Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Some Profanities thrown at PAP in the net

From: "truth"
Date: Sun, 24 Apr 2011 00:30:16 +0800
Subject: papist nincompoops self sympathy cries

The way LHL speaks betrayed his mentality. In his mind, he already assumed
that Singaporeans will vote the pap into power again. For sure he is taking
Singaporeans for granted. The election is not even held yet and he is
talking about composition of the cabinet. This is an insult to Singaporeans.
Singaproeans pls punish the pap for such arrogance.

Lately a few of the papist multi$million nincompoops have been crying
publicly over non issues. Pure self sympathy. Just show how self centred
these papist assholes are. Did they cry over the old couples who live by
candle light in their dark one room pigeon hole ? Did they even utter a word
of sympathy or support for the family who has to sell their homes to pay for
their late daughter's medical bill ? Fucking selfish and greedy bastards.

LKY has admitted that Democracy enable a peaceful change of government.
History has shown that no government last forever. The important thing is
when there is a change in government is it peaceful or violent. Histroy is
full of violent changes of government resulting in death and sufferings to
the ordinary citizens. Democracy has proven its' ability in providing the
context for a peaceful change in government.

So don't get suck in by the those 3rd rate pap multi$million nincompoops
that u have to give strong support to the pap for an effective government.
If the pap is unable to govern with a simple majority then it don't deserve
to government at all. Simple as that. Why do we have to give it absolute
total power. This is very dangerous. If the pap fails with total absolute
power, Singaporeans end up being the major loser. There will be no
alternative to fall back on. Give yourself an free insurance by voting

The pap used to have an "A" team in the past. Those were the days of a
dynamic LKY with a caring Dr Goh Keng Swee, Hon Swee Sen, Toh Chin Chye, Ong
Pang Boon, S Rajaratnam, E W Barker and Devan Nair. This "A" really improve
the lives of ordinary Singaporeans. Then LKY wanted all the glory to
himself. So in the name of "self-renewal" LKY removed the solid old guards
one by one. He replaced them with technocrates who in the words of E W
Barker were so silent in Cabinet meetings. So we have people like GCT, OTC,
Dana, Tony Tan executing the orders of LKY. Without the other old guards
around LKY imposed his extreme rightwing ideology on the party. His ideology
of ultra capitalism was slowly but surely weaved into the fabric of
everyday lives of Singaporeans. Everything is watered down to $, cents and
profits. Singaporeans ended up paying full market prices for everything in
their lives. Market prices as determined by a monopolistic government. So
water was priced at cost + profit + security insurance. A major illness can
bankrupt a family. Cars become the most expensive in the world. U not only
have to pay a few hundred % tax on the car but must bid for a limited supply
of the right to buy a car - a world first. Pigeon holes are priced at full
market price of land + construction cost. The papist leegime confused
Singaporeans by telling them that their pigeon holes are subsidised thru a
simple sleigh of the hands. Land forceably acquired at dirt cheap prices
(e.g land in Punggol at 17 cents a sq ft) were repriced in the $hundreds to
sell to Singaporeans. Government services are charged at cost + profit. In
short LKY decided to run Singapore like a corporations. The net result is
the government became very rich while the people poor.

LKY and his pap continued to recruit only those who share their ultra
capitalistic doctrine. So while ordinary Singaporeans were suffering under
the full blast of the free market forces, LKY rewarded themselves with
$millions. Induce by so much $, they enjoy their luxurious lives. They
became complacent and lost touch with reality on the ground. So when the
govenment made a mistake, ordinary Singaporeans got the blame and were
threatened. The pap Leegime began to genuinely feel that Singaporeans owe
the pap government a living. LKY warned that if not for the pap govenment
Singaporeans will end up as maids in foreign land. To drive the economy,
Singaporeans were whipped like slaves. Foreigners were brought in by the
million. Singaporeans ended working harder for less $ as the cost of living
sky rocketed. Singaporeans now have the unique distinction of working the
longest hours on earth.

