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Geylang Serai Temp Market run by pap

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It has nothing to do with the PAP. It is owned by the PAP and "privately"
appointed grass-root organization to manage. Just like government owned
"private" hospitals here. They can charge exorbitant fees.

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> BREAKING: NEA's CEO reveals that Geylang Serai market is run by PAP
> Kampong Ubi CCC!!
> April 18, 2009 by admin
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> By Eugene Yeo

> After keeping the news under wraps for almost 3 weeks, NEA CEO Andrew Tan
> has finally let the cat out of the bag over the background of the Geylang
> Serai Market: it is built and managed by a PAP grassroots organization -
> Kampong Ubi Citizens Consultative Committee (CCC)!!

> In a letter sent to the media, Mr Andrew Tan wrote:

> "When markets and hawker centres are being upgraded, grassroot
> organisations and their advisers can choose to have a temporary market
> which is not provided for under the Government's Hawker Centres Upgrading
> Programme.

> If so, they also carry the responsibility of keeping the temporary market
> clean to meet NEA standards. However, NEA will intervene if it assesses
> the need to do so in the interest of public health.

> In the case of Geylang Serai Market, the Kampong Ubi CCC decided to build
> and manage the temporary market. Despite the best of efforts put in by the
> Temporary Market Management Committee in implementing its cleaning regime
> and in tackling the rat infestation problem, the problem had persisted."

> I believe Mr Tan is trying to be diplomatic here so as not to offend the
> PAP.

> The market management committee has been "managing" the market for 3
> years. How can they fail to eradicate the rats which is easily
> accomplished by pest controllers in less than a week!

> If this represents the "best" effort put in by the Kampong CCC, then I
> really worry about the other temporary markets which are run by these
> grassroots organizations.

> The market management committee is guilty of negligence on at least three
> counts:

> 1. Failure to tackle the chronic rat problem.

> 2. Failure to call for spring-cleaning of the market when it should be
> done every four months.

> 3. Failure to maintain general cleanliness and environmental hygiene of
> the premises.

> Why didn't NEA take action against the management committee earlier since
> it claimed its officers conduct spot checks on temporary markets pretty
> often?

> Who in the management committee should answer for the lapses of hygiene at
> the temporary market?

> From what know, the management committee reports directly to its advisor
> PAP MP Dr Ong Seh Hong.

> Is Dr Ong aware of the chronic hygiene problems in the Geylang Serai
> temporary market which is located in this ward? He should have detected
> the problem himself had he been conducting his walk-abouts in his
> constituency frequently.

> It is most unfair and unjust that MOH and NEA found fit to haul the Indian
> Rojak stallholder to court on shaky grounds of "lapses in food and
> environmental hygiene" while they dare not even censure Kampong Ubi CCC
> and its advisor for failure to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of the
> temporary market.

> Each individual hawker at the Geylang Serai temporary market is in charge
> of only the food and environmental hygiene at their respect stalls.

> Ultimately, the management committee is in charge of the overall
> cleanliness of the place. Cleaning of the premises as well as removing
> offending pests such as rats lies within the purview of the committee.

> I sincerely implore NEA to prosecute the management committee of the
> Geylang Serai temporary market including its advisor PAP MP Dr Ong Seh
> Hong for dereliction of duties and gross negligence leading to
> castastrophic lapses in food and environmental hygiene which are of far
> greater proportion and significance compared to that of the Indian rojak
> man.

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