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Developer Sim Lian's link to the PAP

Documented from CNA forum:
Blk16A wrote:
Sim Lian majority owned by Kuik Family - Fact
Diana Kuik is the wife of Ong Ye Kung - Fact

Diana Kuik is the ED of Sim Lian - ?
Who can verify whether is fact or rumour?

sibehsianz wrote:
Also fact. Go to simlian website look investment relation-> for board of directors-> Kuik Sin leng(aka Diana Kuik):

Btw Sim Lian independence director Asst Prof Sim Loo Lee is a member of HDB Audit Committee. Wow, what kind of independency we expect during contract awarding????

Blk16A wrote:
Only says Kuik Sin Leng. It doesn't say Diana Kuik.

Wow this is your first post.

sibehsianz wrote:
IR Contact: Kuik Sin Leng, Diana
| | +65-6303-6200

I gana banned some month ago arguing with pap dogs here lah.

pisspisspiss wrote:
GNN eh, the most obvious something is very wrong is that a director of Sim Lian, Sim Loo Lee can be part of HDB audit committee ??!! As a auditor, Sim will have in procession of all tenders specs, past minimun quotes etc wouldn't he? This will obviously favour Sim Lian during tender for DBSS isn't it?

Even say Mah has great firewall to prevent this auditor seeing tender process it is against civil service standard for a bidder to sit on its highest level comittee who will then can wield great influence on those deciding who to award the bid to isn't it, especially when million of dollars are at stake ?

justrade wrote:
You think all these LHL don't know ?
Just wonder if PAP dare to ask their MPs to declare their association - family & spouses business.

Btw - Ng Eng Heng is nephew of Far East Organisation - FEO go round snapping sg land; now one of the biggest landlord in sg
Quoted from facebook comment page of toc...(names changed to protect freedom of speech)

"AmyL: VTan, apparently Ong Ye Kung, the Secretary-General of PAP and the highly touted ministerial material in the PAP Aljunied Team, is married to the ED of Sim Lian Mdm Kuik. So the next question is, what made Sim Lian so confident to bid for the site some years ago? Ong Ye Kung was the PPS to PMO in 2002/2004."

73% jump of prices from first DBSS project

In 2005, the Housing and Development Board (HDB) launched the Design, Build and Sell Scheme (DBSS), which allowed the private sector to design, build, and sell HDB flats.

By 2006, it had introduced the first public housing project developed and sold by a private developer. Developed by the Sim Lian Group, The Premiere@Tampines had air-conditioning units installed, floor-to-ceiling wardrobes, and teak parquet flooring. Kitchens had cabinets and Italian hobs, while bathrooms had glass shower screens and fancy shower heads. It was launched in 2009, with the biggest 5-room flat costing $450,000.

Now, fast forward to six years later, and Sim Lian Group is again the developer for the eighth DBSS site, Centrale 8 located in Tampines.

The developer announced the 'indicative prices' of the newest flats last Thursday, causing much uproar, as Singaporeans reacted to what was widely seen as grossly expensive HDB flats. It said then that the biggest 5-room flats for the units in Tampines could cost as much as $880,000.

It has since slashed down the prices by $102,000, with the maximum price for the biggest flats costing $$778,000 instead.

This shows a 73 per cent jump from The Premiere's 2009 price.

We take a look at the other DBSS projects, and how much they cost.
Tin Pei Ling shares views on DBSS saga

Tin Pei Ling, Member of Parliament for Marine Parade -- ST PHOTO: JOYCE FANG

MEMBER of Parliament for Marine Parade Tin Pei Ling shared her thoughts on Facebook on Friday morning about the recent news regarding the Design, Build and Sell Scheme (DBSS) project in Tampines.

The flats at the 708-unit Centrale 8 raised an uproar last week over the $880,000 price tag for its largest units, as the price was nearly that of executive condominiums.

Project developer Sim Lian later said quoted price ranges were only 'indicative', before releasing a 'confirmed price range' for the flats, which showed a $100,000 price drop to $778,000 for the top-end units. Ms Tin posted this note on her Facebook account at 9.50am on Friday, titled 'Short note on housing 3: HDB land - a matter of principle'.

She wrote (as is carried here): 'The recent high profile sale of DBSS flats at Centrale 8 stunned many Singaporeans, including myself. Questions were raised by many members of the public. Some asked why HDB flats built on HDB lands and eventually to be managed by the Town Councils (i.e. like normal HDB flats) should be priced by private developers. I understand and sympathise with these views.

'Allowing private developers who had successfully acquired HDB lands to independently price DBSS units may be in line with 'free market' principles, but it also means HDB losing control over precious lands that could be better utilized for BTO flats or community facilities.