So it is clear the cause of ordinary Singaporean problems is the pap

Singaporeans are not concerned over jobs. There are plenty of jobs but not
the right kind for Singaporeans. Singaporeans are more concerned over
competition for the right kind of jobs by the influx of million of
foreigners. The sales manager who lost his job can easily get another job as
a dishwasher at a fraction of his former pay. That we imported so many
foreigners proved that there are a surplus of jobs. But not the right kind.
So Singapore should focus on getting the right kind of jobs for Singaporeans
rather than creating more jobs which go to the foreigners. For a start,
reduce the availability of foreigners and companies will be forced to hire
Singaporeans. Wages will rise and older Singaporeans will return to the
workforce. The economy may slow which is not a bad thing with the economy
now in overdrive. Some companies may suffer which is not a bad thing either.
Resources of land are scarce and if these companies cannot afford the higher
wages, then they don't deserve to be in Singapore. Net result is ordinary
Singaporeans benefit from higher wages.
A senior citizen's musings...

SENIOR Minister Goh Chok Tong acknowledged that the prevailing high cost
of living in Singapore would be a likely issue in the coming general
election ("Rising costs a likely issue: SM"; Tuesday).

He asked the people to decide who they thought would have a better
solution to such problems.

I appreciate his forthrightness and am thankful for his timely reminder on
this matter. But his comments have evoked mixed feelings for me.

Every time we are assured that things are still affordable, we find prices
rising higher. Now we are cautioned to choose the right team to provide the

The ruling party has had ample opportunity to resolve these issues, but
the problems still plague us. I may now be an economically unproductive
senior citizen, but I still love my country.

Fu Jiat Joon
I'll add some perspective.

Right now, the cost of living is rising in many countries, not just
Singapore. One cause is the US monetary policy - as they print more and more
dollars to tackle their economic woes, the excess money supply feeds into
the global system and leads to inflation worldwide. In addition, food prices
are escalating around the world, for a complex host of different reasons
that the experts are still debating.

Nevertheless, the rising cost of living in Singapore cannot be solely
attributed to external factors. In fact, the average citizen's difficulty in
coping with the rising cost of living is very closely linked to an
intrinsic, uniquely local factor. That factor is the PAP government's policy
on immigration and foreigners. I'll explain.

A rise in the cost of living is not a problem, if it is matched with a rise
in average wages. Unfortunately, over the past five years, Singaporeans have
NOT been able to earn more money. Singaporeans are working as hard as ever
(and in fact, hold the current world record for working the longest hours),
but their incomes have been stagnating. If you don't believe me, read this.

To put it simply, while Singapore's economic growth has arguably been
decent, this simply hasn't translated into a better life for the average
Singaporean in the street. Our reserves may have grown; our government
ministers may be drawing bigger and bigger salaries; the Bangladeshi workers
and the Filipino waitresses may be feeling satisfied - but the average
Singaporean just isn't getting any benefits out of the nation's success.

Why is this so? Well, wages are related to productivity. To earn more money,
the Singaporean has to raise his productivity by learning new skills and
gaining more knowledge in value-added areas. Companies have a role to play
in this too. They have to innovate, become more efficient, invest in new
technology, and in training their employees. That's how productivity can
increase, together with sustainable wage growth.

But this isn't happening in Singapore. On the contrary, our labor
productivity has fallen to shockingly low levels. In 2009, for instance,
labor productivity growth was worse than zero. It was negative (-14.9%). And
why has labour productivity fallen so badly in Singapore? It's because the
PAP government's policy on foreign workers actually discourages
productivity. Instead of getting Singaporeans to increase productivity by
learning new skills and knowledge, the focus has instead very much been on
importing more and more cheap foreign labour to do the job. To quote the
Wall Street Journal:

By some estimates, a third or more of Singapore's 6.8% average annual
growth from 2003 to 2008 came from the expansion of its labor force,
primarily expatriates, allowing Singapore to post growth more commonly
associated with poor developing nations.

At the same time, though, foreign workers have driven up real estate and
other prices and made the city-state's roads and subways more congested.
Their arrival has kept local blue-collar wages lower than they would be
otherwise, exacerbating Singapore's gap between rich and poor.

Some economists say the most damaging effect of the immigration is that
the influx appears to be putting a lid on productivity gains, as
manufacturers rely on cheap imported labor instead of making their
businesses more efficient. Labor productivity, or output per employee, fell
7.8% in 2008 and 0.8% in 2007�a phenomenon that could eventually translate
into lower standards of living.

