Sunday, June 26, 2011

PAP Need To Change Mindset Towards Marriage

PAP Need To Change Mindset Towards Marriage and giving birth, before they lose another GRC in the next election.

Its a question of what the government should not have done rather what
it could do, the current education system puts a lot of stress on the
children and the parents. Housing prices are too high and the cost of
living is ever increasing. The government should first remove the
forced learning of a 2nd language making it a optional subject
many parents will be happy not teaching their children a alien
language which they dont use it themselves.
The cost of living should be brought under control through real
government subsidy in health care and housing.
What we really need is the government to change its mindset.
S'poreans need to change mindset towards marriage: Chan Chun Sing

SINGAPORE: A change in mindset may be needed in the attitude of
Singaporeans towards marriage, said Acting Minister for Community
Development, Youth and Sports Major General (NS) Chan Chun Sing.

He added that while the government can drive a pro-family environment,
it is up to the people to believe in the "intangible ideals" of

He was speaking at the Family Day Out Carnival on Saturday at this
year's National Family Celebrations, which saw more youth

Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean, who was also at the event, said
employers should also play a part by putting in place pro-family
policies at the workplace. He also highlighted the role of community
and commercial providers in offering family support services.

Lim Soon Hock, Co-Chairperson of the National Family Celebrations
organising committee, said: "We are seeing a lot of youths
participating in this family day out. And they're here with their
families, with their grandparents. Some of them are even with their
younger siblings.

"So I think in terms of getting our youth engaged in the family scene
and as key stakeholders for future families, I'm particularly

It is a sign of hope amidst a recent gloomy statistic that fewer
people are getting married. While the government promises to play its
part in helping more Singaporeans settle down, it also boils down to

MG Chan said: "There are some other things that are less tangible that
we have to encourage - the attitude that we look at families,
children, what are the conditions required for us to start a family,
so on and so forth.

"Personally, I would say that when I got married, it wasn't like all
the stars, moon and sun were aligned and then, 'This is the day we get
married'. It's a commitment between me and my wife to say, regardless
of what happens in the future, we want to work things through

As the month-long celebrations draw to a close, the National Family
Celebrations organising committee hopes the younger generation will
continue to recognise the roles they play in their families

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  1. What is this fucking papist government talking about?
    Take a look at a local born Singapore Singaporean who married a foreign
    bride ( I am talking about this now); whether she is Thai, Vietnamese or
    Chinese. The success rate of getting his wife a long term visit pass is like
    trying to win the Toto first prize.