How WKS will "reduce" loan sharking and still the problem remains

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Date: Fri, 17 Apr 2009 15:49:55 GMT
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Subject: How WKS will "reduce" loan sharking and still the problem remains

truth comment : this is how they abuse Singaporeans and get
away with their multi$million salary, bonus and lifetime pension.

Loansharking : PAP govt's brilliant solution

Times are bad and the number of loanshark harassment cases has climbed
sharply. Police had to deal a total of 4000 cases in the first 3 months of
this year. But don't worry our Home Affairs Minister has come up with a
brilliant solution to reduce the number of cases our police have to handle:

"The ministry will also consider making borrowing from loansharks an
- DPM Wong Kan Seng.[Link]
"This would be good news for us. If the police arrest those who borrow, they
won't dare to report us when we harass them," - Loanshark who welcomes the
If you still don't understand how brilliant this solution is, let me
explain. The police has to handle so many cases of loansharking because the
victims go to the police for help. By criminalising borrowing from
loansharks, the victims of loanshark harassment now cannot go to the police
for help because they themselves will be arrested for borrowing from the
loansharks. The police will see a sharp drop in the number of cases and the
govt can say the problem is solved! Briliant! Bravo! Now victims of
loansharks have to suffer quietly. This will free up vast amounts of
resources - there will be more police to handle those pesky opposition
members and peaceful protestors who break our new our public order laws. I
thought sending our old folks to JB was the best idea for the year -I was
wrong.... this one is a lot more brilliant!

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