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Philip Yeo - LKY's failed genetic monster

Egomaniac and full of crap:
Philip Yeo is the biggest egomaniac (full of himself) in Singapore. He does not want to be called a “civil servant” even though he has been in the public sector for decades.

PY was the one who started shaming “bond breakers” (about 70% of Government scholars break their bond) but made sure his own son (also a scholar) got special treatment.He was allowed to “serve” his bond in the US. What a hypocrite!

PY’s business acumen is similar to Ho Ching – almost nil.When he became Chairman of Sembawang Corporation he used the company’s surplus cash to acquire Delifrance from its French owner for over $400m.It turned out a disaster and had to be sold to PAMA for only $70m, a loss of over $300m. Sembcorp also almost went bust and had to be merged into the Singapore Technologies Group. PY was also Chairman of some companies in the Singapore Technology that made large losses. After Ho Ching he must the the second biggest loser of taxpayers’ money.

The only reason PY is still around is because LKY (another egomaniac) likes him. This guy is full of crap.
Philip Yeo: My greatest fear now is that the Government is terrified of the people

The late former US President Thomas Jefferson once said: “When the people are afraid of the government, there is tyranny. When the government is afraid of the people, there is democracy.” However, former EDB Chairman and Special Adviser for Economic Development in the Prime Minister’s Office Philip Yeo is afraid that the PAP regime will become ‘terrified’ of the people after losing a GRC in the recent general election.

In an interview with the state media, Mr Yeo said:

“After the last elections, the ruling People’s Action Party realises that it’s no longer infallible. My greatest fear now is that the Government is terrified of the people. You cannot have a system where the people are pampered.”

He added that the repressive regime has run Singapore ‘very rationally’ for the last 45 years though it has imposed draconian laws along the way to suppress the civil rights of Singaporeans and to entrench its political hegemony:

‘The intentions have always been good but we forget that some people were hurt along the way. We need to work with our heads and our hearts. The key is not to swing totally the other way.’

Mr Yeo also reiterate his earlier stance to name and shame Singaporean bond-breakers:

“That’s why I say bond-breakers squander the people’s money. You break your bond, you break the future of someone else who was on the reserve list.”

However he was quick to give scholarships to foreigners and admit readily that a ‘good percentage’ of his EDB and A*Star scholars and staff were from Malaysia, China, India and Vietnam.

“Many were given secondary scholarships at age 15. They grew up here. Many became new Singaporeans. They have become indistinguishable from his Singaporean scholars.”

The number of foreign scholars who break their bonds and leave Singapore for good yearly is not revealed to this very day.
Wiki-Leak on Philip Yeo:
Philip Yeo
From Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia.
Philip Yeo, or Mr. Invincible, has a vision for the future of Singapore that is highly reliant upon gratuitous amounts of Cheez-Whiz and the world's largest traffic pylon.

Philip Yeo (born 1950) is one of the first Singaporean superhumans as well as the current chairman of the A*Star programme, whose aim is to create an elite force of super soldiers for the purposes of homeland security. Although he currently goes by the moniker of "Mr. Invincible", he is affectionally known to his critics as being an "A*Star douchebag".

Yeo was born in Singapore in 1950 to a poor family. The oldest of thirty-six children and the only boy among his siblings, he was constantly a victim of bullying and domination by his significantly stronger and more intelligent sisters. Due to his family's lack of funds, Yeo was forced to study the basics by himself, discovering in himself a love of the pseudosciences, especially phrenology.

In 1968, Philip Yeo enlisted under the newly enacted National Slavery act, approved by former Uber Minister Lee Kwan Yew just two years prior to Yeo's entry. Yeo proved to be a strong, capable, diligent, and intelligent soldier, and was watched carefully by government officials for this very reason.

Philip Yeo NEVER enlist under the National Slavery Act.

Philip Yeo, as Captain Singapore, goes into Super Saiyan mode in order to defeat Dr. Madhatter.

