably you would have thought of how difficult that is. You would have considered that the AG was handpicked by the PM himself and that the AG was the personal lawyer of the prime minister. No lapdog will bite the hands that feed them.

That's cronyism. By the way cronyism like nepotism is never a crime in Singapore. In fact it was a tradition brought down by LKY himself.

So, even if you win your case in Court, you have to contend with the parliamentary whip that the PM possess at his disposal. Parliament is of course above the Law. There, you have a whole gang of cronies and lapdogs waiting to eat you up. The WP MPs will be glad to tell you more on that.

But what really surprised us is that the sibling of the Prime Minister that is Lee Hsien Yang  is chipping in to support this suit against his own brother. He is donating money to help the blogger who is suing his brother to fight abuse of power by the prime minister. This is the first time that the PM got countersued. Also, it is taking the sibling war to a whole new level.


Lee Hsien Yang, the self-exiled younger brother of PM Lee Hsien Loong has taken the lead and donated to veteran blogger Leong Sze Hian’s Legal Defence Fund.

 Confirming the donation with TR Emeritus (TRE), Leong said that Mr Lee was the first person to make a donation to his Legal Defence Fund. Lee Hsien Yang sent me a message that he has transferred (lo and behold he is the first one to do so into my account!) and he also suggested that I can share his action publicly.

 A Legal Defence Fund was recently setup to crowdfund for Leong’s legal expenses against PM Lee’s defamation suit and readers willing to contribute may use the following accounts:

 Leong Sze Hian POSB Savings: 064064070 Paynow: S0009739Z Paypal: Leong had originally wanted to represent himself against PM Lee’s defamation suit but changed his mind and initiated a counter suit against PM Lee for supposed abuse of court process.

Mr Lim Tean of Carson Laws Chambers is representing Leong in both suits. On his counter suit against PM Lee, Leong said: Singaporeans must let our overpaid Ministers know once and for all, that it does not pay to sue ordinary citizens for defamation.

 Singaporeans and their children, and their children’s children will never have to fear being sued, for exercising their rights of freedom of expression. Leong also shared with TRE that Mr Lee had, after making a contribution, expressed his hope that others will be encouraged (by his action) to do the same (contribute to worthy causes).

 Mr Lee Lee Hsien Yang also said “hope this will encourage others”, “you are welcome to post that I have donated” . Currently, Leong is hoping to raise S$10,000, the same amount which TRE is also trying to raise to upgrade its ailing website.


Regardless of how much Hsien Yang has donated (a token gesture since his wealth would cover 1000s of lawsuits), his action has a huge impact on how netizens are going to move forward till the next GE. I see it as Hsien Yang has just sent a stealth but STRONG signal and it is up to Singaporeans to receive it or not. Should we continue to shut up with balls hidden between our legs or stand up, be counted and support worthy causes?

 IMHO, as it stands now, those in the ivory towers has just snooked themselves. Maybe they should fire their “sue until your pants drop” panel of advisers who encouraged and suggested the latest slew of legal actions. Mr Leong was a NOBODY compared to the plaintiff, but this lawsuit has just turned him into a SOMEBODY who is fighting for the rights of the PEOPLE. Only morons will think that Just because commoners remain quiet, they are not angry and eager for change. This lawsuit may inadvertently galvanize these angry groups.

 The 2 lawsuits are no longer a simple defamation lawsuit, it is a mini GE and whatever the outcome, the ruling party has already lost (in the court of public opinion). Even if the plaintiff were to be awarded 200k in damages, it would also equate to the loss of the number of potential voters who donated even a dollar to finance the lawsuits. What do you think?


Not long ago, LHY n LWL have told Singaporeans in no uncertain terms with very significant keywords Bureaucrats Compliancy n such accusation was not dealt with as most loudly pronounced by the only three PMs all living at the time of their public announcement that any defamatory remarks will be dealt in a Court of Laws else the accusation will be deemed to be true n the said accuser will have to resign.

But in this case, surprising to most Singaporeans the siblings were not sued in a Court of Laws. But most Singaporeans wonder n still wonder how could such accusation be brought before the Court unless the case is heard by a Court independent of bureaucracy but who can verify its independence unless the jury system is revived n the verdict to be decided by the Jury. It is at this juncture Singaporeans realized why LKY abolished the Jury System just because a jury found a man accused of murder not guilty on lack of evidence as seen by the Jury n from then on Court verdict is totally decided by the presiding Judge.

 LHY’s contribution is thus most significant in how the State vs Leong is dealt by the Court with the decision purely in the hand of the presiding Judge n the prosecution by AGC headed by AG once faced with conflict of interest which was publicly defended by Indrani by virtue that he has a successful legal career n therefore there is no conflict of interest, which was found ludicrous even to non legal professional with objective n independent thinking as conflict of interest arise solely on relationship which is seen possible to be the very source of career success.

This is indeed more significant to Singapore than the Trump Kim meeting which is seen by PAP n not by the citizenry to be a historic meeting worth $psoending $28 millions of Singaporeans State Fund to provide full financial support at least for Kim as reported but no report whether Trump also enjoyed the same privileges. 好賤哦! Really pathetic n disgustingly depraving for the little red dot?

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