Monday, April 13, 2009

Don't even think that you can "vote" us out

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From: "LobertEatSHIT"
Date: Fri, 17 Apr 2009 06:46:26 +0800
Local: Fri, Apr 17 2009 6:46 am
Subject: Haha..."voting" , my foot!

Hey you peasants!
Don't even think that you can "vote" us
out of our lucrative "business"...opps...we mean
our public office.

We already "fix" you clowns so that you can
NEVER vote us out, ever.

First....we already made into bankrupts those that
have any semblance of leadership, motivation, skills
or knowledge that can provide some form of alternative
voice amongst you.....

Second, we made sure that the poor and the underclass
who are the real ones that needs a voice in pariahment
will NEVER be able to afford the huge ELECTION DEPOSIT.
Since these underclass are the most FUCKED by us....making
sure that they never get any representation is critical, ok.

Third.....the ones that CAN afford the Election Deposits will
only those middle class who are actually BENEFITTING from
our lop sided system. They are the weak minded, the spineless
and the hedonist amungst you...and they will be too afraid to
rock the boat, lest they lose all their "benefits"..
See...even NO LAWYERS dare to represent any dissident when
we put them before our do you think they will
dare to run against us?

Fourth....for the "presidency"...we put in the UNCONSTITUTIONAL
requirement that the clown must work for some BILLION dollar
corporation, 99% of which is controlled by us....hence only
our kaki nang can ever be did not protest because
you bought our argument that only those that are "successful"
can "lead"...little did you know that success here in the tiny
dot is NOT about your skills or knowledge...but about how
low you can bow to us, the elites, and how high you can carry
our BALLS.

So you think you can "vote" us out?

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