Friday, July 8, 2011

President S.R. Nathan Announced His Own Retirement

IT'S age - the main reason President S.R. Nathan is not seeking a third term. Two days before his 87th birthday, President Nathan announced that he would step down when his second term runs out on Aug 31.

"At this stage of my life, I do not believe that I can undertake indefinitely the heavy responsibilities and physical demands of the position of Head of State," he said in a statement on July 1.

His 12 years in office make him the longest-serving President in Singapore's history. Those years cap a 55-year career in public service, which saw him take on roles such as ambassador to the United States and permanent secretary of the Foreign Affairs Ministry. He also served as director of Singapore's external intelligence arm, the Security and Intelligence Division of the Defence Ministry.

In his statement, the President acknowledged both the Singaporeans who had criticised him and those who had shown him "affection and kindness".

During his years in office, he had given his best in the performance of all his duties, whether constitutional, ceremonial or community-related, he said.

Observers have paid tribute to the President for his contributions in diplomacy and charity work, and for his personal touch and closeness to the people.

Minister for the Environment and Water Resources Vivian Balakrishnan said: "He always had a special place in his heart for people who are vulnerable, for children, for the disabled."


  1. aya, he make his millions, let him be lah...
    just leave him alone, dont be jealous.
    He sar kar and serve the old man, and gets his reward.
    Good luck to him, lor.

  2. For most of the retiree who retired poor, They either go and pick aluminum tin from the rubbish bin island wide; sell tissure papers at MRT station and continue to earn a respectable" work without the help from the Papist government like this prata-anpuneh; with $millions stashed into his bank account. All he need to do is to eat and die. For the hard working poor retirees, they work to eat and after eating work again to eat. This poor
    retirees are classified as: "Chiak-Par-Cho-Kan" and not "Chiak-Par-Tan-Si"
    Their only expensive hobby may be drinking coffee at S$1 per cup and

  3. LOL.. OMG..

    "Heavy responsibilities and physical demands of the position of Head of State"????

    Comparing many typical employee's job scope, i think that's an understatement for a HEAD OF STATE.. Sheesh.. I feel so sick.

  4. The greatest sinner of Singapore is supported by fools of Singapore who in turn supports the second greatest sinner of Singapore.

    Wake Up! Singaporeans!