More reality in The Singapore Eden

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Date: Mon, 17 Aug 2009 09:34:38 -0700 (PDT)
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Subject: Re: More reality in The Singapore Eden

On Aug 17, 10:15 pm, "truth" wrote:

> A couple found dead in Fragrance Hotel last Saturday were married - but not
> to each other.

> According to Shin Min Daily, they were found in one of the hotel rooms on
> level four of the Fragrance Hotel Kovan in Upper Serangoon at about 12 noon
> on Saturday. The Chinese daily also reported that the two Singaporean
> victims are believed to be Xie Ying Shun, 43 and Ye Mei Ting, 39.

> The couple had checked into the hotel on Friday evening, but did not check
> out on time at noon the following day.

> A staff of the hotel called them and knocked on their door several times
> before entering the room with another staff using a spare key.

> According to the staff they encountered a strong burning smell, and caught
> whiffs of super glue when they opened the door.

> Police say that they were informed of the discovery at about 12.10pm. The
> couple had died by the time the ambulance arrived.

> When the bodies were discovered, the woman was naked while the man was
> wearing only under garments. Both are married, and they each have two
> children.

> Deep in debt

> Mr Xie Ying Shun was a business man - he started five companies, including a
> Japanese eatery, a shoe business and three trading companies.

> One of his trading companies that was started in 1987 and his shoe business
> has already folded.

> Shin Min reports that he had borrowed a large sum of money from loan sharks
> after his Japanese eatery closed down and he sold his flat to pay off the
> debts.

> Used to be neighbours

> Lianhe Wanbao reported that Mr Xie lived at Block 576 in Hougang, while Ms
> Ye lived at the neighbouring Block 580.

> After selling his flat, Mr Xie, his wife and their two children then rented
> a room in the same house from the new owner for $800 a month, but they moved
> away after two months without paying the rental in full.

> The new house owner says that they are still harassed by loan sharks, and
> receive his letters as Mr Xie never changed his address.

Why didn't the Govt help this SME. There are many schemes and business
loans from the PSB that can provide entrepreuners with a one-stop

The dead man had so many businessess that he should have got supports
from them. He needs not have to get loan from loan sharks. Was the Pm
knew what went wrong with helping this dead man?

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