Sunday, July 11, 2010

Casino Levy Returned to Community - Minister Lied

With over $200 million collected so, and all given to the ToteBoard, one wonder why the NKF and the other charity organisations are still struggling to raise money, desperately canvassing for donation publicly and on TV Charity shows. It simply has got to be some big white lie by these Pap Ministers. None of them (including the custodian of the reserves - the President) even know how much reserves there are in the govt coffers.
Casino fee given back to public
By Rachel Chang

THE money collected by the two casinos in entrance fees from Singaporeans and permanent residents (PRs) is already being recycled back to the community.

This is being done via the Tote Board which is given all the money collected.

It then hands them out as grants to community projects, said Second Minister for Finance Lim Hwee Hua at a dialogue with Bukit Gombak residents.

Mrs Lim, who is also Second Minister for Transport, did not specify the types of projects that gained from the collection.

The Tote Board website, however, states that it donates to six areas: arts and culture, education, social services, health, community development and sports.

'So if we have more money coming through, in other words more money will be available for all these different projects,' said Mrs Lim. 'That's one consequence of it.'