Lee Ah Lee, a 58-year-old who makes 850 Singapore dollars a month (about
US$600) clearing tables in a cafeteria, says the flood of immigrants has
made it hard to make ends meet by pushing down blue-collar pay in Singapore,
which has no legal minimum wage. Sitting nearby in a drab apartment block
built by Singapore's Housing Development Board, a state-owned body that
constructs and sells subsidized housing, 79-year-old Lee Kwang Joo says
low-skilled foreign workers are often housed in corporate dormitories,
meaning they have no housing costs and can survive on lower pay.
So I hope that the direness of the situation we face, as a nation, has
become clear. Obviously, we cannot completely shut the door on foreigners,
especially not on foreign talent. But there is a balance that should be
kept. When labor productivity falls to -14.9% and Singaporeans' wages
stagnate year after year after year despite the fact that the economy is
actually growing, you know that the balance has not been kept.

Goh Chok Tong talked about the rising cost of living and posed this question
to Singaporeans - "Which party do you think can solve this problem?". But
here are the better questions to ask yourself. In the first place, which
party caused the problem? Which party IS the problem?

If you are an intelligent person, you know the answer. Vote wisely.
Posted by Gilbert Koh aka Mr Wang
The choice is clear - Vote Opposition for a better life and future.

On 23/04/2011 11:26, truth wrote:
I appeal to all good Singaporeans to step forward to help the Oppositions in
their fight in this GE. This is a massive undertaking and every help is
needed. Do this for a better life as well as for the future of your children
and grandchildren. This your last chance to save the nation from the
destructive path of the evil pap. Come next GE native Singaporeans will be
in the minority as more and more foreigners take up citizenships. The pap is
selling out Singapore to the Foreigners. Stop it before it is too late.
Step forward to help the Oppositions fight the evil pap.

"Kick-ass King" wrote in message
WE THE PEOPLE are selling out Singapore to the Foreigners.

we can stop employing maids (but don't want to).

we can start packing up our utensilts at foodcourts (but don't want to).

our poly students can stardy harder instead of playing computer games
(but don't want to).

we can boycott products services by companies dhat employ apuneh (e.g.
International Big Moufh, ShittyBank), but don't want to.

we can work in the hot sun as construction worker (but don't want to).

our uni students and professors can work/think harder to research on
robert to do construction work (but don't want to).

WE THE PEOPLE convenienly voted the PAP so as to have scapegoat to
blame!!! we nid the PAP to continue to blame them instead of
ourselves!!! if kick out PAP, dhen we may not able do anymore "blaming
others game" -- our favorite passtime.
From: "truth"
Subject: Tinny will drag GCT down.
GCT sensed that and he is indeed worried. Tinny (Tin Pei Ling)
is a major liability. LHL
did it on purpose to destablilse GCT n his faction within the pap.
GCT is striking back in other ways outside the pap. First he let it out what
most of us already knew - pap internal polling pointing to a disaster in the
making. This is a signal to his buddies outside the pap to whack LHL. This
election is as much a fight between the oppositions and the pap as it is a
proxy fight between the two camps in the pap. Very interesting. The major
casualty will be the pap.

From: Joblessjoe

If your grand father sits all day in the coffee shop nursing one kopi
O and your father got to struggle through a 12 hour Security Guard job
just to keep him alive, you know the PAP have CHEATED on both of them!

If the PAP has been a good and caring government, your grand father
should have a decent pension to get him by and your father, need not
have to struggle for survival in this manner. His previous job was
probably taken away by the PAP anf given to a "Foreign Talent".

What can YOU do now?

YOU must vote OUT the PAP and also tell all your friends to do so. If
YOU don't do this, you may one day find yourself having to support not
only your wife and children, but also your parents and grand parents.
Many have already fallen into this PAP crack. Many have committed
suicide because they no longer can to live under the PAP system. This
is the PAP system of passing the buck!

So, save yourself and your family by voting OUT the PAP. If there is
no OPPO in your area, just vote any DOG in your area. DOGS don't make
your life any harder than the PAP!

From: baldeagle

Subject: GST....FM Tharman said GST will be raised....only after 5 years. Is GST a good thing ?

FM Tharman said: "GST will not be raised for at least another five
years." Is this good news ?

NO. It means...GST will be raised on the 6th year. It is bad.

GST is bad for the poor people.

Tharman reveal that Singapore is strong financially... No need to
raise GST. In fact, Singapore do not need to have has enough
if Singapore doesn't pay the ministers and top civil servants millions
and millions every year.

GST is bad for the poor people...why collect GST from pay
the super wealthy Ministers and top civil servants.

GST has caused hardships to the poor people in Singapore. It should be
abolished or suspended.

For the sake of the suffering poor Singapore,....FM Tharman....please
abolish GST.

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