Saturday, December 15, 2018

Some Truths Worth Remembering

As 2018 draws to a close, there are some truths worth noting, and should not be forgotten as they can very well affect your future, and the future of this country.

1. Presidential Election
While I totally have no problem with Halimah as President, but the process of getting her there by the PM left much to be desired. There are plenty of excuses given by the govt, but deep down the heart of every Singaporean, including the people directly involved, knows very well there were enough of  manipulations to ensure she got there.

The truth is, this absolute power of the PM to manipulate and control the country, if falls into the hands, will one day prove disastrous for the country.

2. The 38 Oxley Road Parliamentary Debate and Conclusion
This is another case of manipulation by the PM to get his wife out of troubles. Ho Ching obviously had committed a very serious jailable crime by signing off as as officer of the PMO, which she never is and never was. This was exposed by the siblings of PM Lee. To go around the legal process, the PM had the Parliament to decide on the issue, as Parliamentary decision is above the Law.

We all saw it "live" on TV, the Parliament debate was a shamble, with the ruling party avoiding and the PM openly ignoring any questions related to the Ho Ching crime, by attacking the oppositions for bringing it up. The case and anything related to Oxley Road was considered closed by the Parliament.

But the truth is, Ho Ching did commit a crime, and should be jailed like anybody else who did the same.

3. The exorbitant salaries of Ministers
This is another sad truth and a case of political manipulation for personal gains by the rulers of this country. They can use all sorts of excuses to justify that they deserve those high salaries. They can even change whatever Law there is to make it perfectly legal.

But the moment you walk out of Singapore, you will find it hard to reconcile the fact that our Ministers are earning many times more than the President of America, who is the highest paid leader in the world, outside of Singapore. And the current leader of China, Xi, who is so devoted and dedicated to making a huge country, China, great again, is happy to be paid about one-tenth of the salary of our PM.

The truth is there for the world to see. But crooks like ex-PM Goh, claimed that they are underpaid. Goh of course is still a Minister despite having resigned as PM eons ago, receiving his huge salary for doing nothing significant.
World Most Expensive Cabinet
Legally there is nothing wrong, morally and ethically this is absolutely wrong and untenable. This topic is like a bad smell that can never be washed away, because the truth will always stinks for the greedy and crooked. If the govt should fall one day, this will definitely be one of the main reason.

4. Collusion and Conspiracy?

Call it any name you like, but the truth is when the husband and wife are running 2 totally separate entities, the 2 most powerful and important entities to the country, that is the government, and the other one is a privatised company holding almost all the wealth of the country, how do you ensure independence of the private company from govt intervention? And how do you ensure govt confidential information not passed on to the private company?

The truth is, there is no way to ensure that, as proven by the signing off by Ho Ching as a PMO officer when she is not. This kind of marriage of convenience can never happen in any advance countries, not even communist China. And when this couple inevitably died, this kind of immoral practice of nepotism will continue, and if falls into the wrong hands, the country and it's huge reserve are screwed, like the 1MDB case up north of our border.
Immoral Collusion

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