Sunday, April 17, 2011


AleXX wrote:

In a country where the poor citizens and residents are suppressed; the
electoral system corrupted; and the single party ruling elites enjoying all
the freedoms and raking in $millions in pay, bonuses; and plus$+plus$ from
being directors, chairmans of many Government Owned "Temasek" companies that
run and controlled by their families, relatives and cronies.

Listening to his repeated tons of talk and promises through the years will
as usual will not alleviate the suffering of the common citizens here.
Instead, it only leads to more suffering with higher cost of living; housing
prices beyond the reach of the ordinary working people; jobs given away to
foreigners; citizens competing with foreigners on equal footing for all
kinds applications and opportunites. High taxes, high public transport fares
and.... most of everything that involve with money and paying to the
government. PAP is a money sucking party. Sick with all their controlled
media and propaganda and dictatorial rules.

A strong voice in the oppositions will or can only bring them back to earth
bound and cut down their money hoarding extravaganza.
Every time close to pre-election, they will hand out a couple of hundred
dollars squeezed from taxpayers to the common voters. In no time, it will be
taken back from them again.

soong en lim wrote :

Under the PAP, the salary of the common working men have not only
stagnated but in many cases, become less over the years.
My auntie works as a coffee shop assistant. In 1998 she earned $1400
per month. In 2005, she lost her job to a Malaysian who is prepared to
work for $1,100. In 2010, this Malaysian lady lost her job to a China
girl who works for $900. My Auntie is now jobless and suffering from
poor health. She went back to the same coffee shop to apply for the
same job and was offered $700 on account of her age.
My brother in law was a a shipping executive in 1998 earning $7800 a
month. Today, he does the same job in another company earning a meagre
The PAP and the NTUC knew all these because they are the one who allow
all the FOREIGNERS to take away our jobs and make Singaporeans POORER!

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