'DBSS was meant to offer an additional housing option to Singaporeans - premium but less expensive than private condominiums. It is right to offer tiered options to address the different aspirations of Singaporeans. But the 'devil is in the details', and what might have been a useful housing option in 2005 may no longer be as suitable today.'

'Some have pointed out that Singaporeans can choose not to purchase over-priced DBSS flats. But I think the issue is one of principle - given the land scarcity in Singapore, HDB land should be reserved for building affordable public housing, and not apartments that HDB has little influence over. As part of MND's overall review of housing policies, perhaps it should either let HDB take back the right to price DBSS units, or include a clause to compel price negotiations between HDB and the private developers.'
Not-so-premium flat
Letter from Michele Goh
04:47 AM Jun 24, 2011
I PURCHASED a Design, Build and Sell Scheme (DBSS) flat in 2009 despite the high premium compared to a Build-to-Order (BTO) flat, based on the assumption that its management by an established private developer would result in intelligent, functional design and professional workmanship. In addition, the well-finished product would likely require little or no renovation, thus justifying the high price tag.

However when I received my flat keys in March this year, I found out otherwise. While the estate's fa├žade appears condominium-worthy, the workmanship at my flat was worse compared to a BTO flat at Sengkang which costs almost half as much.

Defects were only patched over. Design flaws included insufficient clearance above the safety window grilles to install a roller blind and the lack of a TV point (required for StarHub broadband connectivity) or OpenNet point in the study room.

The showroom on which I based my half-a-million-dollar public housing purchase differed from the actual product in some ways, such as the implied location of TV points and type of tile finishes in the bathrooms. It is interesting to note that all final decisions regarding electrical wiring and finishes are at the sole discretion of the architect, according to a clause in the sales brochure.

Given that DBSS projects have been and presumably will continue to be well-received for their perceived premium quality in design and workmanship, I am concerned for current and future buyers.

The Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) protects consumers of retail products. Who protects consumers of products from our public housing agency, in a project managed by a private developer?

DBSS projects are sought after by young couples buying their first home due to their location in mature estates where their parents live. The HDB currently does not inspect DBSS flats and flat owners are told to seek redress with the developers instead.

This clearly disadvantages first-timers who are likely to be less savvy in surveying the quality and workmanship of a new flat.

The recent prices sought by private developers for DBSS flats clearly highlights the disparate goals of private developers and Singapore's public housing authority in this scheme. I urge the HDB to revisit its aim to "ensure that cost-effectiveness and quality standards are maintained and continually improved upon" in public housing towns.

Since DBSS flats are indeed HDB flats, I urge the HDB to exercise its authority in imposing strict regulations on pricing and quality of flats upon private developers seeking involvement in DBSS projects, so as to preserve its founding aims.

I also hope that, while the HDB and private developers iron out regulations to make the scheme fairer for future buyers, residents of current projects will not be left to fend for themselves.

Had I known all this earlier, I might not have decided to pay premium prices for a flat that turned out to be not-so-premium.
Sim Lian tops bid for Tampiness DBSS site
HDB received a total of five bids yesterday for the 227,460 sqft DBSS site in Tampines at the junction of Tampines Ave 5 and Tampines Central 8, right beside Tampines Premier.

Sim Lian came out tops in their bid for the site at the junction of Tampines Ave 10 and Ave 1 in March, and have done it again.

The contenders for the DBSS site are:

Sim Lian Pte Ltd- $178 million
Qingdao Construction (Singapore) - $145 million
Hoi Hup Realty Pte Ltd And Sunway Developments Pte Ltd - $139 million
Realty Consortium Pte. Ltd. -$137 million
Ho Lee Group Pte Ltd- $110 million

The obvious winner here should be Sim Lian, yes? HDB will announce the final tender results within the next two weeks.


  1. Taking advantages of their connection and exploit it at the nation expense!!!

    Greedy baxxxtards

  2. Yaah lor, imagine Ong had won Aljunied. Then the price of DBSS Tampines will not just be 888K , maybe 999K !

  3. Ong Ye Kung was promoted to Deputy Secretary General by Lim SS after he lost. This is a position higher than his assistant Secretary General post before he resigned to contest the election where he lost. So actually no loss as he is promoted after he lost to a higher position with a higher pay naturally.

  4. So this is ultimately Lee's Farm? He breed the pigs to rule not just the govt but private business. He also breed his attack dogs to jaga and abuse us sheeps. No wonder the familee feel so secure even after passing power to lao goh in 1991. Lee is Xinjiapur and Xinjaipur is Lee? We all sheeps kenna kick by his spur until boh lat liao so now he trying to exterminate all of us and replace with new farm animals bred from overseas?

  5. No wonder, Sim Lian had always best deal from HDB....

  6. Crown:
    Wah wonder..

    This is no corruption?? Indirect corruption..

  7. Is there such a term known as legalised corruption?