Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lim Boon Heng was surprise to be dropped

From: aioe

Subject: Re: Lim Boon Heng did not expected to be dropped
The reality is LBH is more a liability than assest for PAP.

Firstly, the GRC concept was concieved by LBH and now it seems PAP is
rolling back the whole GRC concept and reverting back to SMC.

Second, when LBH was with NTUC he did not help workers much at all. In
fact, retrenchment and job loss were all time high. The economy was
poor when he was around. He don't even know what productivity means.

Thirdly, he took credit for workfare which he had done absolutely
nothing. The truth is the original concept for workfare was to
supplement income of old age workers earning very low salaries. The PAP
government and NTUC only decided to implement it after raising GST to
7%. Studies showed raising GST to 7% was totally unnecessary and PAP
used the extra revenue to raise their own salaries.

Forth, he was quite ineffective when given the job of raising Singapore
fertility rate.

Fifth he was quite clueless about old age issues in Singapore.

truth wrote:
> Lim Boon Heng was surprised that he has been dropped when LHL told him. Just
> two days before his surprised announcement that he is retiring, he not only
> did not show any sign of retiring but even hinted that he could be used as
> an ACE card to counter any serious challenge from the oppositions.
> So Lim Boon Heng was axed as a reprisal for GCT's talk of restricting
> ministers to two terms which was first rebuffed by WKS ( a Lee loyalist) and
> then subsequently confirmed by LHL himself. All is not well in the pap camp.
> LHL is trying hard to stamp his authority on the party. It is a signal to
> the liberals to stay in line. Lately the liberals and hardliners are giving
> a mixed and confusing signals. LHL is taking the opportunity to weed out Goh
> loyalists and line the party with Lee loyalists.
> The pap is heading for a major defeat. They can easily lose their 2/3
> majority. Singaporeans have wakened up and are no longer afraid of the LKY
> and his pap gangsters.

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