Singapore has never been a secular state

From: Frankie Lee
Date: Tue, 25 Aug 2009 18:59:16 -0700 (PDT)
Local: Wed, Aug 26 2009 9:59 am
Subject: Singapore in reality has never been a secular state.

In order that religious organisation don't become too large
that they can stand up to challenge the secular nature of
the state.....A nut wrote.

Frank’s comments: We must root out all Religious organisations which
were too big, that will stand against us as a secular state, where a
dictator rule is a better option. This is the time we must break our
commitments to religious harmony by imposing laws, restricting the
freedom and the exercise of religious activities that burn papers
which dirtied our environment for many decades, at the expense of our

We must have another intervention into the Opposition Parties lest
they become too big and threatened our PAP leadership.

We must curb internet chat rooms, ban all Youtube, and restrict free
speech in greater measures. Intruding into all privacies of all
Singaporean bank accounts, associations and their memberships to clubs
or organizations.

It is time we should pass Laws, that in order to continue one Party
rules here, only PAP is the government forever, and no opposition
Parties should be allowed to fight in elections anymore, and all
Singaporean should be obeisance to our secular Party rules.

Every activity of all citizens must be monitored, where they go and
what they eat, and how they shit.

No organization should stand up to our secular rules, for we cannot be
challenged, because we will never be accountable to our people, and we
can do what we want. No challenged, and no Contest ever.

Yes, we want to keep it that way, a secular state, status quo.No
opposition party will ever succeed here, nor can they be ever to grow
big to challenge us.

***Do you know why Oppo cannot succeed and should not succeed here in
Singapore?They are trying to be dumb.Low and Chiam could be considered
as already merging with one party system.

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