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Tony Tan's Relation With Lee Kuan Yew

A bunch of relatives and lackies
PAP is one of most corrupt party in the world. One sees many elected officers of PAP as well as top civil servant are relative of one another.

Family of Shylock
Kwa Siew Tee is Lee Kuan Yew's father-in-law. Lee Kuan Yew's mother-in-law, Wee Yew Neo and Bankster Tan Chin Tuan 's wife, Helen Wee are sisters. So Tan Chin Tuan is LKY's uncle-in-law. Tony Tan is Tan Chin Tuan's nephew.

Both Kwa Siew Tee and Tan Chin Tuan were top banksters of OCBC. The financialization of Singapore's economy whereby banksters parasite feed on the productive citizen can easily be understood -- if one is aware how deeply Lee Kuan Yew is connected with shylock.

Tony Tan the best actor
In public, Tony Tan shows himself as a humble and wise man. Unfortunately nothing is further from truth. Nothing good can be expected from scion of bankster. While Singaporean focus on Ho Ching and her Temasek fiasco, few people knew that GIC under the charge of Tony Tan has lost its pants in 2008 crisis.

In short, Tony Tan has blown up Singapore's pension aka the corrupt CPF. He is responsible for condemning Singaporean to work till death because CPF is effectively being wipe out in real terms. (PAP is going to stealth default CPF)

The patriarch: Kwa Geok Choo's father


Powerful and Influencial Figure
Little known Kwa Siew Tee (柯守智), Kwa Geok Choo's (LKY wife) father was immensely rich and one of the most powerful man in Singapore. He had been appointed the Municipal Commissioner in 1947, and Public Service Commissioner in 1953. Both are extremely powerful position and in theory, held the power to appoint and dismiss top civil servants.

Forex Trader
Kwa was a senior bankster in OCBC doing things related to forex trading. Banksters do not produce anything, they simply feed on productive host economy. Wonder PAP's perpetual policy to increase asset price screwing the working class, is due to all these bankster relative.

Inter-marriage between powerful families
Kwa Siew Tee's wife Wee Yew Neo, is daughter of Wee Theam Seng, a senior OCBC Bankster.

Kwa Siew Tee's brother-in-law is Tan Chin Tuan, who married Helen Wee, another daughter of Wee Theam Seng.

[BBC definition: banker+gangster = bankster]
OCBC Alumni
OCBC influences on Singapore are comparable to Goldman Sachs on USA. A large disproportional number of powerful office holders are connected to OCBC. To name a few below.

Lee Kuan Yew PM
- father-in-law OCBC senior bankster

Yong Pung How Chief Justice
- 1976-1982 work in OCBC

Teo Chee Hean Deputy PM
- father Teo Cheng Guan OCBC chairman 1989-1991

Tony Tan Deputy PM
- family is one of OCBC founders

2nd Generation Kwa, many illustrious figures
2 out of 3 survivng sons of Kwa Siew Tee hold perm sec position and many of important appointments. One of the son-in-law was made minister in LKY's cabinet. The 3rd generation are less prominent in public office but do not under-estimate their hidden wealth and influences.

Kwa Soon Hock 柯顺福
-Died Young

Kwa Soon Lock 柯顺禄
-Killed by Japanese

- no info

Kwa Soon Chuan 柯顺全
-Perm Sec and many other top appointments

Kwa Soon Bee 柯顺美
-Perm Sec and many other top appointments

Kwa Geok Neo 柯玉娘
- no info (found almost no data, need help to confirm the existence of this person)

Kwa Geok Lan 柯玉兰
- married Yong Nyuk Lin 杨玉麟 who later became minister of various ministries

Kwa Geok Choo 柯玉芝
- married LKY, PM of Singapore

Kwa Geok Lian 柯玉莲
- married Earnest Lau, a school principal

Kwa Geok Eng 柯玉英
- no info

Kwa's family and LKY road to power
Without the Kwa family network of powerful families, it is questionable whether LKY can emerge as the leader of PAP in 1950s given then, there are many other extremely capable and charismatic leaders in the party. The nexus of Kwa family probably also helped LKY to win the trust of British, which handed over to him the control of security apparatus. That is the key LKY is able arrest his political opponents.
Acknowledgement: Articles above were copied from for ease of referencing.


