Like the Japanese - Singaporean should kick out pap

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Date: Sat, 29 Aug 2009 02:47:07 GMT
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Subject: Japanese will kick out LDP, Singaporean should kick out pap

Saturday, August 29, 2009
Why the LDP is likely to lose the elections.

The LDP of Japan which has held power in Japan for 5 decades looks set to
face almost certain defeat at the polls this weekend. Found this short
paragraph explaining why how LDP lost the support of the people and why the
Japanese people are no longer grateful to the LDP which helped to transform
Japan into an industrial giant after the war:

What went wrong for Japan's LDP?

"Working closely with bureaucrats and the business sector, the LDP-led
government delivered high growth, ample jobs and a steep rise in living
standards. But cracks emerged when the bubble burst in the early 1990s.
There was a general feeling that the LDP was losing touch and that it wasn't
delivering for everybody. Jobs were no longer for life, a gap emerged
between rich and poor (Singapore has a bigger gap) and demographic change
posed a challenge. Women were having fewer babies (Singaporeans are having
even fewer children) and the population was ageing - with serious
implications for social security.
Reform was needed but the close bureaucratic and business links that had
benefited the LDP also served to constrain it (The PAP govt has even wider
links to GLCs & businesses than the LDP). Efforts foundered in the face of
entrenched vested interests (whose interest has the PAP been serving?
Economic stake holders or the citizens who vote). Part of the problem was
that the LDP was slow to get things done, because it was trying to keep a
variety of interest groups happy."

The lesson here is very simple. To win and maintain the support of the
people, govts have to serve the interest of the ordinary citizens and
nothing else. Once a govt becomes entangled and its interest becomes
diversified it risks losing support.

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