Unknown to Yeo and, in fact, to most Singaporeans, Lee Kuan Yew had been working on a secret project that was known only as A*Star. In 1963, Lee jumpstarted the A*Star programme with the intent of creating super soldiers for the sake of defending Singapore in case of any attacks from enemies that sought to end the island city's pitiable existence. Impressed by the Swiss guard of the Vatican City, Lee sought to create a similar programme through selecting the most "genetically superior" Singaporeans and enhancing them through artificial means. Although Lee has no access to Catholic-related Power Ups, he believed in the scientific prowess of his wise men and believed he could create a strong defensive force of just a few superpowered soldiers.

However, five years later, the A*Star programme had made frustratingly little progress, and the bizarre deaths of several high-profile volunteers made the programme increasingly unpopular. Although disappointed, Lee Kwan Yew did not close the programme completely, but introduced National Slavery instead as a means of pumping up Singapore's hypothetical military might.

Keen to give the programme one final shot, several of Lee's top aides recommended that Philip Yeo be drafted into the A*Star programme, confident that his DNA was harmonic with the enhancements that had failed on every previous volunteer. Yeo, eager to serve his country and lured with the added promise of a bounty of scholarship funds, agreed to undergo testing, which was successful. His physiology enhanced far beyond that of normal humans, Yeo was given the codename Captain Singapore, and was charged with leading the Singapore Armed Forces both strategically and as a rallying icon.

From 1969 to 1998, Captain Singapore fought dozens of foreign superhumans including The Sultan and even the dreaded Captain Cambodia, who, at one point, was considered to be one of the strongest Asian superhumans in existence. Eventually, Philip Yeo gave up the title of Captain Singapore to other aspiring young products of the A*Star programme, choosing the name "Mr. Invincible" instead.

In 1999, Philip Yeo took over the leadership of the A*Star programme, promising an army of 300 Singaporean superhumans by 2020. The A*Star programme has since been successful in churning out Singaporean superhumans, including Mr. Kiasu, Whizz-Kid, Ah Tan the Destroyer, and Smogger. In 2002, the United States and Singapore jointly worked on a superhuman known to the world as Captain Obvious. Philip Yeo and A*Star were also partly responsible for the construction of Lee Hsien Loong.
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For the religious among us who choose to believe lies, the self-proclaimed experts at Wikipedia have an article about Philip Yeo.

Since Philip Yeo's ascension as chairman of A*Star, murmurs of what actually goes on behind the closed doors of the genetic enhancement programme frequently pop up from time to time. Most famously, A*Star was accused by the Far Eastern Economic Review of producing foot soldiers for the League of Evil, a claim that Yeo has personally denied multiple times. He was once questioned for calling his own slaves "wimps", and also ordered a few bloggers shot to silence those who questioned him.

Subjects for the A*Star programme are frequently taken from servicemen partaking in National Slavery, often against their will and without the knowledge of their families. Although Yeo asserts that all test subjects are "willing volunteers", the ratio of successes to failures is still much too high for the public to feel comfortable with.

Recently, Johns Hopkins University cut funding to the A*Star programme to the tune of several million dollars, citing creative disagreements and referring to Philip Yeo as a "fairy". Philip Yeo responded by referring to the American superhuman team, the Revengers, as "a group of overweight assholes with terrible style".

Philip Yeo's physiology has been artificially enhanced through the A*Star programme. A product of breakthrough bioengineering, Yeo is a master of martial arts and possesses superhuman strength, invulnerability, and the powers of flight. In Super Saiyan mode, Yeo is able to generate radioactive fields and cause explosions by manipulating matter at the sub-atomic level. Additionally, Yeo has genius-level intellect and is a master tactician. A little know fact, his 'trouser snake' is so stong and powerful it is reported that he fought chuck norris' 'trouser snake' and only just lost shooting 'venum' 300m compared to chuck norris' 500m


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