Foreigners with dual citizenships

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Subject: Re: foreigners with dual citizenships

On Jul 30, 10:27 pm, "truth" wrote:

> The Singapore pap leegime is again discriminating against
> Singaporeans in the area of dual citizenships. The leegime
> does not recognise dual citizenships. So Singaporeans
> who have dual citizenships have to surrender one upon
> reaching the age of 21.
> However at the same time the pap leegime is giving Singapore
> citizenships to foreigners who don't have to give up their
> primary citizenship. There are now so many cases of foreigners
> holding citizenship of Singapore as well as that of other
> countries.
> This is another case of the pap leegime discriminating against
> Singaporeans in favour of foreigners.
> Singaporeans are not allowed to have dual citizenships while
> foreingers are allowed to.

In conclusion, these foreigners whom became Singapore permanent
resident of Singapore did not need to face death if you anything bad by living
under the lenin law. Singaporean whom hold true Singapore identity card faces death of doing somehing bad by Singapore law which was maintained by LKY. This is probably the reason why foreigners hold two different country identity card.

N/B: Despite lots of trouble had happened, all these people whom are
creating the trouble live with no death means live under the U/N charter where some
people had said that there are Unted Nation people around Maine Parade. Do bad
things very good one will definitely find way to live to let other people die for doing something bad where they themselves dare to consider themseleves are totally clean without errors.....count this people like this.

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