Singapore is overpopulated

Subject: Re: Singapore is overpopulated

> Yes Singapore is now so overcrowded. It is overpopulated
> with huge influx of foreigners.
> So all these talks about Singaporeans not producing enough
> babies are pure rubbish. If a country is over populated, why
> is there a need to increase the birth rate ?
> Then why are the papist constantly talking about the low
> birth rate ?
> The papist real motive in raising this issue is to psycho Singaporeans
> into subconsciously accepting the huge inflow of foreigners which
> the papist intended to continue and possibly increase.These huge
> inflow of foreigners work to the benefits of the papist but adversely
> affected the lives of Singaporeans. Foreigners make governing
> Singapore easier. Foreigners give competition to Singaporeans.
> Foreigners support the papist. Foreigners depressed wages and
> thus make the papist companies highly profitable.Foreigners
> will lead to economic growth which don't necessarily benefit
> Singaporeans.
> If the papist really cares for Singaporeans, then they should
> introduced measures to protect Singaporeans just like so many
> other democratic countries like Australia. They will grow the
> economy differently. Instead of relying on injection of labour to
> grow the economy, they should have look into ways to improve
> productivity. The papist are either lazy or incapable. They always
> chose the easy way out of their problem.

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