Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Car Banged School Boy - Driver Stunned Boy Survived

The bus number 243 seemed to suggest this happened somewhere in Jurong area. Boy probably was in a haste to rush home or rush to see his friends. He is a lucky boy to be able to walk away from it all. Only time will tell if he had sustained any internal injuries in this accident.

He was lucky that the on-coming bus slowed and stopped. Imagine if the bus driver was a man, like some foreign talent drivers who love to speed. The location he landed is exactly where the bus front wheel would have roll over. He could then be beyond recognition.

Also, because he is running, so on impact both his feet are not firmly on the ground, that's the reason why he appeared to fly up when hit. If he had stood or fell, again, his life would have been taken away, this time through the wheels of the car.

The driver is probably stunned as most first timer would do. You can't expect him/her to act like a social worker going to help the boy, as many things are running through his/her mind.

Back home, the driver decided that he should snip out the video clip taken by the car camera, as this would prove useful evidence of who is at fault, who is not. And so he posted it to Instagram, and now it has gone viral.

What prompted him/her to do so were the pointing fingers from the old man and Malay woman while he sat stunned in the car. Without video evidence the driver could end up in jail, or a hefty fine, depending on what these passers-by tell the police.

It's good to remember, low accident rate doesn't mean no accident.

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