  1. You want some more?

    Teo Chee Hean's father Teo Cheng Guan was given a job by Tan Chin Tuan in OCBC after the war...Teo Cheng Guan subsequently met his wife who was also working in OCBC and got married and gave birth to Teo Chee Hean

    Teo Cheng Guan rose all the way to the top and was Chairman of OCBC from 1989 to 1991.

    After leaving Cabinet in 1991, Dr Tan returned to OCBC. He took over from DPM Teo’s father and served as Chairman of OCBC from 1992 to 1995.

    Yong Pung How, a schoolmate of Mr Lee Kuan Yew and his wife, Kwa Geok Choo. In 1971, Yong switched from law to finance, and formed Singapore International Merchant Bankers Limited (SIMBL) and the Malaysian International Merchant Bankers (MIMB) in Malaysia serving as Chairman and Managing Director of both companies. At the same time he also served as a member of the Singapore Securities Industry Council from 1972 to 1981. He announced his retirement from the SIMBL and MIMB offices in 1976. That same year, Yong was appointed Vice-Chairman of the Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation (OCBC).

    He was seconded in 1982 by the Singapore Government to form and head the Government of Singapore Investment Corporation (GIC), and the Monetary Authority of Singapore as well. His experience in commercial banking proved to be invaluable to GIC as he effectively re-organized and streamlined the use of Singapore's foreign reserves.
    He was also made Deputy Chairman of the Currency Commissioners, and Alternate Governor for Singapore of the International Monetary Fund.

    Yong returned to the Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation in 1983, as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer before returning to law as a judge in 1989.

    in an interview of Tan Sri Tan Chin Tuan in 1981, the reporter asked "Are you ever angry with the Government for taking away your right and left hand men (referring to Tony Tan, Yong Pang How, Wong Pakshong)

    Tan Sri Tan's reply was : "I regard it as sending them off for National Service"

  2. For your records....

    No school perhaps has had a more distinguished array of personalities connected with it than Gan Eng Seng School. We learn that before it became a government school, it had on its Board of Trustees such names as Tan Keong Saik, Ho Yang Peng, Wee Theam Tew, Lee Cheng Yan, S.J. Chan, Wee Swee Teow, Song Ong Siang, and Dr. Lim Boon Keng

  3. Friend...then with so many support , why gan eng seng sec remains not successful?

  4. Honestly? I dun give a fuck LOL, The Government is doing a good job so far. Understand that you can never please everyone.. you think by letting the opposition take over this is gonna be better.

    You naive little creatures.. open your eyes wider. they can solve your petty "domestic" problems But at what cost? I can assure you biggers problmes will ariase under opposition rule, may probably even cause the downfall of Singapore. ( Im not saying that the opposition is bad.. their intentions I do believe are good.. just that they don't have what it takes to run a country)

    1. IB... your master are proud of you. But I believe this generation of Leaders will run us to the ground. We might even be sinking and we dun know because this government is withholding information from us.

    2. True, G is doing a good job and I dun care what's the relationship here. policies definitely need improvements. but to say they are corrupt is too far fetched. Ok so they are

      Bunch of ignorant people with all the conspiracy theories...

    3. Seems like only you and the PAP are smart, others are useless, with excuses that "need improvement". Deng change China and you can see it now that the old are enjoying their retirement. Singapore old who believed in PAP on this tiny island are screwed working at Changi Airport for the world to see! They could see that their life are getting worse not better! What kind of life will their descendents have? Good luck to you, don't bring others who differ from you along they don't need let alone want them!

    4. people in Malaysia used to say that opposition dont know how to run the govt. This is until opposition took over five staes including Selangor and Penang!! The opposition gave free water and electricity supply to poor famillies (those bill less than a certain amount dont have to pay). Then there is this free bu services, then free internet, opposition leaders in these states were given a high salary, free car, official driver, office, secretaries, etc, ect and can have access to any govt depARTMENT DOCUMENTS AND accounts any time on demand!

  5. Why don't you go and check the background of LTK, the brothers especially.

  6. this unofficial website yeo cheow tong.....will provide more of who's who in the party and all the ugly connections.....

  7. If a man in the street still cannot accept changes then he is no better than a dog running around aimlessly in town.