Thursday, July 14, 2016

China can now claim that Singapore is part of China

Strangely, Singapore leaders are rather quiet on this. If passenger planes from Singapore and Kuala Lumpur flying towards Sabah and Philippines enter Chinese territory during period of high tension, these planes are in danger of being shot down just like what happened to Malaysia Airline MH17 in Ukraine.

China's South China Sea claim is unacceptable by anyone with a common sense. To claim that the sea outside Singapore's shore as part of China, which is thousand of miles away from mainland China, is really ridiculous.

Just because it is called South China Sea, doesn't mean the whole sea belong to China. Then should India also claim that every rock and every fish in the Indian Ocean belong to India?

To use historical facts to prove their point further throw the international laws governing this and legality of the matters into the sea. By this logic used by China, they can even produce their own historical facts to show that Singapore, Malacca and Penang were once part of China.

These places have large number of Peranakans or Baba's who were Chinese settlers sent by the Ming Dynasty to settle in these places some 600 years ago. Even Lee Kuan Yew came from a Baba family, and he believed strongly that Baba are the elite from China, unlike the slave-like migrants that came later.

China, with all the wealth and power it has garnered over the years, is beginning to rear its ugly head down south. Their schoolboy styled bullying speak well of China's lack of maturity in dealing with other people.

True enough, base on the twisted logic and blind historical argument of China, the Mongolians can now claim that Siberia and all of eastern Europe belonged to them, as they rule these lands for nearly a hundred years. And so can the Japanese, who ruled Korea, Manchuria, Taiwan and the Philippines for many years. These are well documented.

To add insult to injury, there were no territorial map from any dynasty that showed 90% of South China Sea belongs to China. It was a claim made by the Taiwanese after they got kicked out by the Communists, and were desperate to claim any land as theirs. This made China even more barbaric than the Mongolians and the Japanese, even though no blood is shed yet in this case.

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